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All of us need a break at some point. We all work hard day and night and need to get away from it all sometimes. Whether it’s an extended vacation or a short one, it is always a good idea to get out of your city and explore. Just make sure you’re aware of the things to avoid while traveling.


It doesn’t matter if you are traveling within the country or overseas, travel can be one of the most soul-enriching experiences of your life. You get to learn about the local culture, live new experiences, and appreciate your surroundings.


We often assume that vacation travel has to be overseas. However, America has several fantastic vacation spots that you must visit for an exquisite experience.


There are so many options on mainland America that you might not even have to go abroad.


Though traveling may sound easy, you need to consider your safety and make the entire experience worthwhile.


It would help if you considered avoiding the things we are about to discuss.They can play a vital role in your safety and make the experience much better.


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Things to Avoid While Traveling

1. Don’t Opt for a Seedy Motel:


We understand that traveling on a budget might have you thinking about affordable options. But the option should never come at the risk of your safety.


For example, if you are traveling to the Smokey Mountains, Tennessee, it would be a good idea to avoid smaller ‘questionable’ motels and find better accommodation.


It’s best to go for famous accommodations like Gatlinburg Cabins that are safe and luxurious. Sure they might be slightly expensive, but the safety factors and the authentic mountain cabin experience are worthwhile.


You can usually tell when a place doesn’t seem right. It would be wise to trust your gut instinct and avoid a place if it doesn’t sit well with you.


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2. Be Careful of What You Photograph:


Depending on where you are, you might be inclined to take pictures of what you think is interesting. Though your motives may be entirely harmless, the locals might not feel the same way.


It’s a good idea to avoid photographing government offices, people who did not consent, and religious statues.


Taking pictures of government offices could be seen as a suspicious activity. Moreover, people who have not consented to have their photographs taken may object to you doing so. Often they are civil about it, but you never know what could happen.


It is also important to be familiar with the culture and consider whether photographing a religious symbol would be deemed inappropriate or rude. If you aren’t sure, then it would be wise not to take pictures of religious symbols at all..


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3. Do Not Visit theATM or Money Exchanges at Night:


Sure, you may be running a bit low on cash, but it can probably wait till daytime. The last thing you want to do is wander around at night in an unfamiliar place with money on you.


There isn’t a more prominent target you can paint on your back than a foreigner visiting an ATM at night.


If you have to, go to the ATM in the daytime when there are more people around. Visiting during the day reduces the chances of pickpockets and thieves making you a target. Few thieves would take the risk of robbing you in broad daylight, but locals are usually available to save you.


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4. Don’t Share Travel Plans or Details About Where You Are Staying with Strangers:


When it comes to things to avoid while traveling, keeping your plans to yourself is one of the most important. If you meet a local who asks about your plans or hotel, consider making something up or naturally changing the conversation.


People may be innocently making conversation with you. However, you never know when you might be giving away too much information to the wrong people.


Try and avoid the topic altogether. But if you can’t, make sure you have a backup hotel name and travel schedule ready to throw them off. It may seem like somewhat of a rude option, but it’s better to be cautious than to compromise your safety when you are in a foreign land.


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5. Don’t Stand Out:


Try your hardest to blend in as best as you can. If you are in a foreign country you don’t know much about, make sure you don’t look like an easy target. It is understandable that this is easier said than done, but there are a few things you can do to avoid standing out.


Dress like the locals. Consider buying some of the traditional clothes rather than wearing your traditional clothing. If you are in a culture that shares the same dressing, there’s no issue.


Don’t talk too loudly in your native language. Suppose you have to attend a call or talk to someone you know in your native language. In that case, try and do so quietly so that no one notices that you’re a foreigner.


These are just some of the things you can consider not to draw attention to yourself in a foreign city.




Though a safety and security theme has surrounded the article, make sure you enjoy the trip and explore unique places. It would be unfortunate if you were pre-occupied with the ‘what ifs’ and could not experience new food or activities.


It’s best to travel with a companion. But, whether you’re with a companion or alone, these are important things to avoid while traveling. Do your research, check all the laws, and then get to enjoying your trip. 

Carissa Shuman

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