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Kotor Montenegro, magical destinations in europe

7 Magical Destinations in Europe for Your Fairytale Wanderlust

With the world being more accessible to us than ever before, finding a unique vacation spot is becoming harder, and finding a magical place to explore can sometimes mean fighting your way through a barrage of camera-wielding tourists! We hope that our list of some of the most magical destinations in Europe will inspire you to walk down a path less traveled and make wonderful memories to boot.


Kotor Montenegro, magical destinations in europe
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Check Out these Magical Destinations in Europe

If you’re anything like me, finding magical destinations in Europe is a high priority. Those sleepy villages, enchanted forests, and captivating castles are exactly what you crave in an adventure. Trust me when I say, “same.”


From beautiful towns, sacred ancient monuments, mysterious monasteries, fortified castles, rugged mountains, and right to the sparkling sea, there is something exciting waiting for you to discover in these magical places.


Kotor Montenegro, magical destinations in europe
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Kotor — Montenegro


The old town of Kotor can be found at the foothills of Lovcen Mountain and is certainly one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean.  Its rich cultural traditions and well-preserved landscape make it one of the most refreshing places you can choose to visit.


With its old monuments and medieval architecture, Kotor is impressive for its stunning beauty and history and was listed twice in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is easy to feel you have traveled back in time as you explore this city. 


Built during the Venetian period, the old Mediterranean port of Kotor is surrounded by fortifications and includes a castle, cisterns, gates, bastions, forts, towers, ramparts, and citadels that have protected the coastal city for centuries as it sits on the blue bay in Montenegro.


Greece Meteora Game of Thrones Eyrie


Meteora — Greece


Meteora translates to “middle of the sky” in the Greek language and this place is one of the largest and most revered complexes of all Orthodox monasteries in Greece. The six monasteries that make Meteora are built on natural sandstone pillars near the edge of the Plain of Thessaly in central Greece and make for a spectacular photo op.


Also included in the World Heritage List, Meteora is an utterly fascinating region. Studies say the rocks were formed 60 million years ago and the ancient monasteries are an astonishing sight to behold.


This is one of the most secluded magical destinations in Europe. Prepare for a breathtaking view of the mysterious monasteries, be sure to wear good hiking shoes, and enjoy the incredible landscape. 


Lugano Switzerland, magical places in europe
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Lugano — Switzerland


Lugano can be found in Switzerland is one of the most international cities in Europe. This melting pot of European culture makes Lugano one of the most unique and interesting holiday destinations that Europe has to offer as it almost acts as the gate to Europe.


This place is full of flowers, villas, and sacred buildings and offers world-class food and adventure! Relax as you watch the olive and palm trees dance in the wind and gaze at the dreamy blue water.


Sintra, Portugal, magical places in europe
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Sintra — Portugal


Sintra is such an unusual spot to visit as it sits between the mountains and the sea and offers the perfect opportunity to get lost in the city’s historical heritage, nature, opulent gastronomy, and culture. Sintra is the capital of Romanticism and has been noticeably and deeply impressed by the writers and artists that have walked its streets.


Full of historic mansions and castles and green hills, everywhere you look could be a painting. It is beautiful and inspiring so you will want to take pictures.


Isle of Skye, Scotland, magical places in europe
Isle of Skye, Scotland, magical places in Europe


Isle of Skye — Scotland


While some have heard of the Isle of Skye, it’s important to include this spot on our list as its beauty can often be underestimated. While it can be easy to dismiss the Isle of Skye as somewhere you go for the day, there are tour operators who run week-long trips in this area, proving that there is more to experience here than meets the eye.


With its fairy pools and fairy glen, it’s one of the most magical destinations in Europe. You will never forget the amazing scenery, whether you drive or hike, so take your time to explore this magical destination in Europe.


Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, magical places in europe
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Cesky Krumlov — Czech Republic


This is certainly a top contender on our list of magical and underrated cities and is surprisingly just a couple of hours’ drive from Prague center! Cesky Krumlov is a must-visit if you find yourself in the Czech Republic.


Lofoten Islands, Norway, Winter, Vikings, Hiking, Viking Museum, Borg
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Lofoten — Norway


Lofoten is an archipelago and is a super traditional district in Norway. It lies in the Arctic Circle and has a relatively high altitude and mild weather.


Lofoten has the largest positive temperature anomaly in the world. Its quaint shops and stunning natural surroundings make it the perfect escape from city life and it’s a city rich in Viking history.


The next time the urge to go on an adventure strikes, be sure to visit one or all of these magical destinations in Europe for the time of your life. Breathe the fresh air, view untouched lands, and learn about the rich culture. You will fondly remember these magical views forever.


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