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Gift Guide for Tweens, Gift Ideas for Tweens

40 Gift Ideas for Tweens So You Can Nail it for Any Occasion

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Getting gift ideas for tweens can be a challenge. Gift shopping for my son was so much easier when he was a toddler and a little boy. Pretty much anything that made cool sounds, lit up and roared won him over. Now, he’s very picky about what he plays with, and wasting money is not my favorite past time.


With my son just weeks away from 10 years old, I’m finding that shopping for him must be well thought out. Over the last few weeks, as the publicist pitches for placement into my gift guides rolled in for the holiday season, I came upon a few items that really struck me for my kiddo. 


And of course, as I shopped on Amazon for items for both his birthday and the holidays, I made a list of all the things he would be into. Naturally, I wanted to share that list with you so hopefully, it could take some of the guesswork out of what 10-year-old kids are into these days.


Gift Guide for Tweens, Gift Ideas for Tweens


Gift Ideas for Tweens


Now, this list of gift ideas for tweens is mostly made for boys, but there are a lot of unisex items in here as well. It contains four main sections; For the Gamer Kids, For the Science Loving STEM Kids, and Just for Fun.

I’ll be adding to this list as I come across cool finds on Amazon, so save this and be sure to check back so you can nail it for your tween’s birthday and holiday gifts.

For the Gamer Kids

It’s no secret, Fortnite is the highlight of most tween’s gaming life right now. And if you took a moment to check it out you would see why. With gorgeous graphics, fun characters, and groovy dances, there are a lot of reasons kids are going bananas over this gaming trend.

Here you’ll gift ideas for tweens like Fortnite goodies and accessories for Xbox and PlayStation gamers.

PlayStation gamers

You can’t go wrong with a Fortnite HoodieUNDER $50


gocustomized sweaterI am obsessed with customizing gifts like this Fortnite Skull Trooper customized sweatshirt from


custom case

So my son has his own phone, so I had this custom S7 Galaxy case made for him with the Fortnite Skull Trooper artwork on it. You can also make your own phone case at



This stylish leather jacket from USA jackets is a perfect tween gift for boys and can be worn with just about any look.



Gaming Guide


Get your Fortnite Gamer this Ultimate Gaming Guide and they will be forever grateful. UNDER $10


Fortnite Socks

These Fortnite Socks say it all, and they come in packs of 3! UNDER $15


61Rvz5ust9L. SL1500

I don’t know about your tweens, but mine is obsessed with wearing sunglasses. He loves these J + S Aviators and they are priced right at $17 But if you USE THIS CODE you’ll get 20% off! Code: JSVHNUNI


61iGZFNPktL. SL1024We all love sitting down and playing a good board game, so why not get the Fortnite Monopoly Game for your tween? UNDER $20

81CuQv9y5EL. SL150071yWmD1zUoL. SL1001

This game, Exit the Game, the Sinister Mansion is a series of escape room games for the home. Players must solve riddles and puzzles and crack codes to escape from an imaginary room or environment. Also, check out The Abandoned Cabin.


91WNu7PBzWL. AC SL1500

This might be one of the coolest racing games I’ve ever seen with over 1,800 miles of races in varying landscapes, 250 races, and more than 50 licensed cars from the world’s most famous brands. And, you can customize them! You can play with friends, recruit drivers, and take on rivals all over the world. Get Gear Club Unlimited 2 on the Nintendo Switch now!



71oCl4WzzwL. AC

The Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle Gaming Console might be one of the coolest deals out right now. It comes with 1,000 V-Bucks which are used as in-game currency (and you will soon find out kids will sell anything to get money for). We have a Switch and I absolutely love it. You can play on the screen or on the handheld device. UNDER $400





For those of you who have tweens that play Fortnite on their phones, this is a great mobile device game controller for playing. UNDER $10



818zbXbUUQL. AC


This cool add-on steering wheel for Xbox controllers brings gameplay to another level. UNDER $20



71HJUbJh3aL. SX679

Now your tween can charge their PlayStation controllers with this LED charging towerUNDER $20



61uvz9buboL. AC

This light up charging tower for Xbox controllers will keep your tween’s gaming space organized. UNDER $25



For those tweens who prefer computer gaming, this ultimate computer gaming desk. UNDER $100

71vlpAUpi6L. SX522

Make sure your tweens are protecting their eyes from blue light with these tech smart non-RX blue light reflective glasses. This is one of my favorite gift ideas for tweens because they look sharp and are practical. UNDER $25 GET A 20% DISCOUNT WITH THIS CODE: JSVHNUNI

81p%2BXXsPTML. SL1500

Your tween will be able to protect their expensive gaming laptop and controllers with this DELL Lightweight, water-resistant gaming backpack. $UNDER 50

81YwAurNrvL. SL1500

Every gamer needs a good gaming headset like the HyperX Cloud II 7.1 surround sound which works for all gaming and computer consoles. UNDER $100


