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The Ultimate Camping Gear Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast

What to bring camping? Well, there are two kinds of campers in the world. The ones who haul truckloads of stuff and build a small village at campsites, and the ones who throw everything on their back, hike through miles of terrain, and primitively camp in the wilderness.


No matter what kind of camper you’re shopping for, there are some things they can’t camp without. And even if they’re the primitive camping type, they’re bound to find themselves at a campsite with friends and family at some point.


So, if you really want to get a cheeky grin from your favorite outdoor adventurer, then find them a special gift from this guide. I spent hours, days even, sourcing my favorite camping gear and working with a few partners to test out some pretty awesome stuff.


I’ve added affiliate links in here at no cost to you, but the small commissions I make from the sales help fund my expenses so I can keep making cool content for you.


If you want to know what to bring camping, or you’re shopping for your favorite camping aficionados, this list will certainly get you started. 


Camping gear gift guide, what to bring camping, camping gear


The Ultimate Camping Gift Guide


For Sleeping


You gotta have a tent to sleep in! We have this 4-man Coleman tent and we love it. Priced right and dry! Its WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry in the rain or morning dew. UNDER $55


Tent coleman


Few things ruin a camping trip more than a bad night’s rest. You want to be sure to have a really good pillow that’s small enough to pack but works well like this Thermarest pillow. UNDER $30

91gv39ed XL. SL1500


I can not stress to you how much a good sleeping pad makes a difference when camping. This Venture 4th sleeping pad is super lightweight, easy to carry, and self-inflating. It comes in three colors and would make an awesome gift for anyone who loves to go camping.


Trust me, I know. It’s a game changer. UNDER $40

Use this 25% off discount coupon exclusive for my readers: 25OFF284 


71vqWeCsPKL. SL1500


If you’re looking for something that takes up less room than the first option, then this is the sleeping pad for you. Fills up with 4-5 breaths, and one size fits all. It’s super lightweight too so you can hike without the added weight. UNDER $40 


Use this 25% off discount coupon exclusive for my readers: 25OFF284


71Rm5So 4%2BL. SL1500


I’ve bought a lot of sleeping bags in my life and this one is by far one of my favorite. It’s super light (which is everything), it gets really small (also everything), and it is good for as low as 32 degrees F. It has a durable rip-free fabric that’s waterproof, and it’s made for extra comfort with 210T waterproof polyester.


This Venture 4th sleeping bag is a great gift for anyone who loves to camp. UNDER $30


Use this 25% off discount coupon exclusive for my readers: 25OFF284





This Montem Snuggler Puffy is great for sitting by the fire or keeping extra warm in the tent. It’s super cozy and squishy and comes with a storage sack.




These Goose Feet Gear down socks are just what you need if you plan to be outdoors during the colder months. Filled with power premium 850+ goose down treated with DownTek for dryness, these down socks are perfect for keeping your feet super warm.


They are lightweight and made with nylon fabric and they come with a stuff sack so you can pack them up and go.

down socks


For Food


The only thing more important than marshmallows around the fire is safety. These 4 well-made extendable 34-inch STAINLESS STEEL marshmallow roasting sticks come with a heat resistant canvas bag.


They are safe for kids with a 34″ range. Plus it comes with a marshmallow roasting recipe book! UNDER $15


71F1vMGUGJL. SL1500


No matter what, you’re going to need a cooking set for camping. This is a handy cookware mess kit that gives you all the tools needed for the job. UNDER $30


71duEdfkWnL. SL1000


This is one of the best personal water filters for anyone who is braving the wilderness primitive style. UNDER $20


51KfGqD5pqL. SL1325


The Coleman RoadTrip LXE portable propane grill is all a camper needs for a good meal UNDER $140


814JhOdUaTL. SL1500

If you’re wanting to keep the kiddos busy while you grill out, this Educational Insights Grill-and-Go Camp Stove is perfect for the task of any camping toddler. UNDER $35


81yCNW4h1TL. SL1500


If you don’t mind the weight, this is one of the most reliable types of grills you can bring to a campfire. UNDER $40


81bRCLf3cqL. SL1500


For the wino in your life (that’s me I’m not going to lie) these silicone wine glasses glow in the dark so you don’t lose your vino! UNDER $20


61utDc9EB7L. SL1500


How about some campfire recipes? All the comfort food you’d want while camping! UNDER $15 




Peak Refuel is freeze-dried backpacking and camping food that’s high in protein, easy to prep and super lightweight.  UNDER $70 (6 pack)


