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15 Best Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

So nobody knows what the future holds in light of the COVID19 pandemic, now is not the greatest time to start arranging a fun vacation. Sitting on the couch and looking at travel accounts has been our life lately.  


Many of us, though, are seeking a reprieve from a new world awash in coronavirus news. 


So there’s no better time than now to indulge in a little daydreaming by perusing breathtakingly amazing travel images that highlight stunning destinations.


Bloggers and influencers have become increasingly Megafamous in recent years, yet only a small percentage of them are inspirational. Here are a few of our favorite Instagram travel bloggers to follow if you’re itching to travel.

travel accounts

15 Travel Instagrams You Must Follow 


The travel editor-at-large for Tatler Asia Jeremy Jauncey is the brains behind this popular account, which aspires to offer inspiring travel footage from all over the world and connect with great creators with interesting tales to tell. 


You’ll find an aggregate of some of the best travel images on Instagram on Beautiful Destinations.


A glance at the stream will entice you to plan your post-Covid excursions, from the world’s most attractive cities to nature settings and magnificent architectures.

travel accounts


It’s difficult not to get caught in Daniel Kordan’s stream of incredible adventures from all around the world.


The world-famous Russian photographer has a keen eye for landscape photography and spends most of his time discovering and documenting the most beautiful and surprising aspects of the planet.

travel accounts


This is the account to follow if you like bright colors and stunning clothing. Jennifer Mel Tuffen, a beautiful travel and lifestyle writer, has enthralled more than 2.9 million followers with her impulsive wanderings ever since 2012, and her Instagram account is among the most famous travel blogs on the platform.


Jennifer’s Instagram page is an aesthetically pleasing blend of colorful images of her living the high life in luxury hotels, swimming in crystal blue lakes, and admiring stunning architecture.


If you want to emulate Jennifer’s vivid photography style, check out izkiz Cam, an app she created with 35 distinct filters specifically suited for trip photography.

travel accounts


Chris Burkard is an avid surfer, traveler, and photographer who doesn’t shy away from trying new things.


His Instagram account offers a series of stunning images set in some of the world’s most breathtaking locations, and it’s perfect for thrill-seekers and adventurers. He’s currently in Sedona, Arizona, on a cycling trip with his friends.

travel accounts


Since 2016, Jack Morris has been documenting his spectacular travel experiences with his partner Lauren Bullen (@gypsea lust) as the top travel influencer and skilled photographer behind @doyoutravel.


Their Instagram account is the epitome of #relationshipgoals and #travelgolas, with entertaining animal encounters, stunning images taken in some of the world’s most picturesque locations, Instagrammable hotels, and more.

travel accounts


Murad Osmann, one of the most prominent travel Instagram photographers, developed the classic #followmeto series, which portrays him holding his wife’s hand in various locations.


What sets the duo apart from the rest is their commitment to acquiring the best fashion products to arrange their photos with unique themes.

travel accounts


Michael Yamashita knows a thing or two about capturing and presenting strong human stories of the people he meets while globetrotting, having worked for National Geographic for over 30 years.


Michael’s immersive technique of documenting his adventures with thoughtful and informative comments gives us insight into strange cultures and lesser-known locales, which we admire.


Aside from being a master of portraits, he also has a beautiful collection of landscape images on his Instagram page.

travel accounts


Emilie Ristevski’s photographs have an unearthly quality to them. Her Instagram feed is full of photographs with ethereal aesthetics and nostalgic sensations that tell the story of her great trips throughout the world.


Her work is relaxing and wonderful to look at, with gentle lighting and subdued tones, and she always manages to locate the best settings for the ‘gram in each country she goes.


Be warned: perusing Emilie’s account will almost certainly cause you to feel envious of her travels.

travel accounts


Jord Hammond began his career as an English teacher in China, but he believed he was destined for a more creative route.


It wasn’t long before he decided to make a career out of photography, and now he travels the world, wowing his fans with magnificent cityscapes and aerial photographs captured along the route.


Jord’s trips are likely to add several cities to your bucket list, from an exotic tour in Mongolia to a breathtaking visit to Bagan in Myanmar.

travel accounts


Jess Dales has experienced more heart-stopping adventures than most of us will see in our lifetimes, whether it’s riding an extreme mountain swing in Peru, kayaking in crystal blue waters, or hiking incredible mountain trails.


Looking at her Instagram page will make you want to book a flight to wherever she was and spend the rest of your days there.

travel accounts


Christian LeBlanc, a Vancouver native, abandoned his accounting career at the age of 22, traveled to Asia, and lived as a “broke backpacker” for a year before launching his social networking company.


Today, the 26-year-old goes by the moniker “Lost LeBlanc” and creates breathtaking travel content for his 600,000 Instagram followers and over one million YouTube subscribers.

travel accounts


Alexander Williamson, living in Hamburg, is the brains of the Instagram account known as @alexpreview.


Mesmerizing us with photographs of the Maldives, Bora Bora, and Thailand adorning his social media feeds, each post will make you wish you were right there with him.


His dreamlike photographs and movies frequently appear on the Instagram feed of some of the world’s most well-known travel publications, such as @CNTraveler and @TravelandLeisure.

travel accounts


Emmett has had more thrilling adventures than most of us will see in our lifetimes, including dangling from a helicopter on top of a Hawaiian volcano, using a sled down a Swiss glacier at dusk, and being plunged deep into a cave in Java.


Emmett currently earns a profession as one of Instagram’s quickest expanding adventure travel photographers by sharing his incredible adventures through stunning pictures.

travel accounts


Doctor Ali Alsulaiman was born in Saudi Arabia and now works in London. Ali gave up his clinical practice and began traveling full-time around a year ago.


His Instagram feed makes us dream of fancy hotels and far-flung destinations because he takes his camera with him on his excursions around the world and creates gorgeous photographs along the way.

travel accounts


Munich-based Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach has spent a significant portion of her life flying.


She struggled to get a job with an airline after earning her pilot’s license, so she used her passion for flying and travel to pursue a different professional path.


She’s now one of Instagram’s most prominent travel influencers, posting breathtaking photos of places like Santorini and Cappadocia.

travel accounts


With the coronavirus pandemic halting worldwide travel, we may be living in an unusual moment. But, with so much free time on our hands, there’s never been a better time to plan your next vacation.


Fortunately, travel influencers have supplied us with a new way to be captivated by wanderlust during the last decade.


Countless bloggers and influencers have improved their trip photography game on Instagram, taking us from tropical paradises to unknown wilderness from the comfort of our own homes.


These photographers and bloggers traverse the world, showcasing some of the most stunning places in the world’s most remote corners. So go through this list and find your favorite travel influencer.

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