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Ashford Castle

5 Fairytale Castle Hotels You Can Stay at in Ireland

Imagine staying in castle hotels when you travel. I don’t know how about you, but even knowing about the possibility to spend a night in a luxurious room which is located in amazing medieval castle seems to be a real dream come true. Like – who doesn’t want to feel like a king or a queen for a night?

As you might understand, today we are going to talk about five incredible and luxurious castles in Ireland in which you can totally spend a night for a small fee. So – enjoy, and start booking your trip!

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5 Fairytale Castles You Can Stay at in Ireland

Adare Castle, Castle hotel
Adare Castle

Castle Hotel #1 Adare Castle

When you see the Adare Castle with your own eyes, you will instantly wish to stay there – no questions asked. It is so beautiful, so old, and located so beautiful, that there are no reasons why you should not try to book a room there just for a weekend getaway. The building was completed in the early 1800s and served as a home for the Dunraven family for many years. Moreover, each room there is luxuriously designed and furnished with pieces right to the original days, so here you will get a chance to get in touch with history as well. Adare Castle also offers a lot of activities: here you can play golf, have your wedding, parties or just enjoy a couple of carefree days.

Ashford Castle, Castle hotel
Ashford Castle

Castle Hotel #2 Ashford Castle

This old (built in 1228!) and glorious castle is another place where you are totally welcome to spend a couple of nights at. Ashford Castle is the five-star resort and hotel, loved by many celebrities and wealthy nobles who were looking for a royal treatment from the moment they step in here, to the moment they leave. The castle can be proud of its fantastic dining options, spa salons, golf field and many other luxurious amenities you will enjoy for sure.

Ballynahinch Castle, Castle hotel
Ballynahinch Castle

Castle Hotel #3 Ballynahinch Castle

Ballynahinch Castle is probably the most famous for its wild surroundings, which really do create mystical and magical scenery. Staterooms, courtyards, lobby, and pubs all located on the property of this castle feature traditional wooden settings and furniture that are reminiscent of a traditional 15th-century Irish country home. Moreover, no matter which room you choose to stay at – the view from there will be breathtaking, and we are not exaggerating at all! If that is not enough, Ballynahinch is also a perfect destination for both romantic and family getaway, since here you will find tons of activities suitable for all visitors.

Solis Lough Eske Castle, Castle hotels
Solis Lough Eske Castle

Castle Hotel #4 Solis Lough Eske Castle

The fourth luxurious castle we would like to recommend you is Solis Lough Eske one. Located on the side of the Lough Eske, this modernized resort can offer package deals for different types of visitors easily – both businesspeople and people looking for pleasure can choose this castle for their events or free days. Spread across more than 50 acres Solis Castle is full of activities and amenities everyone will enjoy. Their amazing spa, restaurants, and outdoor sculpture collection will feed both the body and the soul with the best there is.

Waterford Castle, Castle hotels
Waterford Castle

Castle Hotel #5 Waterford Castle 

Probably the most luxurious and amazing castle of this list is the Waterford Castle located on a 310-acre private island on the River Suir. The history of the island dates back to the 6th and 8th centuries, so it is a pretty great place to get in touch with Irish culture and history for sure. Moreover, Waterford Castle has a ton of luxurious modern amenities to offer – with a golf course of 18 holes, one of the best dining in the area and fabulous surroundings this castle is going to be worth every dollar you spend. Trust us!

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