81Wyi7VsMEL. SL1236


More fuel on the go, super lightweight and easy to pack whole grain snacks for the primitive camper or the village builder. UNDER $15


91cjB3zgFQL. SL1500


This assortment of camping and hiking food has a variety of hot meals that are compact and easy to pack. UNDER $80


812cbIVtVpL. SL1500


No more having to get ice every day for your cooler, this iceless cooler is all you need to keep perishables cool and fresh. UNDER $100


71VKBOwqnCL. SL1500


This is such a good idea, outdoor drink container stakes that stay in the ground no matter where you are! UNDER $20






For Fire



This is every primitive camper’s lifeline, a firestarter kit like this one with a carbon steel fire striker, English flintstone and char cloth in a leather gift kit. UNDER $40


71XHBSwMBlL. SL1500


For the primitive camper, this wet tinder will get them a fire anywhere. UNDER $5


71kXEnR5KPL. SL1500

81Iw7XSCW2L. SL1200


This is fun for any campfire, Mystical Fire adds 20% more colorful flames to a campfire – 12 Packs. UNDER $15


For Lounging


71sIwKzHz3L. SL1000


Comfortably support up to 500 lbs with this double hammock made for 2! UNDER $30



619s7UQeKVL. SL1000


Get the relaxation you needed with this awesome inflatable lounger/air sofa. It’s portable and waterproof with an anti-air leaking design. UNDER $40


61T4BkYnl7L. SL1000


You’re going to need chairs for sure! You’ll want something like this 2 pack of Sportoneer lightweight, foldable chairs. They are easy to carry and even easier to put away. UNDER $50


61wdIs w87L


For the village type campers, this 4 person wooden compact folding picnic table with an umbrella hole is sure to make any campsite cozier. UNDER $65


For Fun (kids and adults)


61DbYqpWBIL. SL1000


Spot it camping card game for kids. This will keep them busy in the great outdoors for sure! UNDER $20


71En6gOjeqL. SL1000


Yahtzee National Parks for those who know this country from sea to shining sea! UNDER $20


91HANlnZCML. SL1500


Outdoor 92″ portable projector screen so you can watch movies or the big game on your camping trip! UNDER $120


A1wLzo%2B9cQL. SL1500


Outdoor games for kids, giant cards, checkers and tic-tac-toe. Great for camping.  UNDER $25

61d8wqzRP0L. SL1250


Next generation cornhole. Great for hanging out outdoors camping or in the backyard. UNDER $60



These Cards Will Get You Drunk – Fun Adult Drinking Game For Parties UNDER $20


81%2BPOubj2bL. SX679


This Hershey’s S’Mores caddy with tray is just what any campsite needs to be complete. UNDER $15




Yard games giant tumbling timbers are so much fun! It’s great for families and friends who are just hanging out around the campsite. UNDER $80


91NUlZW3TKL. SL1500


I never played a game of UNO that I didn’t like. UNO Wilderness is the same game with an outdoor theme. UNDER $10


A1ZO0nZmFIL. SL1500


If you really want to keep the kids entertained, this DYNASTY TOYS camping games, laser tag, capture the flag complete set glows in the dark for outdoor play day and night. UNDER $70


81vQ9haBbbL. SL1500


For some fun when the sun goes down, capture the flag glow in the dark game is awesome for all ages while camping. UNDER $60

61KkPsFclpL. SL1200


No matter where you are, you can take the JBL waterproof Bluetooth speaker with you. Especially camping! UNDER $85


81uAvhegw6L. SL1500


Give this NERF tactical vest with accessories to your kids or even their super fun uncles and there is no doubt they will be having a blast on their camping trip! UNDER $20

71bV7OuhbDL. SL1001


Don’t forget the NERF N-Strike Elite guns! This two-pack is perfect for the job! UNDER $35


81d9DeTPwRL. SL1500


Have some fun with target practice and NERF with this electric scoring digital targetUNDER $25


71W0dMaTFBL. SL1500


Really hit it out of the park with this 2-pack NERF Walkie Talkies that will keep you and your kids connected when you’re all having a blast camping! UNDER $20


For Convenience

61c3AQwTzLL. SL1000

Two items in one! This portable LED camping lantern with ceiling fan will certainly come in handy when you’re walking around at night or sleeping. UNDER $15


