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Disney planning guide

The Ultimate Disney Planning Guide

So, you’ve made the decision to take a family adventure to the most magical place on earth. Now you just need to figure out how to execute your travel plans without a hitch. Well, good news, this Disney planning guide will get you started. It covers everything you need to know about the best time to visit, where to get the best ticket deals, what to bring, and social etiquette so you can enjoy the magic.


Keep reading this Disney planning guide for must know info for your upcoming trip.


Disney planning guide


Whether you’re a kid or a grown adult, the magic of Disney seems to never cease. There’s something about being in the happiest place on earth that brings out the kid in all of us.


Aside from the creative and well-curated spaces, spending a day at a Disney Park allows you to see your favorite classic Disney films come to life.


From the magical castles to the iconic attractions to the musical shows to the Disney characters’ parade and down to the amazing fireworks display capping off the night, visiting Disney parks can surely bring in a lot of joy and smiles.


But without this Disney planning guide, you might find the magic wearing off sooner than you’d like.


While the past two years have been proven to be challenging, the world is now slowly opening its doors to the new normal, and so does Disney Parks. That said, read this ultimate Disney planning guide to help you prepare for your 2022 Disney Adventures.


Disney planning guide


Disney Planning Guide

Know the Perfect Time to Visit


The first thing on our Disney planning guide is knowing the perfect time to visit. This would depend on what you are after.


Some visitors are looking for dates with fewer crowds, cheaper rates, or more entertainment available, while some are after celebrating seasonal events and holidays.


Theme parks are usually busiest during holidays and weekends. Moreover, it is also expected to have bigger crowds during school breaks, especially in summer and fall.


So, if you want to avoid the large crowd, it would be best to schedule your visit during weekdays and slower months.


On the other hand, visiting during peak dates has its perks too. With the theme park reaching its maximum crowd level, more park attractions and activities such as musical shows and more parades are most likely to happen.


Additionally, if you enjoy seasonal events and festivities such as, but not limited to, Halloween and Christmas, visiting the park during peak months can be perfect for you.


It would be best to check Disneyland’s official website and calendar of activities for any updates and changes before booking your tickets to make the most out of your trip.


Disney planning guide


Research On Ticket Deals


Secondly on our Disney planning guide is ticket deals. After deciding the perfect time to schedule your visit, the next step in planning your upcoming Disney Adventure would be purchasing your ticket. As public activities and travel restrictions ease, it can be safe to say that more people are becoming more comfortable spending time outdoors, including traveling.


As park capacity may be limited, booking a ticket as early as possible may help you secure a spot and lessen the chance of missing out due to sold-out tickets.


Ticket prices vary depending on the date of visit, type of deals and passes, inclusions, available discounts, and many more. So, make sure to consider what it is that you need and what you’re after.


For instance, are you intending to skip long queues, or are you looking for deals that offer tickets and hotel accommodations?


With lots of ticket selling platforms available online, bear in mind to only purchase tickets through authorized and legitimate sellers and distributors. To make the most out of your upcoming Disney experience, consider checking out various Disney World ticket deals.


Look out for different deals and passes which caters to your preference and needs. Additionally, in the age of new normal, consider checking out flexible deals that can be refundable.


Disney planning guide, daypack

Pack Essential Things


Up next on our Disney planning guide is knowing what to bring. Planning your Disney Park adventure includes knowing what to include in your to-bring list. Make your trip less stressful and more fun by preparing everything you need, such as the following:


Wallet and Ticket: Bring your wallet with your IDs, credit or debit card, and some cash on hand. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring the hard copy of your reservation and tickets, as well as a copy of your itinerary and physical map.


Water Bottle: Keeping yourself hydrated at all times is important, especially when staying outdoor for a long period. Bring water bottles/containers with you, which you can refill thru the water stations located inside the park.


Sunscreen And Sunglasses: Since you’ll be staying outdoors and under the sun majority of the time, consider packing sunscreen, sunglasses, and other sun protection.


Jacket: As weather can be unpredictable during your Disney visit, packing a jacket or raincoat can go a long way in offering you and your companions protection from the rain.


Mobile Phone Charger: Smartphones are not only used for taking pictures and videos but they are also needed for communication and navigation purposes while inside the amusement park. That said, it would be good to anticipate that your phone battery may drain easily. So, pack your charger and a power bank to ensure that your mobile phone is always up and running.


Backpack Or Daypack: A lightweight backpack or daypack will hold your valuables such as tickets, water bottles, sunscreen, phone chargers, and other essential items, sparing you the expense of storage locker rental.


Disney planning guide


Be a Responsible Park Visitor


Finally on our Disney planning guide is park etiquette. Before you visit any Disney Park, make sure that you familiarize yourself with general property rules. In addition, here are some of the common theme park etiquettes that must be observed.


Follow Health Protocols


As part of the COVID-19 Health Protocols, guests who are experiencing any of the symptoms and/or had exposure with someone confirmed to be infected with the virus won’t be allowed to enter the theme park.


Moreover, face coverings are required indoors for all visitors ages three and above. Guests are also expected to comply with social distancing guidelines. Observe proper hand sanitizing to prevent transmitting the virus.


Practice CLAYGO


As a courtesy to other park visitors, avoid littering and make sure to throw away all trash, including food wrappers, disposable containers, or any other rubbish in the trash bin.


Smoke Responsibly


Ensure to check designated smoking areas within the vicinity of the park. Avoid leaving cigarette butts behind or throwing them anywhere.


Final Thoughts


Planning your upcoming Disney Park visit entails knowing the right time to visit, researching the best ticket deal available, preparing and bringing your essentials, and knowing what it takes to be a good and responsible visitor.


Consider the above-mentioned tips from this Disney planning guide to make your 2022 Disney Adventures a success and more enjoyable for you and your family.

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