For the Science-Loving STEM Kids

91AyPW8QV4L. SL1500

Your science geek tween will be occupied for hours with this Chemistry Lab Pad complete with 12+ real experiments, over 50 quality science tools including write on/wipe off checklists, and a lap pad to keep everything clean and organized. UNDER $40




 817VYb1TsjL. SL1500

Kids love geodes! With this National Geographic Geode Kit, they can break open 10 quality geodes for their coveted rock collection. UNDER $25




For the tween who loves biology and bones, this hand2mind Biology Science Kit contains 10 STEM activities and teaches how to identify animal bones by dissecting owl pellets. This is another one of my favorite gift ideas for tweens because it encourages exploration. UNDER $25



61FezK54YrL. SL1100

If your kiddo is just starting out with stargazing then this is the perfect beginner’s telescope for them with 60mm aperture/700mm lense It also comes with a tripod and 10mm eyepiece smartphone adapter. UNDER $110






If your kid loves sparkly rocks as much as mine, then they’ll love digging up these 15 real gemsUNDER $30





916DI38LQhL. SL1500

A love for geodes and gems does not have to end with staying indoors. Now kids can grow their own crystals with this National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab which grows 8 crystals and includes a light-up display base for all the ooos and ahhhhs you could want from your tween. UNDER $40






81t0WWG WHL. SL1500

If you hand your kiddo something that makes things blow up, you’re instantly nailing it. INSTANTLY. This Boom Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit contains 25+ STEM experiments – DIY rockets, helium balloons, fizzy bombs, color explosions and more with fun chemical reactions! UNDER $35



81RWafjcVAL. SL1500

Your science geek will love this My First Lab Mini-Duo Scope Entry Level STEM Microscope which comes with an accessory kit and dual LED illumination. UNDER $30




818 eLy6yML. SL1500

More STEM fun with this ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game and STEM toy. UNDER $30



919ZScIl3aL. SL1500

Kids who love engineering and mechanics will no doubt love this STEM Mechanics Kit of levers, linkages, and structures. UNDER $35




 This Circuits Games & Gadgets Electronics Lab will get your STEM loving tween in the robotics mood for sure! Plus, they can invent their own ideas with these games and gadgets allowing for unlimited projects. UNDER $30





Does your tween want to be a programmer? Then this ThinkFun Code Master Programming Logic Game and STEM toy is a great place to start. It teaches programming skills through fun gameplay. UNDER $25


tween gifts, dash robot

We love our Dash Robot! This is a toy that kids can grow up with and learn robotics at the same time! UNDER $150


tween gifts, dot creativity kit

The Dot Creativity Kit works with Dash to combine DIY projects and hundreds of coding challenges. UNDER $80



61DWA02m8LL. SX385 BO1,204,203,200

Curious minds want to know how things work all the time. Now they can find out with this awesome book, How Things Work: Inside Out. Discover secrets and science behind trick candles, 3D printers, penguin propulsions, and everything in between. UNDER $15



Wow your tween with this OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit! They will totally flip out building this hydro-mechanical robotic arm for their mad science lab. It can be enabled to vacuum lift objects with 6 axes of movement. The gripper opens to 1.89″, has wrist rotation of 180 degrees, wrist mobility of 80 degrees, elbow range of 44 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees and shoulder motion of 45 degrees. UNDER $35




81jfJa7ztUL. SL1500

What do you get when you pair LEGO + Robots? One happy tween that’s what! This super epic Educational LEGO Robot Toolbox is a fun Building, learning, and programming coding kit for kids. Comes with 847 pieces that can be built and rebuilt into 5 cool multifunctional models, so your kid will be busy for a while with this one. Construct and code Vernie the Robot to dance, rock out on the Guitar4000, foster Frankie the Cat, interact with the Autobuilder, or explore a new discovery with the M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4). The IQ-boosting activities are endless! Vernie the Robot stands over 10″ (27cm) tall, Guitar4000 over 1” (5cm) high, 16” (42cm) long and 5” (15cm) wide, Frankie the Cat over 6” (17cm) tall, AutoBuilder over 10” (27cm) high, M.T.R.4 over 4” (12cm) high, 9” (23cm) long and 5” (14cm) wide.


A tablet or mobile phone is required, but not included. Compatible with selected iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows 10 devices with BLE 4.1 and newer. Compatible with select mobile devices. Kids can combine their kit with LEGO City 60194 Arctic Scout Truck or LEGO NINJAGO 70652 Stormbringer and use the LEGO BOOST app to control their own original electronic creations. UNDER $160




Just for Fun


smART Sketcher, gifts for tweens

The smART sketcher Projector is a fun and easy way to learn how to draw and sketch by projecting an image so that it can be traced. Images can be downloaded from any mobile device via Bluetooth by using the smART sketcher Projector app.


