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American Tourister Star Wars Luggage

American Tourister Star Wars Carry-on Luggage Review with Video

It’s no secret I am a huge Star Wars fan. So, naturally when I saw the all new lineup of American Tourister Star Wars luggage at D23 EXPO 2015, I nearly did a back flip. Right there. In front of Snow White and Hook. Do you remember Roger Rabbit when he saw Jessica Rabbit for the first time? Yeah it was like that. My biggest dilemma, which one to get!

I left that day without one. I know, you’re like “awwwe” but really, I was on the other side of the country. And it’s okay because American Tourister sent me not one but two matching Darth Vader hard case carry-ons! Like whaaa! I was so excited when they showed up at my door, it was like Christmas in September. And may I add, they arrived just in time as I was days away from embarking on a 35-day tour from sunny Florida which took me to 10 cities from the U.S.A. to Europe and Mexico. I spent more time with my carry-on than I did with my dog. We got up, close and personal. Which means this American Tourister Star Wars carry-on review is as legit as it gets.

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My American Tourister Star Wars Carry-on Review

My first impression: Jaw-dropping! This thing is super swank with its hard case and perfect Darth Vader graphic. It’s seriously about the classiest licensed product I’ve ever seen.

My deeper look: Of course the moment I got this thing I opened it to inspect it for perfection. At $120 it had better be ready to withstand my hectic travels. I was blown away by the details. I was super impressed with the details like the zippers with their Galactic Empire logo, a Star Wars baggage label, inner lining with the black and red alternating Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire logos and American Tourister labeled handle.

Other must-have key points: My luggage must have wheels and an extender handle. These have swivel wheels and the handle extends to different heights so you can roll or pull. One thing though, I felt like the handle could have been just a bit sturdier. Still, it withstood carry-on adventures through 18, yes 18 different airports in the matter of one month. That means it saw the inside of 17 overhead compartments and was checked once (due to a fussy Delta flight from Atlanta -grits teeth). Apart from that, it also saw two road trips.

One of my favorite functionality features: I love that there is a zipper which separates sides for storage. You wouldn’t believe how handy this is when you have to take out your laptop or liquids at security. My tip, put your ziplock bag on your clothing side and leave your zipper side closed. This ensures easy in-and-out access for going through customs and TSA. I also love that it expands a couple inches with another zipper. This proved especially helpful coming back from the Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico with all my new skeletons.

Overall: This is a good buy. It’s high quality and built to last. It’s cleanable, easy to maneuver and is super cool to have in the airport. I can’t tell you how many people actually asked me about this bag when I was traveling last month. One guy asked me if I worked for Star Wars haha!

I love the American Tourister Star Wars carry-on. I travel more than most people do and this guy made it through one of the busiest months of my career. Mr. Vader and I are going to be seeing the inside of cabin for years to come. For more info on other Star Wars themed luggage pieces from American Tourister go here.

Wanna see it for yourself? Checkout my unboxing video here:

Disclaimer: While American Tourister sent my son and I these super rad pieces of luggage to review for free, it in no way shapes my opinions in this article. Free stuff is cool, but free Star Wars stuff that lives up to its expectation is even cooler.

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