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Top 10 Things to Do in Napa Valley (Wine Included!)

Napa Valley is popular as the Wine Capital of the United States. This is the second most visited tourist spot in California. Many assume that there is nothing much apart from tasting wines and visiting wineries.


Surprisingly, this place has a lot more to offer than wines. Napa Valley has incredible landscapes and outstanding cities. You can enjoy quality time with your friends, family, and children.


There are so many activities that do not involve alcohol at all, only if you know about them.


So, here we are letting you know about some of the amazing places and things you need to know to enjoy your Napa Valley experience to the fullest.


If you want to enjoy Napa Valley to the fullest, make sure to plan ahead. Apart from planning your stay, transportation, and other essentials, you should also list out the places you want to be and try organizing a timeline for your visit.


So, without any further ado, let’s check the ten places and activities that you can enjoy in Napa Valley.

napa valley

10 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Your Stay in Napa Valley

Experience the Numerous Wineries

We know that doing wine tasting is an obvious one, but you cannot skip visiting wineries and enjoying some wine while you are in the wine country of the US.


If you are a wine lover, you do not want to miss out on this experience.


There are over 500 wineries in Napa Valley. You can enjoy the vineyards, see the winemaking process, participate in it, and enjoy a wine tasting of some of the finest wines.


You can opt for the wine tours. The tour includes visiting some of the best wineries as well as tasting. Apart from enjoying wines, you can also make a quick trip to the Bay Area.

napa valley

Enjoy Olive Oil Tasting

Apart from wine tasting, you can also go for olive oil tasting. You will find the state’s best olive oils there. There are several companies that make olive oil in the Napa Valley.


You can visit the olive oil press to experience the process of making olive oil. The olives are grown locally, and you will surely enjoy the authenticity of the oils.


They taste amazing. Moreover, you might also get to taste samples of other food products.

napa valley

Experience the Wildlife of Safari West

In Napa Valley, you can have an amazing time on the Safari. You can hop on an open-air jeep and enjoy the wildlife from up close. This activity is a must if you are traveling with children as they will love it.


There is a 400-acre Safari West in Napa Valley. You will be able to observe more than 900 animals, including some unique ones. There are about 90 unique species in the Safari West. You can see giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, and so on.

napa valley

Relax in Indian Springs Mineral Water

Whether you are jet-lagged or tired after a massive Wild West road trip, you can spend some relaxing time at the Indian Springs Resort and Spa. This famous hotel in Napa Valley provides a soothing experience to get rid of tiredness.


You must check out this place if you want to pamper yourself. You can detox yourself in the mineral springs and enjoy a soothing experience. You can also relieve soreness by getting some massages.

napa valley

Relish Some Contemporary Art

If you visit Napa Valley, we suggest you visit the Di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art as well. You get to witness some amazing art pieces there.


Some artworks are by famous modern artists such as Joan Brown, Robert Arneson, and Judy Dater.


Besides the artwork, the entire place is pleasant to spend some time in. There are multiple galleries and a sculpture park.


Moreover, the art center is located on 217 acres of land, including a 35-acre lake. You will surely enjoy the landscape along with the arts in this place.

napa valley

Roam Around a Historic Castle

Castello Di Amorosa is a must-visit tourist attraction in Napa Valley. This medieval-style Tuscan castle winery is sure to keep your mesmerized. This antique brick and stone structure is enriched with history and legacy.


The castle has 107 rooms in total, including five towers, a small chapel, and a torture chamber. You will get the royal vibe from this castle.


The large dining halls, beautiful courtyards, and outstanding architecture will surely take your breath away.

napa valley

Spend Time at the Bothe-Napa Valley Park

Another mind-blowing place to visit in Napa Valley is the Bothe-Napa Valley, State Park. This place is like a dream destination for adventure lovers.


This place lets you have camping, picnic, hiking, and also swimming experiences. You can inhale the fresh air in the redwood forests.


Furthermore, you will certainly be mesmerized by the trails too. You can take the trails to enjoy hiking and discover the beauty of the place. Make sure to pack some snacks and you can just enjoy idly when you rest under the trees.

napa valley

Cherish a Ride in a Gondola

A unique thing you can do is to enjoy a ride in a Gondola. You can roam around the parts of Napa Valley that are hard to visit otherwise.


The experience of riding authentic Venetian gondolas in the valleys of California is simply unparalleled in every sense.


You can enjoy the ride with your friends and family. The gondolas can have up to 6 people in one. The ride feels calming in some ways and leaves you feeling energized. You can spend quite some time on the ride.

napa valley

Enjoy the Wine Train Ride

The wine train ride is probably the best ride you can have to tour around the wine country. The tracks are in some of the most scenic places in Napa. It takes you through the vineyards, agricultural lands, and industrial areas.


This three-hour trip starts from Napa, travels through Oak Knoll, Yountville, Oakville, and Rutherford, and returns to Napa.


Even if you are on a short vacation, you can take this train ride to enjoy to the fullest and absorb the essence of Napa Valley within a short time.


While enjoying the ride through the mind-blowing landscapes of the wine country, you can also taste the unique cuisine. You can enjoy some exclusive meals on the train.

napa valley

Enjoy the Outdoors in Oak Shores

The Oak Shores Day Area is a unique place where you can pay a visit. You can enjoy nature as well as have fun with your loved ones. The main attraction of this place is Lake Berryessa.


You can enjoy swimming, wakeboarding, canoeing, jet-skiing, fly fishing, and much more water sports or activities. Moreover, you can just sit down and breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the view for a while.


If you are lucky enough, you might witness the inverted fountain of California where the water goes downwards from the lake. It is quite a unique sight.

napa valley

To Sum Up

Hopefully, we have shared some amazing things and places you didn’t know about Napa Valley.


So, when you plan on visiting this amazing place, make sure to visit and participate in some of the activities among the 10 that we have shared.


We hope you find them as enjoyable as we did and have a great time in Napa Valley! 

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