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Top 7 Destinations For A Magical Honeymoon

Now that you’ve made it official, maybe it’s time for you and your spouse to relax and unwind on an enchanting honeymoon.


Whether you’re a couple wanting to experience unearthly architecture and exotic cuisines or explore superb destinations, such as some of the world’s most incredible beaches, this article has got you covered.


Planning your entire wedding can be exciting, but it may have also caused you some stress. If that’s the case, your honeymoon will probably be your first chance to spend some intimate time with your spouse. 


An excellent honeymoon trip should be relaxing and calming while satisfying your needs, wants, and style. However, incorporating everything you want into a single trip can be overwhelming.


Thus, your honeymoon may not be as enjoyable and relaxing as it should be.


When planning a fantastic honeymoon, it’s best to consider what’s on your bucket list. What’s your dream vacation like? Is it relaxing by the poolside, hiking, or a gastronomic adventure?


If you don’t have any ideas about where and how to spend your honeymoon, you’re on the right page. 


In this article, you’ll discover some of the world’s most romantic and visually stunning destinations for a magical honeymoon.


Top 7 Destinations for an Enchanting Honeymoon


Fiji is a tiny island nation in the South Pacific. This spectacular island is home to magnificent coral reefs, pristine beaches lined with coconut palms, lush green hills, and sparkling waters.


That’s why many people consider Fiji a tropical paradise, perfect for the honeymoon of a lifetime.


If you’ve set your heart to visiting Fiji, book your accommodation at Plantation Island Fiji. Plantation Island is one of the best resorts in Fiji, perfect for newlyweds.


It has everything you can ask for, from relaxing amenities to thrilling adventures. 


Also, it’s surrounded by a stunning blue lagoon, and you’ll immediately realize why it’s one of the best islands in the South Pacific. Aside from Plantation Island, another must-visit site is the tranquil and remote Mamanuca Islands.



Greece’s otherworldly cuisine, exceptional beauty, and rich history make it one of the ultimate destinations to spend your honeymoon.


Start your Greek honeymoon trip at Santorini and appreciate its postcard-perfect beauty across the cerulean seas and stunning white walls.


Then, hang out at Andronis and relax in its cave-like pools, where you can have a great view of Greece’s crater bay. After that, explore the town and discover the fresh catch of the day to taste the best of Greek cuisine.


Don’t forget to take your lunch in one of the island’s local tavernas.


Also, don’t forget to sail across the mesmerizing beauty of the island of Sifnos and spend a few nights at Elies Resort, one of the best-kept secrets in Greece.



Are you planning to visit Latin America? Then, you should head out to Colombia and experience the lively Cartagena and the great Llanos Orientales.


Colombia is a romantic place with energetic nightlife, fresh catches of the day, and countless wellness offerings. You may start with a trip to the old city of Cartagena, where you can discover the beauty of its pastel buildings and the distinct flavor of its hearty cuisine. 


If you want to taste the freshest fish dishes in Cartagena, reserve a table for two at El Boliche Cebicheria. After that, take an afternoon stroll across the charming streets and experience the city’s historical colonial past.


Then, take a deep rest at Casa San Agustin, one of the most luxurious hotels in the area. And while in Cartagena, dine in at Carmen and taste the goodness of rum in La Cevecheria.


Puglia, Italy

Puglia is one of the few places that can be described in one word: perfection. Housing some of the best and finest beaches, this Italian diamond is ideal for long honeymoons.


Long after the honeymoon, you won’t quite forget Puglia’s picturesque beauty.


Start your journey at the mesmerizing luxurious resort, Borgo Egnazia. It’s surrounded by olive groves, jasmine, and bougainvillea, perfectly capturing the exquisite beauty of the region.


In addition, it resembles a traditional Italian village that’ll make you experience the Italy of the past and its charmingly quaint view of the Adriatic Sea.


Then, be sure to check out the town of Alberobello for a quick trip to the past with its whitewashed stone houses and scenic Trulli buildings.


Before you leave the region, don’t forget to grab a table at Lido Bosco Verde for fresh and succulent local produce and delectable pasta, showcasing the best of Mediterranean cuisine.



The Maldives is a secret gem located in the southwest of Sri Lanka. With its white sand and crystal-clear waters, the tiny island nation houses some of the world’s most Elysian and visually striking islands, making it an ideal honeymoon spot for beach-loving newlyweds.


Not to mention its idyllic sunset views that’ll surely take your breath away. 


Of course, every island nation comes with a private oasis you’ve always dreamed of, and for the Maldives, it’s the all-time tourist favorite, the Soneva Fushi.


It’s a luxurious island resort that offers a private butler to serve you everything you need during your stay.


New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country in the southwest of Australia that is well-loved by active honeymooners, self-proclaimed photographers, nature lovers, and many more.


Here, you’ll be able to savor the rich beauty of mirror-smooth lagoons, emerald-green mountains, mesmerizing farmlands, and snowy plateaus.


In addition, New Zealand is home to a wide range of outdoor adventures and sports, perfect for couples who want to experience the great outdoors.


It may look daring to most people, but it’s also a perfect place where you can sit back and relax with a good glass of wine paired with some freshly caught oysters.


Also, don’t forget to explore the neighborhood restaurants and cozy cafés at Queenstown. If you’re up to it, you might want to try the scenic walking trails in Canterbury.


If you think the Canterbury countryside is a rustic gem, wait until you see Ahuriri Valley’s idyllic beauty and blissful solitude. 


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is the epitome of bucolic beauty. It’s one of those destinations best suited for every type of couple. This place has an unearthly and ethereal feeling that most locals can’t get enough of.


Perhaps it’s the reason they call it Neverland.


Where to stay? You may try to book your accommodation at Amangani. It evokes tranquility and refined luxury, perfect for honeymooners who want to experience good relaxation.


And don’t forget to check out its outdoor activities, such as fly fishing, heli-skiing and dog-sledding (during the winter), and water rafting.


Final Words

Honeymoons should be no less than magical, the trip of a lifetime. After all, it’s the only time when you can free yourself from all the stress and spend some quality time with your one true love. 


When you plan your honeymoon trip, give it all you’ve got. But don’t saturate it, or you might be overwhelmed. 


To begin, create a honeymoon bucket list that includes any of the top destinations above. And don’t forget to appreciate everything in the area, from picturesque views to mouthwatering local cuisine.


Only then will you be able to enjoy a romantic vacation with your other half.

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