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Beatles LOVE Las Vegas review, las vegas in june

Beatles LOVE Las Vegas Review – Tips, Personal Experience and Trailers

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I was given passes for the sake of this Beatles LOVE Las Vegas review. This in no way shaped my opinions in this post, it just makes bringing you the details far more affordable.


Eight years ago I took my very first steps into the Beatles LOVE theater at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. I’ll never forget it. At the time, it was the second Cirque du Soleil show I had ever seen. The first being in La Nouba in Orlando. Albeit, eight years of motherhood and entrepreneurship has fogged my memory, but I do remember bits and pieces and I know I loved the show. I remember the music feeling so right and the overall performance being very entertaining. Fast forward eight years, I recently found myself back in Las Vegas to speak at the Connect Her Conference when I decided I needed to see this show again. This is my Beatles LOVE Las Vegas Review.


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My Beatles LOVE Las Vegas Review – Logistics, Tips, and Overall Experience


What I’m basing this review on…


For the sake of this review, I’m going to talk about quality, value, performance, and convenience.  I think these pretty much are the deciding factors as to whether or not I’ll pay for something. So I hope this helps you when you’re shopping for things to do in Las Vegas.




Quality – everything about the show delivers the highest quality. From the highly advanced sound and a projection system to the seating, Cirque du Soleil spares no expense at any of its theaters and Beatles love Las Vegas is no exception.


Value – Beatles LOVE Las Vegas offers ticket prices from $80-$200. This is pretty average if you were to go see a Broadway show or another show in Las Vegas. The prices are comparable and the show is incredible. I feel like guests are getting far more than they pay for when they see this show.


Performance – If you read this post then you’ll know how I feel about the performance. Captivating. Inspiring. Timely. These are the words that come to mind. There’s no doubt this is something everyone has to see at least once in their life. I know I’ll be back.


Convenience – This show is located inside the Mirage which makes the location prime. The Mirage is in the center of the strip, which is in my opinion, the most popular. It’s neighbored by Treasure Island, Ceasars Palace, and The Venetian. You could easily spend the day in just this area, then finish it with this show. The Duece runs right in between the Mirage and Treasure Island, so no matter where you are on the strip, transport here is easy.


Let’s talk company


I was accompanied by my life partner Sean (Cirque du Soleil first timer) and dear friend Paola (publicist and fan of the Cirque du Soleil brand and the Beatles). I think it’s important to pay attention to the company you keep for a show like this. While the show is entertaining to anyone, clearly, you will see a whole new level of appreciation from a Beatles fan. And, it goes without saying, if you can be a part of someone’s first ever Cirque du Soliel performance, you’re going to be getting the feels hardcore.


Sean is a musician and lover of music, to include the Beatles. Paola, also a huge fan of the Beatles. Both held a special connection to their parents through the band, and much of the story goes for most 30 somethings these days.


Let me just say, to be a part of this experience with both a first timer and die hard Beatles fan, both of whom hold very special spaces in my heart, was an intangible experience for me. Tear jerking even.


Special considerations, this show does not allow children under 5 years of age.


See my last Cirque du Soleil experience here.


Let’s talk about the show


From the moment I arrived at the theater, I was taken back in time as I followed a neon rainbow path into the seating area. This was a special scene, and one I purposely came early in the day (hours before my show) to play with. Sean and I took some cool photos and it made for a nice addition to snap story (you can follow my uncensored shenanigans @shapeshifter13).


Beatles LOVE Las Vegas review
I love this picture of Sean and I so much.


The thirty minutes leading up to this moment were intense. We had just experienced what seemed to be “the Great American Race” with our Uber driver who somehow managed to take an entire 35 minutes to get us from the corner of Flamingo Rd to the Mirage. So basically 35 minutes of panic. We made it to the theater with seconds to spare. Just as we took our seats the show began. There really are no horrible seats in a Cirque du Soleil show. We had the “decent” seats in the center and just above the sheet (I’ll explain this later). There’s something about theater lights coming on to the sound of “Because” that gives a whole new meaning to the opening act of a show post 35-minute panic attack.


Beatles LOVE Las Vegas review
Courtesy Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil 2016


The entire theater was encircled in a digital backdrop that commanded the attention of the audience which wrapped around the center stage. This new incarnation of Beatles LOVE was already noticeable through 6,000 speakers and 20 new projectors as well as the use of the stage floor as a projection surface. An entire decade since they started the show in 2006 revealed an evolution of flawless innovation through new visuals and projections, as well as actual studio chatter from the Beatles themselves.


Beatles LOVE Las Vegas review
Courtesy Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil 2016


Beatles LOVE Las Vegas review
Courtesy Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil 2016


At times, I felt like the Beatles were on the stage telling their story through the otherworldly talents of Cirque du Soleil performers, their theatrical technology, and unmatched visual storytelling.


I won’t spoil this show for you by telling you bit by bit all the changes in the performance. I think this is a show that is better experienced through organic discovery. I will tell you that the Beatles involvement to the show adds a special authenticity that reaches beyond a tribute experience and more into a legacy experience.


Beatles LOVE Las Vegas review
Courtesy Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil 2016


I saw multi-generational families swooning over the 90-minute performance together. Equally touched by the impactful visuals and sounds. As a music lover, it’s an intangible experience to get your kids and their kids bright eyed over the music that impacted your life. For me, it was watching the astonishment and nostalgia in my partner’s and my friend’s eyes. It was sharing tears together. It was having that experience, together.


Practical Tips


Beatles LOVE Las Vegas review
Courtesy Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil 2016


No matter how big you think you know Las Vegas to be, it’s bigger. Plan to leave your hotel two hours before the show to allow yourself plenty of time to get there, go through the line, and get sorted. If you’re going to the last show, the gift store closes. Be sure to go in there before the show. Take your photos before not after. It’s a swarm of people all trying to take the same shot after the show. Get the soundtrack. It’s remixed and mastered, and it’s absolutely incredible. There is a sheet that covers much of the audience during the “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” performance. If you don’t want to be under this, ask for seats above the sheet. It’s very cool to watch the lighting on top of the sheet. I recommend being above not under.


You can see a short video of the sheet and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” here


In closing


This is a show that should be at the top of your Las Vegas bucket list. It’s a show which delivered 26 songs and performances through the unsurpassed storytelling of Cirque du Soleil, and one that spoke to all my heart strings. Its timely message came full circle, during a time when we are living through war, hate, poverty, and division. I think anyone seeing this performance will be moved on many levels, if not for the acts alone, but for the positive message it delivers to audiences from all over the world. Because after all, “All You Need is Love”.


20170806 230341
A very happy and moved trio.


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The Beatles Love Documentary Film

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See the Beatles LOVE trailer here:


For more information on ticketing visit

Have something to add to my Beatles Love Las Vegas review? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Wow, what a lucky day for you to be able to experience this kind of Beatles experience of a life time. I’m a fan of beatles and seeing you made me really feel jealous 🙂 thank you for sharing it to us.

  2. This show looks like it is incredible. What a show-stopper! You can tell from the pictures its full of energy and entertainment!

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