The Best Travel Hair Dryers in the UK

If you’re traveling to the UK then you need to know what the best travel hair dryers in the UK are. Having a suitable travel hair dryer is one of the essentials of traveling, especially for me with my long unmanageable hair.


This kind of hairdryer tends to save your trip and will create a fantastic blowout in a matter of minutes. You don’t want to ruin your trip just because your hair was in the way.


The following is a list of the best travel hair dryers in the UK. Adding these easy to pack and carry hair dryers to your list would make your trip worthy of being captured as well as enjoyable. I mean, who wants to be in London with bad hair?


The Best Travel Hair Dryers in the UK

GHD Dual Voltage Flight Travel Hairdryer


The GHD Duel Voltage Flight travel hair dryer was voted the best amongst all the following due to these reasons: It consisted of a practical case that was used to ensure the safe storage of the dryer while it was being carried.


s l1600


The size of the dryer tends to be really compact; hence it is easy to move around. It has a combination of a stylish design as well as advanced shaping. Its performance proved to be impressive, and hence, this model from GHD proves to be the best travel hair dryer UK. 


Its power is 1200 W, and mode is set to 2 heats, and speed settings and a smoothing concentrator are attached to it. And, it has a two-year warranty.


Remington D1500 Dual Voltage 2000W Compact Travel Hairdryer


The Remington D1500 travel dryer consists of a diffuser nozzle, which will help your hair get both lights waved as well as curly locks. It also tends to provide a scalp massage that improves blood flow. However, the switch on the hairdryer is located at an unusual and uncomfortable place on it.


s l1600


Hence you’ll have to reach for it to change the speed. It has a stellar motor yielding 2000 W of power, and hence, you’ll be able to create your favorite hairstyles in no time.


BaByliss 5344U Travel Dual Voltage Hairdryer


The BaByliss 5344U travel dryer tends to be quite. Hence it would be of great use when you don’t want to wake someone up. It has two speeds, and the heat settings aren’t that different.


s l1600


This portable dryer has most of the functions which you’d want a hairdryer to have during the time of travel. It has a dual voltage, hence is compatible with the outlets, and has extremely compact directions too.


It isn’t too expensive, and the handle can be folded to fit it better in the suitcase.


Tresemme 2000 Smooth Dual Voltage Dryer


The Tresemme 2000 travel dryer doesn’t only have a smooth concentrator, but also comes with a paddle brush. The drying process is pretty easy and faster than normal. It avoids the tangled hair mess and also has bristles that tend to give a relaxing effect.


best travel hair dryers in the UK


However, it doesn’t consist of a loop for hang-up storage. This dryer is good for home, but the overheating technology in it tends to allow long usage. The price is affordable. 


Red Hot 37070 Professional Style Compact 1200W Travel Dryer


The Red Hot 37070 Pro Style Compact travel dryer has a voltage of 110 to 240 volts, due to which it is usable in any country. You would need a suitable plug adapter with it, though. It has a smoothing concentrator, which is hard to remove at first.


best travel hair dryers in the UK


Low power consumption is a plus point for sure, as well as it the fact that it makes thick and long hair dry within minutes too. It also has a long cord, which makes it easier to be used. 


You’re going on a fabulous trip! You want to look great in your photos. Having a travel hair dryer is everything. It’s perfect for holding a style, quick fixes and of course being compact. The above are the best travel hair dryers in the UK. So be sure to pick one before you go!

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