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Unearthly Places in Turkey, Dalaman, Fethiye and Kabak Bay

Just south of the Butterfly Valley lies the warm, turquoise, crystalline waters of Kabak Bay, a place of natural wonders, wildlife, and treehouses. Yes, treehouses.

When I think of fairytale getaways, I think of Kabak Bay, it is truly like something from fiction, you would have to see it to believe it -this is the stuff dreams are made of.


Kabak Bay from one of the bungalows.
Kabak Bay from one of the bungalows.


Kabak Bay is a rare gem, a preserved stopping point along a trekking route than runs from Fethiye to Antalya. It is a place where nature and wildlife flourish and is left unspoiled by modern-day man.

Though there are many unspoiled places in Turkey, Kabak Bay just rings a special charm with its rustic destination. A likely fit for our “Mermaid Beaches” category, but this was just too hard to turn down as a “Fairytale Getaway”.

Photo by Sea Valley, relax in a seaside hammock. Yes please.
Photo by Sea Valley, relax in a seaside hammock. Yes, please.


To stay at Kabak Bay, you must prepare for an adventure. Accommodations are met only by tents, small wooden bungalows and treehouses. It’s like living with nature, in one of nature’s most beautiful splendors.

For more information on some of these cool rustic spots check out Sea Valley Bungalows.


So Where is Kabak Bay?


32km from Fethiye


16km from Oludeniz


You can catch a bus from either of these places to Kabak Bay, well kinda. You can take a 20-minute hike to the bay from Faralya Village or, there’s ground transport from the bus to the Bay.


Though Kabak Bay is remote, it is still one of the popular places in Turkey. Not as touristy as other beach meccas, but still popular enough to get transport. 


There are loads of places to stay. Whether you choose a high-end hotel or cozy villas in Turkey, you’re going to find beauty.


Staying in Turkey

Shop in the authentic Turkish bazaars for a cultural experience.
Shop in the authentic Turkish bazaars for a cultural experience.


So wait, you’re not going to fly halfway around the world for one or two nights in Kabak Bay? I didn’t think so. There’s plenty in the way of Fairytale Getaways to be done not far from Kabak Bay.


Dalaman offers breathtaking natural beauty at every corner, beautiful turquoise waters, and the stunning natural thermal springs at Pamukkale Falls. You can also enjoy fine local foods and shopping in the traditional Turkish bazaars.


Natural thermal springs at Pemukkale Falls.
Natural thermal springs at Pamukkale Falls.


Also not far from Kabak Bay is Fethiye where beach destinations meet ancient civilizations. This popular tourist destination has amazing preservation of ancient history. Rock tombs belonging to Lycian Kings can be seen from most points in the city center. 


Tombs of the Lycian Kings. Photo by Wikipedia commons
Tombs of the Lycian Kings. Photo by Wikipedia commons


Ancient sites such as Telmessos, Caunos, Cadianda, Tlos, Pinara, Letoon, Sydima, and Xantos from the Lycian civilization have become popular cultural attractions. Fethiye is also home to preserved coastlines that go on for miles, making it one of our favorite “Mermaid Beaches” destinations as well.


Be sure to visit the Fethiye Museum to see Lycian ancient artifacts!


Fethiye Turkey at a glance.
Fethiye Turkey at a glance.


A Traveler’s Tip

There’s a lot to plan for a trip to Turkey. You’ll want to know well in advance how to make the most out of your time there. My suggestion is to use a tour company.

You don’t have to do anything with a schedule, but you will have a go-to person for getting around and arranging your itinerary. I like using A1 Travel to plan Turkey holidays. It cuts out the rif-raf, and believe me, you don’t want rif-raf when you’re in a foreign country halfway around the globe.


As always I love hearing about your “Fairytale Getaways”. Please share in the comments below!

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