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8 of the Best Reasons Why You Should Move to Germany

Germany is one of the vibrant countries, which has a lot to offer. Moving to Germany is a dream for a lot of people. 


It is a country with a vibrant and beautiful culture. The food is amazing, as well as the architecture. Their social benefits are envious and school systems are highly advanced. 


You might have gone on vacation to Germany before, but have you ever considered moving to Germany? 


This great destination in Europe is remarkable with its rich history and great outdoors. It is capable of taking you back to those medieval times as you explore its great and modern cities.


Apart from festivities and attractions, this diverse destination promises a lot.


Because of that, Germany has become the favorite for tourists globally. The multitude of regional identities provides distinct and unique experiences for everyone and suits all tastes.


But what about immigrants looking to move to Germany? It’s definitely something to consider. 


Well, there are many reasons why you might want to relocate to the country. Apart from groceries, transportation, and housing & accommodation, the following are reasons you might want to relocate to Germany.

germany8 Reasons Why You Should Move to Germany 

Low Living Cost

Compared to other countries in the Western world, Germany is cheaper to live in. However, you could be wondering, is it cheaper to live in Germany or USA? Well, the living cost ranges in both of these countries.


You can pay less in Germany compared to the US for some services and items. In fact, most Americans living in Germany report that the costs of living are lower than in the United States.


Plus, considering factors such as utilities, feeding, and housing, living in Germany is way cheaper than in the US by around 15%.



It is only Russia that has more bordering countries than Germany. Because of that, the country opens doors to the Western countries in Europe.


Germany can be a great country to tour if you like spending and traveling on weekends. It provides a lot of travel opportunities.


In a short train drive, you could find yourself in the Swiss, Czech, Dutch, Belgium, French, and Austrian capital.


German neighbors, such as the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, and Luxembourg, make it a fortune for everyone looking to explore and travel.


Thanks to the EU (European Union), German residence visas or permits may access all countries in the EU. Plus, the transport network in German is great.


Flixbus, the famous bus company, can take you anywhere in Europe for a small fee. Most students and people on a budget choose to tour this way.


Outdoor Recreation

Munich has its Alps and lakes, Cologne has the Rhine and Eifel, Berlin has its urban lakes and the Spreewald, and Frankfurt has the Taunus and the Main.


Many locals make the most out of all these, with excellent infrastructure supporting their outdoor activities.


Skiing in the country is also one of the great experiences many people have. The country may not have the best ski slopes or glitziest resorts. But this is what makes it more enjoyable as it is not full of posers or jam-packed.


If you are a hiker or cyclist as well, there are several places where you can get out into nature on weekends.


While living in the country doesn’t guarantee you the highest mountains to hike and a dense network of paths to cycle, you will always get outdoor activities you can enjoy.



There are a lot of commended international learning institutions, favored by many Expats, where lessons are taught in English. Though they can as well be taught in German.


Basically, standard German schools are great, but most of them don’t teach in English. So this can be a perfect option if your children know the language.


There are many opportunities for you and the entire family to learn German, with classes taught throughout the country. Plus, Germany has a lot of world-class universities, and fees are cheaper compared to the UK.


Super-Efficient Public Transport Systems

Perhaps you hate stereotypes. Though in this case, this is true. Germans are very efficient, and the same is true when it comes to their transport systems.


Trains are always on time, and there are normally high-speed rail connections between main cities, making the transit cheaper.


Not to mention, there is an ICE train system, which travels at around 340km/h. They are not just affordable. They are also spacious and remarkably clean.


Even in small towns, there are dependable bus stations. Most individuals in the country opt out of owning a car since there is no need to use them.



Employers in German are proactive when investing resources and time in both their existing and prospective workers.


Some firms have even gone to the extent of sponsoring Chinese language lessons in schools in order to hire the next wave of people with the language skills to improve their export presence in important emerging marketplaces.


They are passionate too about retaining employees that have trained and up-skilled, with most firms heavily investing in several ‘Health at Work’ campaigns to keep their aging workers fit.


That means prospective workers will look forward to entering the labor market where employers can value and skill up their employees.


Social Benefits

The country taxes all its inhabitants heavily. Although most citizens and residents criticize it, it normally comes with a lot of benefits.


Paying taxes in Germany will insure you from losing employment suddenly, where the authority may finance part of your income until you get another job.


The universal medical care systems can also protect you from being declared bankrupt by sudden accidents or sickness.


Plus, starting your own family in the country is great.


New fathers and mothers can split their paid leave between them for around one year. And on top of this, the government is going to pay you for taking care of your kids until they turn 18.



As a business person in the country, you should expect a stable economic and political government for all your business ideas. All are protected by law.


Company logos, concepts, and inventions are all protected in Germany. For instance, competition law will ensure that your competitors won’t make false claims about your products to attract clients for themselves.


The Takeaway!

Did you know that Germany is deemed the fourth most favorable country to relocate to? There’s no wonder so many people flock to Germany every year by truckload. 


This favorability is because of its education system, employment opportunities, and well-performing economy. So you have all the reasons to relocate to Germany with your whole family.


Germany proves time and time again to be a fantastic place to move to. Its social benefits and rich history, as well as its culture, make it an amazing place to be. 


This country has amazing food and hospitality, winter sports, and beer to try. Their beer and pretzels are nothing short of extraordinary- we are sure that you will love them in Germany! 


For more information on traveling through Germany, check out our travel guides! Even if you are just visiting on vacation, you can use this guide to help you on your trip. 

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