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Auroras, trip to the North Pole

7 Magical Highlights of a Trip to the North Pole Alaska

It’s both fascinating and funny how some people have this burning desire to go and see what lies at the end of the Earth when many of us just want to snuggle in our blankets. If you are the former group of people then kudos to your grit for planning a trip to the North Pole.


The North Pole is much more than the hometown of Santa Claus where the feeling of Christmas stays throughout the year. You can call it ‘nature’s wonderland’ where everything is untouched and untamed color. 


A trip to the North Pole will gain more popularity in the coming years as a tourist destination where people would want to go to unwind from the hustle-bustle of city life. It will blow your mind with all the unique things it has to offer and you will realize what you have been missing all your life.


Brace yourselves for the chilling details (throwing an extra blanket on myself). The North Pole has a “warmer” season which is in July when the temperature is 32℉ | 0℃ and the lowest temperature goes well below zero where you can actually experience chattering of your teeth. 


trip to the North Pole


Things to Look Forward to On Your Trip to the North Pole

The Aurora Borealis 


The Aurora Borealis, also called “the Northern Lights,” is nature’s own dancing light show. Here’s some geeky information if you’re curious as to how the Aurora Borealis phenomenon occurs.


The Sun’s electrically charged particles collide with Earth’s atmosphere, its particles, and gas resulting in this scintillating phenomenon. Just like your mood, the Auroras are never the same, and catching the Northern Lights are on many bucket lists. 


You can plan your trip to the North Pole around the time when Northern Lights are easier to experience to take back a memory that will last a lifetime. If you get a chance to experience these, consider yourself both lucky and blessed. 


snowmobiling, trip to the North Pole


A Snowmobile Adventure


The extreme weather and dangerous landscape are a thrilling combination for risk-takers and adventure lovers. A snowmobile adventure is an experience you would not want to miss during your trip to the North Pole. 


You will have to follow an expert guide to explore the winter landscapes the North Pole has to offer. This one hour or longer adventure will give you a glimpse of the wildlife of the region including fox, moose, and snowshoe hare. 


And what’s more soul-soothing than gulping down some hot coffee and snacks down the throat after this exciting adventure?


hot air balloon, trip to the North Pole


Hot Air Balloons


Another fantastic highlight of a trip to the North Pole is the hot air balloons. Imagine the priceless feeling of rising high above the ground and experiencing something that only a few people are able to and enjoying a 360° view of the icy wonderland. Talk about heaven on Earth. 


On a hot air balloon adventure, you can spot polar bears, whales swimming in the blue water, and other wildlife which will add up to making your whole trip worthwhile. 


You have to see it to believe it. Your trip to the North Pole would certainly be enhanced by a magical adventure like this one.


Fairbanks Alaska, trip to the North Pole


A City Tour of Fairbanks


If you are a fan of sightseeing, history, culture, and architecture, then opt for a tour of this ‘Golden Heart City’ which will last for 5 hours. The Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center will give you an incredible insight into the fascinating history and culture of the city.


Your day will come to a beautiful end when you will visit the Santa Claus House, a place where your inner child will come to life again. 


trip to the North Pole, Santa Claus House
Santa Claus House CCL Louisamoje


The Santa Claus House


You may not realize that your actual dream was not to go on a trip to the North Pole but to visit the Santa Claus House. Don’t worry, you’re secret is safe with us. 


Christmas never seems to end here. No matter if you’ve been naughty or nice. Remember all the letters you sent to Santa? On a trip to the North Pole, you are your family have the chance to tell him Christmas wishes in person. And at his home!


If you have children on your trip to the North Pole, they will not only have much to share with friends back home but will boast about this experience for a lifetime.


laser tag, trip to the North Pole


Zip Zaps Laser Tag


If you think your entire trip to the North Pole comes to a conclusion at the Santa Claus House well, the fun has just begun. There’s excitement for the whole family on this fun-filled experience. 


Your kids are sure to have a blast chasing their siblings (and parents) around in an epic game of laser tag.


polar plunge, trip to the North Pole


Take a Polar Plunge


Imagine being in multiple layers every day during your trip to the North Pole then shedding all that off to take the most freezing plunge. This one is for the daredevils and takes place during each voyage. 


The expedition team closely observes the polar conditions to select an appropriate time and place. 


You will wear a tethered harness and plunge into the water if you’re brave enough. Don’t worry as there is a physician present during this activity and you will be surrounded by guides as safety is of utmost importance.




Consider all the adventures that await on your trip to the North Pole. These are the most popular things to do here and in the Fairbanks area. Whether you’re traveling with friends or family, you’re sure to learn plenty of new things you never knew about the North Pole and return home with many stories to share.

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