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10 Luxury Vacation Destinations You Might’ve Missed

Each year comes around with a new thrill of travel trends, whether due to a major sporting event, fancy hotel opening, or a newly established airline route. The idea of a luxury vacation sounds so exciting! 


New destinations, spontaneous travel, and lesser-known escapes always offer a titillating thrill.


Whether you are looking for unique luxury Turkey tours or a tucked-away designer safari lodge in Zambia, we have compiled a list of luxury hotel destinations from all around the world that we bet you haven’t explored yet.

luxury vacation

10 Luxury Vacation Spots You May Not Have Thought Of 


If you wish to have an ultimate wilderness experience, Antarctica is the perfect place for you. Catch a glimpse of the glory and greatness of natural creation. It is perfect for a luxury vacation. 


The remote and preserved continent is a holiday destination few can claim to have witnessed. The best time to travel the continent is in late October.


While there are no hotels in Antarctica, it is possible to visit and stay on the continent.


This is because luxury lodges, luxury cruises, expedition cruises, and luxury campsites exist. Let’s look at two of the best and most luxurious destinations in Antarctica:


White Desert Whichaway Camp

This is the only luxury vacation lodge in Antarctica. The White Desert provides a private jet charter service all the way to the interiors of Antarctica.


While staying at the lodge, guests indulge in three-course meals made by the resident chef, Janna Viney. The Pod cabins at the White Desert are designed for double occupancy so that you can snuggle on those cold Antarctic nights.


Silversea Silver Cloud

Definitely one of the most luxurious ships to travel around Antarctica, the Silversea Silver Cloud offers unparalleled comfort in this remote destination.


The ship also boasts a Relais and Chateaux restaurant, allowing you to travel in an unforgettable style.

luxury vacation


Next on our list of luxury vacation spots in Botswana. Botswana is an African safari destination fit for travelers wanting the ultimate in secluded safari luxury.


However, if you want to truly wow your friends with your travel photos, then look no further than our top accommodation pick for Botswana:


Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge

The hotel provides visitors with a distinct and first-class safari experience.


Located in Savuti, a section of the prime wildlife corridor that makes up Chobe National Park, guests of Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge are treated to unsurpassed 180-degree views of the natural surroundings.


While staying at the hotel, you don’t have to go out to see wildlife, as elephants, giraffes, and other African animals can be seen from the main area or your own private deck.

luxury vacation

Ecuador and Galápagos

Next up on our list of luxury vacation destinations is a country called Ecuador. Ecuador hosts luxurious hotels that will help you escape the ordinary. It is home to some of the most luxurious hotel destinations in the world, which include:


Mashpi Lodge, The Andean Cloud Forest

Mashpi Lodge is entitled the most luxurious new jungle retreat in the world by Forbes Magazine. The luxury hotel will exceed all your expectations, with the ideal mix of comfort and contact with nature.


CotopaxiPungo La Finca Hotel, Pasochoa

The hotel offers unsurpassed, spectacular panoramic views of the Antisana, Cotopaxi, and Sincholagua volcanoes. In this elegant hotel, guests will experience the perfect balance of adventure, nature, and culture in the Andes.

luxury vacation


The UK is among the planet’s top tourist destinations, famous for its world-class luxury hotels, iconic landmarks, breathtaking coastal views, and international music festivals.


It may not seem like a luxury vacation spot you might have missed. While most jet setters have been to England previously, it is well worth a future visit to take in these epic hotels:


The Newt, Somerset

The hotel is exceptionally stylish and the handiwork of the former Elle Decoration editor of South Africa. Even if only for a fleeting visit, you need to experience this hotel at least once for the fantastic amenities.


Burgh Island

The hotel is an iconic art deco landmark situated on its own tidal island with golden beaches and silver seas encompassing it. Visit the hotel to step back in time and walk in the footsteps of legendary guests.

luxury vacation


Greece famously boasts archeological sites and museum collections distributed all over the country. However, there are also dazzling beaches and mountainous interiors to explore.


On your next trip through Greece, don’t miss checking out these hotels! It’s perfect for your luxury vacation. 


Amanzoe, Peloponnesos

It’s the most exclusive hotel located close to archeological sites and the island of Spetses, as well as awe-inspiring mountains. In addition, the hotel features Europe’s most astonishing beach retreats.


Grace Santorini

This exclusive boutique hotel in Santorini offers breathtaking views. The hotel also boasts the most photographed swimming pools in the world.

luxury vacation


Morocco is a banquet for all the senses, with spectacular delights located around every corner. The luxurious hotels in this country provide ample reason to book your next holiday. It’s perfect for a luxury vacation destination. 


Dar Rhizlane, Palais Table d’hôtes And Spa – Marrakech

The world-class hotel should be on everyone’s travel destination list for lavish celebrations or romantic honeymoons. It’s worth every penny! A massive garden surrounds the hotel with a breathtakingly beautiful outdoor pool.

luxury vacation


Namibia boasts the oldest desert in the world. If you are searching the world for unspoiled landscapes and out-of-the-way luxurious escapes, then Namibia should be on your travel bucket list.


Check out two of our top accommodation choices for a luxury vacation:


The Desert Grace Gondwana Collection

If you are after a unique desert experience, The Desert Grace is entirely constructed with eco-friendly sandbags, but don’t let that fool you into thinking there isn’t luxury at every turn.


One night in Namibia is all it takes to fall in love with this place.

luxury vacation


Despite Thailand being a magnet for budget and backpacker travelers, the country hosts some of the world’s most luxurious resorts and jungle retreats.


Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood

This luxurious hotel sits on Thailand’s fourth largest but least populated island, Koh Kood, in the Gulf of Siam. The hotel is one of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious resorts.


Visiting the hotel will, without a doubt, give you an authentic Thai experience. The hotel is remotely located but accessible by an hour’s flight from Bangkok.

luxury vacation


You can visit Turkey through various luxury Turkey tours to experience culture and history. Since it’s hard to pinpoint only one destination in the country, we recommend looking at guided tours.


All of your excursions will be carried out on a private, tailor-made basis, offering the ultimate flexibility and comfort. On hotel to look out for with luxury Turkey tours is:


The Bodrum by Paramount Hotels and Resorts

While the name has changed from The Golden Savoy to the Jumeirah Bodrum to its present moniker, this is one of the best hotels in Turkey. The hotel offers accommodation consisting exclusively of opulent suites and extravagant villas.


Top this off with a private beach and a paradise for connoisseurs of perfection. The suites also have unbeatable views and facilities.

luxury vacation


Located in Southern Africa, Zambia is home to Victoria Falls and a whopping 20 national parks. It is arguably Africa’s most underrated tourist destination, even though it offers fantastic all-around wilderness experiences.


When in Zambia, we recommend opting for a luxurious safari camp rather than a large hotel and our pick would be hard to match:


Kafunta River Lodge

Have you ever considered sipping a chilled glass of white wine while lounging in a hot tub filled with a natural hot spring?


If this thought doesn’t amaze you, incorporate seeing hippos wallowing in the mud mere meters away and elephants wandering behind.


At Kafunta River Lodge in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, this is just one of the many unique and luxurious perks.

luxury vacation


If you are undecided about your next travel destination, we hope this article has helped offer some unique ideas.


You might have skipped over some of these luxury vacation spots in the past, but don’t let that stop you this time. 


However, whether you decide to treat yourself and your family to luxury Turkey tours or an opulent beach vacation, we are confident that travel is on the horizon.

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