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How to Effectively Design Your RV For a Mobile Office

If there’s one thing that the pandemic taught us, it’s that the modern lifestyle taught everyone how to work from anywhere. Flexibility and adaptability became of utmost importance in the workplace, even if it’s from an RV. 


Moreso now than ever, workers are able to skip physically stepping into an office. With forced technological advances and a Metaverse on the horizon, some professions were able to do away completely with going to the office. 


This opened up opportunities for a lot of people. You are no longer bound to work from a single place. Now, you can hit the road while you work amid almighty nature.


Working from an RV or mobile office is now entirely possible thanks to rapid advancements in technology and less of a need to go into the office. It allows people to travel and see the world as well as keep their jobs and income. 


Beaches, mountain views, parks, widespread colorful sky, anything could be your work companion. How? The answer is a mobile RV office.


That’s right. Your own mobile office that travels places with changing views, weather, and everything in between.


Interesting right? Well, not so fast. There are a few things you should know about mobile offices. Before you hit the road, let’s see how you can effectively design your RV mobile office.

rv, mobile office 
5 Tips For Designing an RV Mobile Office

Be Minimalistic

The first rule, of course, is to be minimalistic. You aren’t going to be working with as much space as usual! 


Since the RV has space limitations, you can only take what’s necessary. Plus, you would be traveling, so the vehicle must hold the load comfortably. If you’re towing an RV, you need to make sure you fit weight requirements. 


So, make a list of things that you would absolutely need. And carry nothing more than that. As you have to carry your work-related things, don’t pack a lot of clothes or food- again, only take what you need. 


You can always stop by the market to buy the things that you need.


RV life is not only fun but also simple. There’s happiness among little things. You’ll have much less to worry about. All you need to worry about is traveling and working! 

rv, mobile office

Set Up The Office

Even if the RV has limited space, it can hold a nice work desk. You may have to get a little creative, but that’s the fun of it all. A lot of RV furniture is multi-functional! 


Some people use the RV dining area or spare closet as a workspace. Whichever works for you as long as it maintains your productivity.


Now, if you only work on your laptop and nothing else, a small foldable table would be enough. However, if your work setup has more devices, go ahead with a larger desk.


While choosing a desk, make sure all your devices fit nicely. Consider getting a wall-foldable or multipurpose desk. That will utilize the space well.


You can also hang the PC monitor on the wall and use it as a television later.


The chair you use must have good back and neck support. But also, it should be compact and carriable outside. So you can keep it anywhere outside to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee watching the sunset.


All in all, the work setup should be comfortable but not bulky. A good place to shop for multi-functional RV furniture would be IKEA, among others. 

rv, mobile office

Reliable Wifi Network

Of course, you can’t forget about the essential part of work life. The Wifi connection.


Sometimes, when you are traveling, network issues are inevitable. So always keep a strong portable modem or wifi hotspot with you.


Consider parking the RV where the network would work decently. Another option is local open wifi.


You’d probably find a good network or even free wifi at camping or RV resorts. Keep multiple data options handy.

rv, mobile office

Stay Organized

It is possible that your workplace would get clumsy and cluttered. With limited space, that’s pretty normal.


But don’t get carried away. Always organize your desk after work. That’s why multifunctional furniture would be useful. Something like a desk that later folds into a closet.


You will have a dedicated space to store your work-related things. Stack your notebooks, files, and journals in a nice corner of the workstation. Always detangle the charging wires of all your devices.


Keep paper towels handy to wipe the desk clean. These are just small cleaning tips that would help you stay organized.


Always keep things where they belong, and you’ll have a clean office to work from.

rv, mobile office

Plan Your Work Day and Week

You are on a workation. You don’t want to work all day long and not enjoy the trip?


Planning a day would give you some free time slots to travel around. Not to mention you can have weekends off.


Some RV travel veterans suggest that you should work in the early hours of the day and have the rest of the day to yourself. And then resume work later in the evening if you want.


Also, wearing formal clothes while you work is a good addition to maintaining productivity. It’s optional but it would help you finish work early.


Make time slots for meetings and everything. And invest all your free time exploring the surroundings.

rv, mobile office

Go Set Up Your RV Mobile Office

Office these days, remote jobs are pretty common. Of course, you get to work from anywhere, but the work hours are pretty flexible.


With such luxury options, why work from home when you can work from literally anywhere?


Not only self-employed individuals, but even full-time job professionals can experience RV workation. You can even plan a road trip with your friends and work together. That would be so much fun.


If you already own an RV, sweet. But if not, you can easily rent one from RVnGO. Again, the options are wide with lower prices and insurance policies.


Your workation is waiting for you. Go hit the road and work from the RV.

rv, mobile office


Are you itching to hit the road yet? 


It might seem like a big lifestyle change, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 


Remember, what you have and what you carry should be the last thing on your mind. Only take what’s necessary with you while RV traveling, and focus on your work and your travels. 


Of course, a stable wifi connection is the most important aspect of turning your RV into a mobile office on wheels. Without it, you have nothing!


But as long as you have that connection, a nice desk, a laptop, and a chair, you’re good to go. Tailor it to your specific job and your specific tastes, but these are good guidelines to follow. 


When you’re out on the road, make sure to plan your work week around your job. Make sure your travel times don’t interfere with things like meetings or conferences. You’ll need to hold yourself accountable, unlike in an office!


RV traveling offers workers more flexibility and a chance to travel the world. It is becoming more popular as fewer people have to actually show up in-person to work. With a few minor lifestyle changes, it’s possible for anyone. 

Satyne Julianna Doner

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