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cheap vs expensive hair products

Cheap vs Expensive Hair Products – Consider These 5 Things

Comparing cheap vs expensive hair products and choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. It’s a personal choice as everyone is different and the perfect product for you is not necessarily the same as the one for your best friend or family member.


When identifying the right product between cheap vs expensive hair products, you need to look at the price of each one and compare. There can be a significant difference and it may be difficult to know which is really best for your hair.


This is often compounded further when you visit your hairdresser and they want to know what product you have been using. Most hairdressers will recommend products, these are likely to be the ones they stock and are usually at the higher end of the market.


So, how DO you choose between cheap vs expensive hair products? Well, it boils down to a few important factors; Ingredients, protection, brand, preference, your hair type, what type of damage your hair gets from styling with heat, and the product’s function.


Keep reading to learn more about how to decide between cheap vs expensive hair products.


cheap vs expensive hair products


How to Choose Between Cheap vs Expensive Hair Products

The Ingredients Are Critical


When it comes to choosing between cheap vs expensive hair products, cheaper hair products, such as those found in your local drug store, contain the same high-quality ingredients that expensive products incorporate.


However, the cheaper brand is likely to have a very small amount of these ingredients.


The rest of the mix will be harsher chemicals. These are likely to strip the protective layer from your hair and potentially damage it. Of course, these cheaper brands will feel great and still make your hair look good until you notice the damage.


The bottom line is when it comes to choosing between cheap vs expensive hair products, you need to look at the ingredients first. The cost is irrelevant when you’re looking for natural ingredients that won’t damage your hair.


Unfortunately, in most instances, the ones with natural ingredients are the more expensive options. Higher priced shampoos and hair products have higher-quality ingredients that make a difference. That’s what you’re paying for.


Protection Offered


The best products, such as those offered by ghd, are designed to help you create the perfect style for any occasion. That means you have quality tools that are designed to apply just enough heat, minimizing any damage caused.


This is complemented with the right solutions that offer the best protection for your hair, helping to ensure it doesn’t become damaged when being styled every day.


In this instance, higher-priced products tend to be the better option. They are higher-priced because they are made by well-known brands.


It is this fame that ensures these brands have the funds they need to undertake detailed research. In effect, the higher price isn’t just for the brand name, you’re helping to fund research that will keep improving the products they have on offer.


Interestingly, this research is one of the main reasons for higher prices. It takes money to research and to build a reputation for quality. Once this has been established hair care professionals will use the product and will recommend it to you.


Although these products are more expensive, there is little doubt they are worth it.


Personal Preference


If you’re trying to decide between cheap vs expensive hair products then you’re going to need to sample some of them. It is the best way of seeing how the products react to your hair and scalp and whether you like them or not.


You’ll want to test them out yourself, do not rely on what your friends or even what your stylist tells you. Their advice can be viewed as recommendations to try specific items.


Once you have selected a few try them out on different days and assess how your hair looks and feels. It will help you to choose the right product for you, regardless of whether it is higher-priced or not.


cheap vs expensive hair products


Know the Product


Cheaper shampoos and conditioners tend to use more chemicals and small amounts of high-quality ingredients. Whether you prefer cheap vs expensive hair products is a matter of personal preference.


But, if you use hair dyes it is important to note that cheaper products tend to use ammonia and this can be damaging to your hair. It is better to choose a more expensive ammonia-free product.


Always Consider Hair Type & Texture


Perhaps the most important part of deciding between cheap vs expensive hair products is to look at your hair type and what the product is designed for. If you have thick hair you need to use a product designed to penetrate your thick hair and still leave your hair looking and feeling great.


Identify the type of hair you have before you choose your hair product and you’ll find it easier to get the right one.


The Bottom Line


Choosing between cheap vs expensive hair products is hard but you should note that most of the time the more expensive product is the better option. It will have been better researched and is less likely to damage your hair.


You simply need to choose a brand that you know and trust, in this instance reputation is important. It’s acceptable to try a variety of options before making your decision!


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