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How to Choose the Right Gift for Anyone In Your Family

Many of us are just beginning to get back to our usual holiday traditions of gathering with friends and family. As a result, holiday shopping seems to be in full force. As such, you may be wondering how to choose the right gift for the friends and family members on your list. 


Of course, gift-giving doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. It just means you should put some thought into the gifts you give. So, we came up with practical tips to help you choose the right gift for just about anyone this year. 


This guide will help you can take the stress out of shopping so you can focus on the gathering!


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How to Choose the Right Gift for Just About Anyone


Don’t waste your time or money. Read through this guide so you can be sure to choose the right gift no matter who you’re gifting this holiday season.


Gifts for Newborns & Babies 


Finding the right gift for newborns and babies is always fun because you can purchase items that will be soft and snuggly to keep them comfortable and loved. A great route to go for little ones in this age range is something of heirloom quality.


Consider gifting something like a silver baby cup, a silver spoon with their name engraved on it, or even a silver rattle. If you’re a knitter, you could even knit them an heirloom blanket.


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Gifts For Children Under Five 


It’s usually not that hard to choose the right gift for young kids. Children under five are developing their speech and fine motor skills at a rapid pace. So, instead of shopping for the latest and newest “must-have” toys this year, the right gift should nourish their brains and imagination.


If you’re a parent, you already know that those “hot” toys of the season typically get discarded after a week or two and donated to Goodwill within the year. 


Great gifts for children in this age group include Legos, wooden building blocks, foam, or magnetic letter sets. You can never go wrong with a fresh set of markers (they even make markers that won’t dry out for over a week without their caps).


Anything art-related is a great gift idea for children in this age range, as well as musical – make sure you keep the parent’s preferences in mind when giving musical gifts. 


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Gifts for Children Between Five & Twelve (Tweens)


Choosing the right gift for tweens can be a bit of a challenge. This is the age at which they are too old for toddler toys and are often more interested in the way things work, feel, and taste. There is also a heavy interest in technology, gaming, and STEM.


If you’ve got tweens on your list, it’s essential to give them gifts that will encourage their love of learning. There are tons of STEM toys on the market these days that get their imagination and their logic working.


If you want to go the minimalist route with your gifting, consider giving “experience” gifts to children in this age range. Something along the lines of a membership to a local zoo, rock climbing arena – you get the idea.


Children also love reading, so what better way to encourage a healthy habit like reading than buying them a box set of classic novels for their age range. Getting them hooked on a series means they’ll keep reading beyond just the first book.


Additionally, you could introduce them to styles like Choose Your Own Adventure that you enjoyed when you were younger. 


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Gifts for Teens


When it comes to finding the right gift for teens, cash is king! You can get creative if you want and try to find the perfect gift, but cash is always the perfect color – it goes with everything.


Teenagers have tons of extracurriculars they’re involved in, not to mention hanging with friends – which requires money. From sports to gadgets, cash is a great way to get them what they need to succeed.


Save yourself the shopping headache and give cash in their cards. 


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Gifts For Her 


This year, if you want to spoil a woman in your life, consider getting her something you know she’s been lusting after, whether it’s a strand of pearls, a Longchamp bag, or diamond stud earrings. You know she’s worth it, and gifts like this never go out of style.


Not to mention, she’s sure to cherish them for the rest of her life and probably pass them down to loved ones of her own. You can also give them lavish experience gifts like certificates to spas or for other services they may not typically splurge on for themselves. 


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Gifts For Him 


Finding the right gift for him is probably one of the most difficult quests of all the names on any holiday shopping list, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the best gifts to give is something as simple as a subscription.


Gift him a subscription to a service you know he would utilize. Whiskey drinker? There’s a monthly delivery for that. Any drink or food subscription is a great gift idea.


You can give the gift of experiences in the forms mentioned above (who doesn’t love a spa day) or other forms like a skydiving experience or a romantic getaway for the two of you if he’s your partner. 


Final Thoughts


Shopping for the right gift is one area of the holidays that can quickly overwhelm even the calmest of people and cause undue stress in a time of year when you’re supposed to be relaxing and making memories. Utilizing the above guide can take a massive weight off your shoulders and give you time back that could be better spent enjoying the magic of the season. Happy shopping and happy holidays! 

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