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5 Practical Tips for a First Time Couple’s Vacation

Traveling with your partner is unlike any other form of travel. A first time couple’s vacation can make or break a new romance. It can be simultaneously the best thing you’ve ever done and a risky move when the relationship is new.


A first trip together is very exciting, wherever you are going. It can be particularly exciting and nerve-wracking if you are going abroad. It is very different going alone than it is with someone close to you.


You share both the glories and the obstacles. Still, it can be very rewarding. 


If you plan ahead and keep in mind that you will need to both give each other space and communicate during the trip, you will be able to make your first time couple’s vacation one of the best adventures of your life.


Read the following practical tips for surviving your first time couple’s vacation.


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How to Survive Your First Time Couple’s Vacation


Assuming you’re certain that you’re relationship is ready for travel, traveling with your significant other can be the best memory of your life. Wherever you are going, whether the destination is domestic or abroad, following these simple tips will make the trip one to remember.


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Communicate About Desires


When it comes to a first time couple’s vacation with someone, it is very important to talk about what each person wants to do while you’re gone. Your interests and priorities may differ.


Inevitably you will want to do different things. It is important to compromise when you are going on a trip with someone, whoever it is. You should talk to each other about what you absolutely want to do and what is negotiable.


Through conversation, you will be able to determine what you will put on your itinerary. You will probably do some things that you don’t want to do, but your significant other will do activities they don’t want to do, too.


You may be able to find something valuable in an experience you resist. The most important thing is to communicate your desires to each other and plan your itinerary that way.


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Take Some Space


It is a great idea to take some space from your significant other and make time for yourself. Do some things alone.


During your first time couple’s vacation, you should plan for some activities away from each other. Allow your significant other to stay in the hotel if they don’t want to do a particular plan.


Take a walk. Go to a café and read a book alone. Do something you know that your significant other won’t want to do.


It’s okay to want different things and to meet up later after you spend some time alone. When you meet up again for dinner or drinks, you will be so happy to see each other and have tales to tell.


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Make Time for Intimacy


Another very important thing that you should do when taking a first time couple’s vacation with your partner is to make time for intimacy. You are, of course, still a couple. It’s important to spend some time embracing each other, taking things slow, and communicating.


You should also make time for intimate moments. Bringing whatever you need to keep the fire lit is important. Look for adult toys for sale if you want to bring something to keep it interesting in the bedroom while you are gone.


Travel can be busy and you can get tired, but it’s always important to make time for intimacy while you are gone.


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Turn Activities Into Dates


When you’re on the road, there are a lot of spinning plates. You want to eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, decompress, and see all that the destination has to offer.


One way to make everything more enjoyable is to turn your activities into dates


A hike can be romantic. The gym can be fulfilling and pleasant. Yoga classes are a great way to feel centered and spiritual together. A bike ride will clear your head.


Whatever the activity, if you think about these things in a way that turns them into something romantic, you will be able to do everything you want to do and retain the romance between you and your partner.


Set Boundaries


Finally, one of the most important things you can do on a first time couple’s vacation is set boundaries. This can be anything, but be clear with your partner about where your boundaries are.


Your significant other won’t know your boundaries if you don’t tell them where they are. You can be clear about the times you want silence or when you want to change the subject of conversation.


The odds are you will be spending more time with each other than you have in the past. It’s important to be ready for that.


It doesn’t matter where you are going or how long you’ve been together, first time couple’s vacation is exciting but it also comes with risks. You should be clear and communicative with each other, but it’s also necessary to give each other space. If you navigate your first trip together well, you’ll have a barometer on how the relationship is going in general. 

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