61XrGf7HT%2BL. SL1500


You can never have too many lights when you’re in the middle of nowhere at night. Fact. This 8mm LED pack of 3 bulbs gives off 150 lumens for maximum brightness or you can lower it for a less bright light. And the hooks allow you to hang them anywhere! UNDER $10


81H 7uczqBL. SL1500


I love that this is a solar paneled rechargeable lantern. It’s compact and will give you light every night! It also doubles up as an emergency charger for your phone. UNDER $20


615C1J8jC6L. SL1200


I love that this LE Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern with 600lm has a USB cable and car charger and comes apart to turn into two flashlights. UNDER $25


61wYL3E 7NL. SL1000


Using a headlamp in the woods at night to find firewood or walk the dog is one of my favorite ways to light the way. Hands-free is where it’s at! UNDER $10


719Zmc jbvL. SL1024


61GGVbvcudL. SL1024


This SUAOKI solar charger is for the epic adventurer with 60W this portable solar panel is foldable and for high-efficiency with a 5V USB 18V DC dual output charger for laptops, tablets, GPS, iPhones, iPads, cameras, and other 5-18V devices. It’s awesome sauce for charging! UNDER $160


61l%2B297B3EL. SL1162


If you’re the unpack a small village type at the campsite then this portable generator is for you! With its 240Wh capacity, it’s capable of charging/powering multiple portable device to fulfill your needs on power when living an outdoor life.


At just 6.6 lbs and 5” wide and 8” tall, and an easy-carry handle, it’s perfect for easy travel. It’s noise-free without vibration. and it hazes Zero emissions, therefore does no harm to personal health, nor to nature. 


Recharged anywhere: recharged under the sun with the 50W Solar panel (Sold Separately) within 10-hrs (in full sun) while living outdoors; recharged from a carport within 8-hrs while living a VAN life; or from an AC wall outlet within 8-hrs. 


POWER OUTDOORS: Plug in a mini coffee maker, mini-fridge, portable cooler etc.  UNDER $300


13 SPHE2 03

This solar-powered smart charger goes wherever you go. The Helios Smart can charge up your smartphone after just 90 minutes soaking up the sun’s rays. It comes with two USB outputs and one USB input, it can take a charge from your laptop, desktop, or wall outlet. Get Helios Smart and get off the grid. All this lightweight booster needs to keep your devices charged is a quick suntan.


716nRgHEr1L. SL1200


I don’t care who you are, UV lights are cool in the woods! This 10-pack is a fun gift for anyone who loves being outdoors.ccc UNDER $40


810MNqqFYML. SL1500


Glow sticks are great for camping, blackouts, and any kind of emergencies. They are perfect for stocking stuffers and kids love them! UNDER $15


71Jk3EErrwL. SL1500


No one wants to be grimy when they’re camping. This Venture 4th ultra-compact microfiber travel towel dries up to ten times faster than cotton. This antimicrobial shower towel prevents the buildup of bacteria and odors so it won’t stink up your bag even when packed wet.


And it dries your skin super fast. Choose from 9 different colors UNDER $20


Use this 25% off discount coupon exclusive for my readers: 25OFF284 


For Pets Who Camp


LED Dog collar, what to bring camping


Both of my dogs have the LED Collar and the LED leash and we absolutely LOVE them! We used to use glow necklaces but that was not the greatest. These are rechargeable and very durable. Plus they have an SOS signal on them as well. We have the blue and the pink ones and I couldn’t rave about them more.


They are awesome! Learn more about these products hereUNDER $50 (FOR SET).


71HcnsZRH8L. SL1500


I love these silicone dog bowls. They collapse and clip on to any pack making it super easy to feed/water on the trails or at the campsite. UNDER $10


81Snv2 N3qL. SL1500


This roll up pet mat with bowls are also really cool especially if there are messy eaters involved. They come with their own sac and can be clipped onto packs as well. UNDER $15


61tIj61aA9L. SL1000


I love, love, love the smart tracking tiles. They are awesome for pets, keys, wallets, and basically anything you can fit it on. Use your smart device to track the location of anything it is attached to. So, if you’re pets get lost in the woods, you can find them! Keys too!


Take it from me, it really sucks losing your keys in the woods. UNDER $20


For Everything Else


81rkM8u5frL. SL1500


Why risk getting important things wet when they can be kept dry with dry bags? The Earth Pak offers varying sizes ranging from UNDER $20 – UNDER $40


81gf545u4OL. SL1500


The Thermacell Patio Shield is a must have at any campsite to repel mosquitos. Nothing can ruin the great outdoors like bugs! It’s cordless and light with a15-foot mosquito protection zone. Turn it on… Mosquitoes gone. 


