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Hi! I’m Christa Thompson. Senior Editor and Founder of the Fairytale Traveler travel blog. I am no ordinary travel writer with a blog, and you are no ordinary person if you’ve arrived here. So, welcome to my handy dandy, nerd luvin travel blog, the only travel destinations resource for places related to fairytales, folklore, legend and mythology. I’ve created a monster.

I spend countless hours researching the greatest stories ever told -you know, the ones that made you camp in cardboard boxes and play with wooden swords. I team up with esteemed professors, tour guides, story tellers, local historians and my fans to find the truth about what inspired the tales we’ve grown to love, and find the history behind them. Since I’m really into their progression into TV and film, I also look for killer film locations as well.

Together with my son, the Little Fairytale Traveler now dubbed “the Little”, and the help of the Fairytale Traveler team, we are exploring everything from the ancient stones of Ireland where the fairies dwell, to the pirates of the Caribbean. We are creating a database of destination stories, tips, and hotel reviews that parallel these famed stories and the historic sites, museums, ruins and natural landscapes that carry on their legacies. This travel blog is like no other in the world. It’s where awesome people come to find the coolest places to visit.

From castles to headstones, from the forests to the seas, and places where legends of monsters and princesses hundreds of years past are still told -we invite you to follow us on our adventures, where magic and fantasy come to life -in every beautiful, and every dark corner of this world.

This is not all glitter and unicorns

Prepare to be enchanted

Have a story to tell?

We would love to hear from you! Contact us here if you would like to be featured in our Storytellers series on our travel blog. All stories welcome!

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Christa Thompson is the Founder and Senior Editor of The Fairytale Traveler. Christa has been traveling the world since 2003 when she attended a summer abroad study at the University of Cambridge in England. Since then, her wanderlust has been fierce. Her three passions in life are her son, traveling, and being creative. The Fairytale Traveler brand gives Christa the opportunity to do all of these things and to live intentionally every day. "It's never too late to believe in what you love and to pursue your dreams." -Christa Thompson

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  1. Sounds like an amazing journey and a lot of fun – so cool that you can do that! Looking forward to seeing your adventures!

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  3. Hello Christa, nice set up you got here. Seeing how you have plans for 2013/14, I hope you have the opportunity to visit Malaysia in those plans. Meanwhile, have some awesome travels this year! :)

  4. Really interesting places and information. Great Blog!

    ztevetevans / Reply
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  6. Fairy tale destinations sounds fantastic! I am looking forward to getting some inspiration from your blog. Do you have suggestions for France? Thanks :)

    Christine R. / Reply
  7. Your site is a vacation destination in and of itself!

    grimmreport / Reply
  8. Hi there – what a wonderful blog – if you are going to be looking at English destinations may i be so bold as to suggest you look at Lanyon cottages in Cornwall – it is a 15th century manor house lovingly restored and filled with the most wonderful antiques and interior design by a retired farmer and his wife – mr and mrs Leggo (yes thats their real name!!) it sits in 200 acres of farmland they also own – you feel like you are adrift on some secluded island and yet it is only 10 minutes drive from the most idyllic beaches. 3 friends and i stayed there this weekend and it was a little piece of heaven tucked away near Hayle on the Cornish peninsula. I took a load of photos and they are on the website. Lanyon cottages is well worth a look

    thoroughbred24 / Reply
  9. This is the last one I promise – but you’ve got me started now – There is one more absolutely magical place in Cornwall (ive just come back from holiday there so its fresh in my mind) – The lost gardens of Heligan – here is an image from there
    do take the time to search engine it for its home page and read the story of how they discovered it and over the years have unearthed and restored the acres of this hidden victorian gem – you will fall in love with it.

    thoroughbred24 / Reply
  10. hey christa – fora more fun blog that i do – check out – id love to know what you think x

    thoroughbred24 / Reply
  11. I love your tattoos. You should do an exposé on them.

    davidconfidential / Reply
  12. I have loads of photos of women with dramatic tattoos, cruise over and look for them. Start with the Chicago menu button.

    Ron Scubadiver / Reply
  13. A most enticing blog. Add the castles in Transylvania to your list. I found the real life stories much more interesting than the Dracula tale

    bmpermie / Reply
  14. Look forward to reading about your travels in Ireland!

    Ciara Meehan / Reply
  15. Do you have any fairy tale tattoos?

    Christopher De Voss / Reply
  16. Hi Christa, quick question – how are you able to repost the same article more than once? I’ve found after reblogging it won’t let me do it again…

    suzie81 / Reply
  17. Nice idea. Assume you’ve been to Sintra in Portugal? If not, book it. Look forward to your posts.

    John Phillips / Reply
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  19. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Have a lovely day!

    suzie81 / Reply
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  21. Hey! How about a report on dragons? :)

    pishh / Reply
  22. Hi there!

    Just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the WordPress family award. If you choose to accept it simply follow the link below and instructions…

    Have a lovely day!

    suzie81 / Reply
  23. back ground nice love it.

    Youe-hut / Reply
  24. Hi Christa,
    Ed Mooney encouraged me to check out your blog and check it out I did. Our reasons for travel are different, but we share a desire for adventure and knowledge. It sounds as if you are able to travel much more than I am though, and I am envious!
    I am literally just home from a 10 days on the bike exploring Southern Maryland, the Eastern Shores of Va and MD, and Delaware. Fun trip with lots of history!!
    Look forward to reading about yours travels.

    LB / Reply
    • Awe he’s such a nice guy. Thanks for coming by, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Your trip sounds great! I bet you must be exhausted lol. I travel a lot but now that my son is starting his first year in school I won’t be traveling as much, but still quite a bit. Take care and be well!

  25. Christa this is such a wonderful idea! I can see being a fabulous resource for anyone looking for a fairytale wedding location. I also think it would be fun to cover modern fairytales like Game of Thrones film locations. I look forward to continuing to read your stories!

  26. Wow!!! Can I just say this is an absolutely brilliant idea for a blog!! I am so excited to read all your posts as I love travelling and mystical places! The most magical place I have been to was Sintra, Portugal- if you haven’t been there it is definitely worth a visit, the forest feels like it is straight out of a medieval legend. Happy travelling and blogging!

    Samantha Anthony / Reply
    • Hey Samantha thank you! I love an enthusiastic Fairytale Traveler! I always follow up on leads from readers, i will be sure to check into it. Thank you for the tip! Stay in touch! Next month is all about my recent travels to Ireland, England and Scotland with a week of giving straight from the robin Hood legend in Nottingham where I spent time earlier this month. December will be amazing with #25DaysofChristmas :-)

      Hope this finds you well!

  27. your experience sounds astounding :) I am glad that I discovered your blog, I will travel with you from now on

    monicasicoe / Reply

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