Your tween can make use of preloaded images, download images already on your device, or practice taking pictures of things they want to sketch. UNDER $60



Smart Pixelator, toys for tweens

This super cool smART Pixelator uses pixels and light-focused technology to encourage steam learning and creativity


The smART Pixelator empowers kids to pixelate any design and build 2D and 3D projects using Bluetooth connectivity. Its easy-to-follow lights and a variety of creative tools will bring your tween hours of fun. UNDER $45




71JEyOuK6UL. SL1001

Kids love RC cars like this DOUBLE E 1:12 RC Monster Truck 4WD with dual motors. Comes with a rechargeable off-road remote. UNDER $55




71YD5dvU mL. SL1500

Drones are the next big thing, and not just for filmmakers and photographers. Kids love checking out what’s happening from up above and now they can with this Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Quadcopter Drone complete with an HS100 camera for live video.


It has a GPS so it always returns home and an adjustable wide-angle 720P HD WiFi camera. UNDER $250


61MBVJOf9HL. SL1240


Slime, slime and more slime. Tweens love this stuff! This 12 pack of glow in the dark slime is sure to make your tween smile hard. UNDER $1591XIne37vYL. SX679

Science + candy = winning. This Edible Candy Food Science Chemistry Kit contains a 56-page lab guide, 27+ tools and ingredients, and 40 experiments.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t see my kid for a month if he had this thing. Which is exactly why he’s getting one! This is another one of my favorite gift ideas for tweens because I can’t imagine a kid NOT loving this. UNDER $40

91RJHtvpJyL. SL1500

More board games to keep the kiddos entertained! Iquazu really stood out to me because of how much my son loves Avatar. Evil Rhujas roaming the land want to capture the gemstones of the Inox.

That’s why the Inox has selected the hardest to reach and the most dangerous place to hide their gemstones.

Which player will manage to use their cards skillfully and place their colored gemstones in the best spots? Win the game by scoring points in the interim scoring round with majorities and good spots, and never lose sight of the bonus scoring rounds. UNDER $40

91Su6jnibOL. SL1500

Spoiler alert, your kid doesn’t want to play Candyland anymore. It’s time to step up game night with Stupid Deaths, a frightfully funny game that’s great for the family with a dark sense of humor.

Beat the Grim Reaper before he beats you. Read ridiculous counts of death and sort fact from fiction. UNDER $20

91fts OIQyL. SL1500

If your kid loves LEGO and wants to move beyond building the 8-year-old stuff, this expert building Model Ship in a Bottle building kit will keep them busy for a while. With 962 pieces, both adults and tweens are sure to enjoy it. UNDER $60

61Tv%2B9zS%2BtL. SL1000

The new 2018 upgraded COWIN E7 PRO noise canceling/Bluetooth headphones come with a microphone Hi-Fi deep bass with over 30 hours of playtime so your tween can zone out and listen to music, chat, and chill. UNDER $95classic aviators, tween gift gfuideMy son is super into cool shades now. You’d be amazed as to how far a cool looking pair of sunglasses like these classic aviators, will take you during the holidays. UNDER $20

81WdqKHLeiL. SL1500

These LED bike wheel lights with batteries included come in 7 different colors. These are both fun and safe for your kids as they are riding their bikes home when the street lights come on. UNDER $15

71iHBnIzW7L. SL1283

This isn’t your 1980’s Snoopy snow cone maker, the Snowie Snow Cone Maker is a beast! This thing is making the real deal! My son has been asking for a snow cone maker for no less than 3 summers now.

He’s been dying to sell snow cones and now he can. Not only is it fun to make snow cones, but it’s great entrepreneurial training when you make something and sell it all on your own.

A favorite gift idea for tweens, this is a great gift for any kid and will prove to be the gift that keeps on giving for the whole family. UNDER $220

The world is a magical place, and teaching your kids to explore it from their homes is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. That’s why I love the Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe which allows kids to travel the globe and discover the fascinating world of geography, animals, and nature.

Over 1,000 facts about animals and nature, countries and cities, continents and oceans on a 12” Globe featuring dual-swivel action and smart stylus pen with built-in speaker.

Touch the pen to the globe to measure distances, hear cool facts, and explore. I absolutely love this concept which is why it’s one of my favorite gift ideas for tweens. UNDER $110

The Magic of Unicorns, Tween gift guide

The Fieldguide to Fabulous Creatures, The Magic of Unicorns by Gina L. Grandi is a gorgeous book for any tween girl who loves unicorns and all things magical.

In this picture book readers will discover all they need to know about unicorns: their habits, powers, magical (and not so magical) relatives, where they live, their adventures, and how they can find one today.  

kids piano keyboard

There’s no greater gift than that of music. If your tween loves music, they will love this beginner’s piano keyboard for kids! It’s designed for little fingers so they can make music easily!  

In Closing

Boys and girls between 8-12 are going to absolutely love everything on this ‘gift ideas for tweens’ list.

This is the time to nurture what they love the most whether it’s gaming, science, robotics, programming, or just plain fun, gift them with something that speaks to them, something that will keep them entertained for hours, or something that you and them can enjoy as a family.

These tween gifts are good any time of year, which is why this tween gift guide is so helpful for birthdays and holidays. Be sure to check back as I add more items and happy shopping!

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