No messy sprays or oily lotions. No open flame, no smoky or smelly candles. Odor-free and DEET-free


61pDbr9gMBL. SL1001

Do not, I repeat, do not go camping without a first aid kit! Every camper will appreciate this! UNDER 20


71j35wckwlL. UX679


This might be the perfect ballcap for any hiker/camper ever and would be a great addition to any bundle from this list that you’re picking out UNDER $10


61zXWiSVA2L. UX679


Why stop with the ballcap, this funny camping T-shirt is sure to get a few chuckles on the trails. UNDER $10

717u6OwBtgL. UX679

This fun camping T-shirt is a laugh for the trails and campsite. Any camper would love this for sure. UNDER $20


711WuY6nMLL. UX679


Another really fun shirt for the avid camper is this one by SUPERLUXE. UNDER $20


I’m keeping them coming with these hilarious shirts for the great outdoors! UNDER $20



You’ve probably seen this on the news, it’s the device that allows women/girls/people with lady parts, to pee standing up! No more squatting in poison ivy! And you’re guaranteed to get a chuckle with this too. They’ll be thanking you later though, for sure. UNDER $10




You don’t know how much you need a survival kit until you’re in a situation when you have to survive. This is a great gift for anyone who likes hanging out in the wilderness, camping or not.


This comes with a tactical pen, a paracord bracelet, a multi-use knife, BONUS eBOOK, “10 Tips for Wilderness Survival” and arrives in a DELUXE GIFT BOX.   UNDER $30




What’s a good camping trip without the kids? PEACEFUL! But really though, this outdoor idea book for kids will surely keep them entertained. UNDER $15




This is a great campsite reference book for anyone who is planning to do a lot of camping and wants to stick to a solid budget. UNDER $20


91PCE2zZGFL. SL1500

This TETON SPORTS Scout 3400 with an internal frame backpack is perfect for those primitive camping ones! UNDER $60



61J wn4JrsL. SL1000

61U8 yw3MvL. SL1000

This is another great survival tool for anyone who hangs around the wilderness a lot. UNDER $30


818WbnDaihL. SL1500


Who doesn’t want a beer holster for their campsite shenanigans? UNDER $20


71vTjYo7hML. UX679

I can’t begin to tell you how important good socks are when you’re exposed to the elements. UNDER $20



81RZ qWZCBL. UX695


Right in the top five most important things to have for camping and hiking is really good footwear to protect your ankles and feet from both the elements and the terrain. UNDER $125


81VmdiRUAXL. UY695


For her, trekking shoes for the great outdoors. UNDER $50

71tiqpnUXnL. UX695


Don’t forget the junior hikers’ boots! They need good footwear too! UNDER $30


81CuV7DMEeL. UY695

I love these hiking boots for girls. Purple is my favorite color! UNDER $25


what to bring camping, Venture Money Belt

I love this Venture 4th thief proof travel wallet pouch! Whether you’re camping, at the beach, traveling or at Disney World, this is the only place you’ll want to store your money, credit cards, keys, and even phone.


It has a fully adjustable elastic strap fitting up to a 56-inch waist. It’s soft, breathable, with a mesh material that wicks away moisture to eliminate sweating. It can be worn directly on your body and it won’t irritate your skin.


Wearing it under clothing ensures you won’t be pickpocketed. Plus it even has built-in RFID blocking fabric which prevents illegal scanning of your personal information. Seriously, you don’t need to leave the house without it when traveling.


Also, it comes in 10 different colors. UNDER $15

Use this 25% off discount coupon exclusive for my readers: 25OFF284 



Or you can choose to have one that hangs on your neck! Seriously, anyone who travels, hikes, camps, goes to the beach or the park would love this Venture 4th travel neck wallet as a gift. UNDER $20

Use this 25% off discount coupon exclusive for my readers: 25OFF284 



Towels are undoubtedly a camping essential, but they take up huge amounts of room. No traveler’s case is complete without a travel towel, perfect for that camping, for overnight stays and sunbathing.


Mizu Towels are high-quality hand towels that should be used for camping or travel. They have exceptional features that make them stand out among other top quality hand towels.


Now you know, no matter what kind of camper you or your loved ones are, exactly what to bring camping so you can be comfortable, safe, and have reliable conveniences and fun. Happy trails!


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