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Epic Wipes, Review

Travel Essentials – Epic Wipes for Every Trip Until the End of Time

There are not many ways to write a profound article on wipes. So, when I was approached by Epic Wipes, (the new eco-friendly, massive wet wipe, brand) to test their product and share with you my thoughts, I was a little hesitant. However, they are environmentally friendly and I always support companies that are in it for the greater good so, I took them up on their offer. Still, I had no idea how I would write this story.


Epic Wipes, Review
Stocked up on a bunch.


I decided to take my Epic Wipes which, I’m sorry guys, I couldn’t help but nickname my, “Epic Butt Wipes” on an epic two-week media tour. I figured, if I was going to truly put these things to the test, they were going big or going home.

Epic Wipes, Review

I packed my Epic Wipes into my epic Darth Vader American Tourister carry on, tossed a few into my son’s Pannier Convertible Backpack and hit the skies for Mexico, LA, and Chicago.


Now I know these things are for people who are doing a lot of outdoors stuff but let’s really break down this product. I’m going to show you why anyone and everyone needs Epic Wipes, and why they came in handy on an epic level while I was on very different adventures. 


My Epic Wipes Review – The Massive Wet Wipe


About the Epic Wipe Product


First I’m going to tell you what the Epic Wet Wipe is… well actually I’m going to paste this pretty graphic in because we all know how much prettier pictures are. And then I’m going to tell you what they’re great for from my own personal use and experience.


  • 100% Biodegradable (made with bamboo) sweet to the earth sustainable
  • Toxin-free paraben free
  • Essential oils make it antibacterial (and smells nice too) Chamomile, Calendula, Eucalyptus


Epic Wipes, Review

Great for a Mayan Jungle


So I carried these suckers from Atlanta to Mexico where my son and I headed out for the annual Sacred Mayan Journey, an ancient Mayan heritage ceremony which runs over two days. For press, five days.


This equated to about 18,000 steps a day, without a/c in and around the jungle of the tropical Riviera Maya. Needless to say, we were pretty much dripping with sweat 100% of the time.


Epic Wipes, Review, Gauge, The Little Fiarytale Traveler, Kid friendly, sacred mayan journey, Xcaret
You don’t hang with Mayan priests without breaking a sweat…


I remember there being this one point where I rounded everyone up myself, son and two blogging colleagues of mine; dragged them into my hotel room and handed out the Epic Wipes like I was rationing bread to a gaggle of geese.


Epic Wipes, Review
We all needed these.. general public, you’re welcome.


We were all just so… sticky and gross.


The next day we took them to Xel-Ha where we went snorkeling and running around the jungle. Again, gross as it gets, especially after our surprise “Mayan Sauna”. Literally. We were led into a cave and locked inside for a half hour during a Mayan ritual which involved no less than 500 lbs of molten coals.


I sweat in places that I didn’t know made sweat.


I could not wait to get my Epic Wipe and give it a test run. Oh my God! It was like a unicorn just showered me in a fresh, cool rainbow that smelled like herbs. The wipe was huge and very much like a towel. When I was done I felt fresh and ready for the next adventure.


Check out how big they are!


Epic Wipes, Review, Gauge, The Little Fiarytale Traveler, Kid friendly
Small package
Epic Wipes, Review, Gauge, The Little Fiarytale Traveler, Kid friendly
Massive wipe
Epic Wipes, Review, Gauge, The Little Fiarytale Traveler, Kid friendly
Superhero? or EPIC superhero… see what I did there?


Officially addicted to Epic Wipes.


We all used them and all loved them, seriously, they hit the spot! See for yourself just how they work:



But that was just the beginning of my love affair with Epic Wipes…


Great for a Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere


After Mexico, I flew out to Los Angeles for the Alice Through the Looking Glass red carpet premiere.  Not one of us ladies could even have guessed we’d be sweating our tails off, all dolled up, at the filming of P!nk’s performance for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Oh, my God. We were dying on Hollywood Blvd and the carpet hadn’t even begun yet. We still had to sit through a film and attend the after party.


Pink, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Premiere, LA
At the filming of P!nk for Jimmy Kimmel Live at the Alice Through the Looking Glass Red Carpet Premiere with my friend Carol Jones from


Christa Thompson, Pink, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Premiere, LA
Epic red carpet selfie…may I add FRESH AF selfie. In Modcloth.


Thank God I brought my Epic Wipes. I ran into the bathroom and was fresh as a whistle.


Great for a Con like Walker Stalker


After the red carpet, I headed to Chicago for Walker Stalker. If you’re a geek and you frequent cons, you know they are exhausting. You’re on your feet all day for several days at a time. The last thing you want to do or have time to do is run to your hotel to freshen up mid day. But do you really want to selfie it up with Norman Reedus or Michael Rooker smelling like assholio?


Epic Wipes man, I’m telling you, they are life-saving.


These came in super handy both days we were at Walker Stalker and especially after I nearly crapped my pants in The Walking Dead Experience (a live theatrical performance which places you into the scene of a zombie apocalypse).


The Walking Dead Experience, Christa Thompson, Sheely VanWitzenberg, Walker Stalker, Chicago, The Fairytale Traveler
Where you can easily crap your pants going through the Walking Dead Experience.




Epic Wipes has a Kickstarter which totally nailed its goal. Check it out here. I’m so glad they killed it. Now my life can go on without my boobs reaching Everlglade levels of swampiness. Who’s hot? Pun intended.


Now that Epic Wipes smoked it on Kickstarter, they’ve come out with an all-new size which I love just as much. It takes money to make money kids and they’ve put theirs right back into their product and branding so you (we, us, the consumers) can have variety. Because we all love variety. But they did more than just hustle. Since this article was first published, they have donated thousands of wipes to hurricane relief-part of walking the talk and giving back. The wipes were deployed within days to remote parts of Puerto Rico through partners at Save the children.


NOW THAT’S EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Epic Wipes, Best things to pack for travel

The new large size is a little smaller than it’s XL sister and great for kids or when you just need a little less wipe. I say, get them both, enjoy the variety. These pack really easily on carry-on bags and in your purse. Be sure to check out my other adventure must haves here.


In Closing


I’m addicted. I will be making sure I am ALWAYS stocked up with Epic Wipes. I can’t wait for them to hit the shelves in stores like Target or Walmart, I will buy these forever. As much as we travel, I’m telling you, they are a Godsend. Whether I’m on long flights, press trips, crapping my pants at Walker Stalker or glamming it up for the red carpet, these things are going to come in super handy.


Epic Wipes, Review, Gauge, The Little Fiarytale Traveler, Kid friendly
Twin prop pilot?




What would YOU use your Epic Wipes for?

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