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Most Traveled European Cities, London Bridge

The 10 Most Traveled European Cities – Travel to Europe

Planning to travel to Europe but not quite sure where to go? You’re not alone. Europe is a big place! And with all the European cities to visit, it can be hard to choose just a few.


You may as well accept the fact that you’re going to have to go back more than once. But for now, let’s discuss the most traveled European cities to get you started.


So, before you choose which city to visit in Europe, read through our list. These are the most traveled cities in Europe, and that’s got to count for something, right?

Most Traveled European Cities, London

The 10 Most Traveled European Cities

Europe is the birthplace of all European cultures, respectively, and everyone comes in a hurry to see the countless sights and taste the national cuisine. Even you, which is why you’re here wondering which city to visit in Europe.


With all that the EU has to offer, planning your travel to Europe can be overwhelming. So, it’s best to narrow it down to your personal travel style and go from there.


What moves you? Do you want to explore miles of untouched beauty or would you rather black out in a nightclub? Are you looking for magical castles and cool history or modern museums?


Whatever appeals to you, hopefully, you’ll find it among these popular European destinations. In this article, we have ranked the most traveled European cities to visit this year.

Most Traveled European Cities, London
London, England


London is in the heart of Great Britain. It is one of the most traveled European cities among tourists from all over the world.


London offers a variety of entertainment, attractions, and recreation for all tastes, as well as shopping. And of course, you visit the historical sites that tell the story of London.


As one of the most traveled European cities, you’ll find that many tourists (and even locals) will take a ride on the London Eye Ferris Wheel, stroll across Tower Bridge, see the Royal Guardsmen, see Big Ben, and finish the day with a pint of ale in a local pub where you can also have fun at the Empire Casino, and play slots or poker at Bodog’s online casino for real money.

Most Traveled European Cities, Paris
Paris, France


Paris is by far one of the most traveled European cities and most romantic. It’s the kind of place that takes its guests at first sight. 


Millions of tourists come to the French capital just to look at the Eiffel Tower sparkle. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the tower both day and night, the sounds of the street accordion, and taste authentic French cuisine, sweets, and chocolate, and, of course, all the shopping.

Most Traveled European Cities, Berlin
Berlin, Germany


One of the most intriguing cities in Europe is Berlin. It’s grown into a significant metropolis nowadays, yet it remains one of the friendliest and coziest regions in the European Union.


It’s become one of the most traveled European cities due to its reputation for nightclubs, nightlife, new fashion trends, subcultures, and movements. Young people travel here in large numbers.

Most Traveled European Cities, Rome
Rome, Italy


Rome is the birthplace of one of Europe’s oldest cultures and as a result, is one of the most traveled cities in Europe. Here you can experience several areas and cultural styles simultaneously: Antiquity, Middle Ages, Baroque, and Renaissance.


Its nickname is “The Eternal City” because of its ancient history, longevity, and enduring influence on Western civilization. The term “Eternal City” is thought to have been coined by the ancient Roman poet Tibullus, who wrote in the 1st century BC that “Rome, the eternal, reigns over the world.


Italy is famous for its food and wine and lovers of shopping will not be bored either: boutiques, shopping centers, and large and small chain stores are located in every district of the city.

Most Traveled European Cities, Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is the cultural capital of Spain making it another one of the most traveled cities in Europe. It is worth walking along its cobblestone streets and visiting the Gothic Quarter.


Seeing the great creations of Gaudi, climbing the Montjuïc hill, visiting the ancient Boquería market, climbing the statue of Columbus, and enjoying the beautiful view of the city are all highlights of any tourist in this culture-rich capital.


The rich history and magnificent sights, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, beaches, and atmosphere of the city will make any trip unforgettable.

Most Traveled European Cities, Prague
Prague, Czech


You won’t want to leave the city of Prague once you arrive. The city is beautiful and historic. Located in the heart of Central Europe, it’s easy to get to making it one of the most traveled European cities.


Prague is famous for its beautiful architecture, historic landmarks, and cultural attractions. Some popular sights include the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, and the Jewish Quarter. There are also many museums, galleries, and theaters to explore.


Nowhere else can you discover more architectural variety.


You’ll feel as though you’re in a fairy tale thanks to the old bridges, Gothic castles, and meandering lanes dotted with houses that have red-tiled roofs. And if you enjoy quiet bars, this city has plenty to offer.

Most Traveled European Cities, Munich
Munich, Germany


Munich is the capital of Bavaria, the largest region of Germany. The city is well-known for its magnificent museum, theater, and music festivals, the Bavarian Academy of Science, the higher school of music, and the Academy of Fine Arts.


And of course the famous Oktoberfest! It’s the world-famous beer festival that attracts millions of visitors each year making Munich one of the most traveled European cities.


The festival takes place in late September and early October and features traditional Bavarian beer, food, and music. 

Most Traveled European Cities, Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands


The flower capital is Amsterdam. The city is renowned for its friendliness and continues to be among Europe’s most liberal cities; smoking marijuana is permitted in “coffee shops” and on “Red Light” streets, where you may view seductive sirens of love in storefront windows.


Take a walk through the old neighborhoods along the lovely canals or take a boat ride through the canals. There are also lots of romantic things to do there. However, there are a ton of casinos that are worthwhile for gamblers who want to play for real money.

Most Traveled European Cities, Milan
Milan, Italy


The fashionable city of Milan is a must-see location in Europe! As the renowned Fashion Weeks are held here twice a year, you’re sure to see some perfectly attired people strutting their stuff on the streets.


Plus Milan has a variety of shops that cater to various likes and inclinations, so all you shopaholics out there are covered.


Yet, Milan isn’t only about shopping and fashion; there is also a wealth of beauty to behold. See the Milan Cathedral, the magnificent Duomo, the La Scala Theater, the Vittorio Gallery, and other breathtaking palaces and churches on a trip here.


And Milan is a foodie’s dream when it comes to dining. You may order any meal with confidence knowing it will be delicious. You’ll have a lot of options because there are so many eateries to select from.


Hence, Milan has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a fan of fashion, history, or gastronomy, or are just seeking a lovely city to explore. Milan is one of the finest cities to visit if you’re planning to travel to Europe.

Most Traveled European Cities, Frankfurt
Frankfurt, Germany


Another one for Germany! Frankfurt is Germany’s technologically most sophisticated and contemporary metropolis, which serves as the nation’s financial and commercial center.


You can’t help but gasp at the city’s numerous contemporary towers. The entire city can be seen from the Main Tower, which you may access by lift. 


See Frankfurt Cathedral, the historic opera theater, St. Paul’s Church, the Goethe Museum, and other attractions. The renowned Frankfurt pie and cider should also be sampled.


In Closing

Whether you’re planning to travel to Europe or just dreaming, there’s much to explore. Europe has always been famous for its incredible culture, rich history, amazing food, and experiences.


When deciding on which city to visit in Europe, it’s important to establish what you’re looking for out of a vacation. This list has briefed you on the highlights of some of the most traveled European cities.


Each city has a special atmosphere, architecture, and history, they are not similar to each other, but they are united by one European hospitality and heritage. So take your time in deciding, and start planning the adventure of a lifetime.

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