Be More Spontaneous During Travel

Travel requires planning. And considering how costly it often is, it’s easy to understand why you’d wish to plan out every single aspect of your trip. But don’t underestimate the equal importance of being spontaneous during travel.


Traveling is the surest way to rekindle inspiration and creative thinking. Going to places you’ve never been before treats your mind to new imagery and stimuli while creating memories that will last you a lifetime.


And there’s no doubt that there is something special about living in the moment that makes every trip even more worthwhile. There’s great joy in experiencing something for the first time without planning it in advance or anticipating it.


This is where being spontaneous comes into play. Many people regard spontaneity as simply “letting life happen to you.” In reality, it means planning and making decisions in the moment.


Spontaneity makes travel much more fun since it’s accompanied by the uncertainty of whatever will happen next. Here are some ways you can be more spontaneous during travel.


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Be More Spontaneous During Travel – Four Tips

Be Deliberate About Where You Lodge


Although spontaneity seems to imply less planning, no planning at all will actually make things more stressful. So, if you want to enjoy your adventure, begin by making a few solid plans.


When you are preparing for a trip, it helps to figure out where you’re going to sleep before making any other plans. Knowing that you definitely have a place to stay makes traveling less overwhelming.


It will also give you the reassurance and confidence you need to be less controlling of the other aspects of your travel, especially if you choose lodging in a central location.


Finding a place to stay in a central location means you will likely have more nearby options to choose from without having to plan ahead exactly what you will see or do there.


It’s also a good idea to find a place in an area that has direct access to public transport, interesting attractions, and other amenities. That way, you don’t have to worry about planning in advance how to get where you want to go.


Once you check into your chosen lodging, you can then decide on the fly what you’d like to see in that city. 


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Plan Only One Major Attraction for Each Day


We’ve all been there; booked a four-day trip to somewhere we’ve never been before, only to be bombarded by how much there is to see.


And as travel blogs and websites continue to gain popularity, it’s easy to find yourself torn between all the different and uniquely interesting places you could visit. As a result, people often decide to see as many attractions as they can each day.


Although doing this will allow you to maximize the number of places you visit, it will most likely leave you feeling exhausted and unsatisfied.


You’re likely to find yourself simply checking the attractions off a list of all the sites you wanted to see without actually spending quality time enjoying any of them.


It’s better to allocate only one major attraction to each day of your trip and leave some time open to chance. This way, there’ll be room for spontaneity while still sticking to your plans.


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Sign up for Flight Deal Programs


Finding cheap flights is one of the most important aspects of traveling. Spending as little as possible to get where you’d like to go will leave lots of resources for the rest of the trip.


Signing up for flight deal programs will ensure that you’re always in the know whenever fares are slashed and whenever there are cheap flights you can get aboard.


These programs will also help you find last minute flight deals you weren’t anticipating. Jumping on such random offers will make it possible for you to be spontaneous and keep making decisions on the fly.


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Have at Least One Unplanned Day


Different parts of the world have their own rich culture and unique history. It’s, therefore, easy to plan out activities for each day you’ll be traveling and still not run out of things to do.


This list of endless possibilities often overwhelms many travelers, making them cram as many things into their days as possible. As already discussed, this can lead to exhaustion and frustration.


It’s important to plan out some things, but it’s just as important to leave room for unexpected opportunities. It would be a good idea to leave at least one day entirely unplanned for.


Once you get there, you can have that additional time to be spontaneous. You can wait until that day to make plans or choose to wander around for the entire time, looking for different activities to do.


Stay Spontaneous During Travel


 Using apps to remain spontaneous


Making travel decisions on the fly may seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re quite the control freak. Don’t worry, though. There are ways to make spur-of-the-moment decisions with completely letting go.


Namely, using travel and map apps will allow you to remain spontaneous while visiting different places without feeling completely lost and out of control.


For example, by searching for “coffee houses near me,” you’ll find decent places to have breakfast without having to plan three days in advance.


Allocating unplanned time and taking advantage of travel technology will make it easier for you to relinquish some control and enjoy the moment.  Now, go be more spontaneous during travel.


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