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It’s no secret, I’ve docked a lot of travel miles in the last few years. Much like life, with many miles traveled comes much wisdom. And by wisdom, I mean knowing how to be prepared when it comes to knowing what to pack for adventure. Nothing can ruin an adventure like not having what you need when you need it, in the middle of nowhere. So I put together this little list of items I’ve picked up to facilitate my travels. Some were sent to me, others were purchased, but they all rocked when I needed them and I’ve relied on them since.


This post is sponsored by Epic Wipes, the massive wet wipe that offers a shower on the go and whom I’ve been endorsing for two years now and love. You can check out my last post about their rad brand here. I have added a few Amazon affiliate links at no cost to you as well. My opinions are my own.


what to pack for an adventure


Here Are My Favorite Things to Pack for Adventure Anywhere


Epic Wipes, Best things to pack for travelEpic wipes are awesome. You don’t really know how much you appreciate an epic wipedown until you’re sweating in the Mayan jungle, trust me I know. These suckers saved the day a few solid times for us. Now I keep them on hand at home and take them anytime we go camping, to the beach, or get on a plane. They are HUGE! The new Large size (above) is 2’x1′ making it the size of a small towel so you can get your clean on. They are super saturated and super tough and infused with eucalyptus so it helps kill germs, removes dirt and swest and smells amazing. 4-pack $12.99 20-pack



91QPAKkewzL. SL1500Anything can happen anywhere and it’s always best to have some first aid in case it does. This is a small and lightweight first-aid kit that fits easily into your carryon or hiking pack. $17.99


Nothing is more annoying than not being prepared at the airport or worse, losing your passport and boarding pass. I love this cute travel wallet because it lets you keep everything handy and protects from theft with a RFID blocking shield so no one can steal your card numbers. $13.99


If you’re like me and want to have the ability to pack a backpack without actually packing it for the flight then this collapsible, lightweight and water-resistant pack is perfect. And it comes in all kinds of colors! $15.99


I love these packing cubes. I’ve been using them for years. They keep everything super organized and compact and allow you to pack on the go if you’re traveling to multiple places. $20.99


This cable and electronics organizer is a must for me. Nowadays we all travel with so many cables and chargers. I love that this keeps them really organized and make sit really simple to stay on the move. $19.99


Don’t be the person who gets their expensive stuff stolen from their bags. Lesson learned the hard way for sure. These luggage locks are TSA approved and offer a sense of security so you can think about that hike in the mountains. $18.95

51zREoreXQL. SL1000One can never have too many power converters in their luggage. Especially if you’re going to be loading up photos on your laptop or charging phones and wireless headphones on your adventure. This adapter keeps you getting power to your devices in 151 countries. $15.99


Pack less with this infinity scarf that offers different looks and even has a hidden pocket. I love this! Hands-free adventure for the win! $39.95

71bgGAqaZML. SL1001

These travel toiletries are the perfect size for all adventures. Camping and city hopping simplified. They are TSA approved, easy to pack and leak proof! $9.99



These GPS tags locate your luggage or anything you want to put them on for that matter! Your kids, pets, purse or day pack are now just an app away. This is a must for anyone who is forgetful or just likes to be cautious. $16.97


61WDqIVkhmL. SL1419This travel blanket gets really small and clips on to your pack. It’s perfect if you want a blanket at the park, in the woods or on the beach. $19.99


Adventures are amazing. Making sure they run smoothly keeps your energy on what’s important, the memories. Make sure you’re prepared for anything so you can get up and go like a travel pro.



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