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Put it in the Trunk: 12 Essential Things For a Long Journey

You’re going to need road trip essentials for your next vacation. To prevent small problems on the road trip from becoming big ones, form a “wandering motorist set” in advance.


Old-school drivers carry with them an impressive car repair kit, the most popular spare parts, and a full range of technical fluids.


But this, of course, is overkill. In popular destinations, there are a lot of auto repair workshops and shops with spare parts. Why carry too much with you?


Even in such exotic countries as the UAE, today it is easy to find a service station with a good level of repair service. In case of breakdowns and any questions, it is more profitable to contact local auto repair shops.


The works of the service center in Dubai, for example, will be affordable and of high quality.


We will only talk about what you really need to take with you (except for personal items, a tire compressor, and a standard set of tools for changing wheels). Let’s check out our list of road trip essentials!
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12 Road Trip Essentials You Need if You’re Road Tripping 

Warning Triangle

First up on our list of road trip essentials is the warning triangle.


The warning triangle must comply with the technical requirements of UNECE Regulation No.27. It is desirable that it be in a case – it is more convenient to carry it and less likely to damage it.


And besides, the sign must be stable so that it does not blow off the road.

road trip

First-Aid Kit

Next on our list of road trip essentials is a first aid kit.


There are certain requirements for a car first-aid kit. The minimum regulated composition for today looks something like this: a bandage, a tourniquet, scissors, rubber gloves, and napkins.


But no one bothers you to collect a really useful first aid kit – ready-made kits are sold in all pharmacies.

road trip

Fire Extinguisher

Next on our list of road trip essentials is a fire extinguisher.


A car burns down completely in 5-10 minutes, and many reasons can lead to a fire. So a fire extinguisher in a car is not a whim of traffic cops, but an essential item. If you don’t need it, someone on the road might need it.


Due to the fact that car owners save space in the car, they buy the smallest fire extinguishers, of which a dozen are needed to put out a fire.


Be wiser and buy a more impressive fire extinguisher by getting advice from a fire equipment store.

road trip

Tow Rope

Any car may need towing. It is a problem to quickly find a tow truck for reasonable money even in a popular direction.


And is it necessary if, for example, you just ran out of fuel and need to get to the nearest gas station? Buy a strong cable with reliable loops and put it in the trunk. And it may also be needed by others if it is not useful to you.

road trip

Starter Wires

They are often called wires for “lighting”. Do you remember when you changed the battery? Can you vouch for her condition?


Starter wires should be put in the car, even if you answered yes both times. Not useful to you – will help less lucky colleagues.

road trip

Signal Vest

A signal (reflective) vest has become mandatory for every car in many countries around the world.


If you are traveling as a family, it is better to get vests for all passengers. You never know, you have to stop at the roadside at night and everyone needs to stretch their legs.


And it is better to keep them not in the trunk, but in the cabin and put them on before leaving the car. And not using vests, having them, is even more stupid than skimping on the acquisition.


By the way, for non-use of a vest in the dark, a fine may be provided.

road trip

Fuel Supply

It is enough to take a can of fuel with you on a long journey. It can be small, 10 liters. This stock will probably be enough to make it to the nearest gas station. And compactness will save space in the trunk.


When choosing a canister, make sure it is tight. More convenient models combined with filling watering cans, more reliable – without them.


In this case, you should also buy a funnel. But, of course, work on your habits and don’t delay filling up until the last minute.

road trip


Water is a must on a long journey. Drink, wash your hands, and pour into the windshield washer reservoir or expansion tank (if the coolant level has dropped).


In summer, water should be hidden away from the sun (you can in the trunk), in winter – keep it in a warm cabin. And update as often as possible.


Water in plastic containers (and you probably won’t have another option) deteriorates from long-term storage.

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Engine Oil

Unfortunately, many modern engines suffer from the so-called oil burner. Even for serviceable engines, manufacturers allow oil consumption in the amount of 0.4 to 1.2 liters per 1000 kilometers.


You should be aware of this feature of your machine. And since engine oils of different types cannot be mixed, it is worth taking at least a liter canister of the same oil that is poured into the engine on a big trip.

road trip

Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

This set should be in every car. Most punctures are “healed” quickly and with minimal effort, and even a “teapot” can handle this job. The main thing is to carefully read the instructions and do exactly what is said.

road trip

Circuit Breakers

If there are any problems with the electrics in the car, then first of all you need to look at the condition of the fuses and change the burnt ones to serviceable ones.


Therefore, a set of fuses is included in the set of things that should be in every car.

road trip

Set of Light Bulbs

Traffic rules prohibit the operation of a car with lights that are not working in the prescribed manner. In addition, driving with a headlight turned off, and broken brake light is not only dangerous but also inconvenient.


If you have optics with incandescent lamps, it makes sense to take a set of lamps on the road. LED optics practically excludes repairs in the “field” conditions.


In any car, a flashlight will obviously not be superfluous (shine into the engine compartment to see something in the depths, find something in the trunk in the dark).


Of course, it can be replaced with a phone flashlight, but this is not always convenient. It is better to purchase a compact headlamp or a magnetic carrier.

road trip


Of course, this set can be supplemented, by focusing on your own experience. And even if the above is not needed for you, it may be useful to other drivers. And sometimes save them.


With this list of road trip essentials, you will be more than ready for your next vacation! Whether you’re going solo or with your family, it’s always good to have these things packed in your car. 


Check out our list of best driving tips before you set out on the road! For more packing ideas for your road trip, we have other articles that can help you as well!


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