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How to Be More Productive By Adopting a Growth Mindset

Learning how to be more productive is not a difficult task. The challenge lies within having the self-discipline to execute the advice. Statistics show that adopting a growth mindset can close achievement gaps by 30-50% in students. This can be true for adults in the workplace as well.


No two personalities are likely to be the same but if people can be on the same page to adopt the same mindset, big changes can happen in both work and life. Keep reading to learn more about how to be more productive by adopting a growth mindset. 


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How to Be More Productive Starting Today

Mindset is Motivation


You want to know how to be more productive. After all, that’s what brought you to this page to begin with. You had an idea, planned your action, and executed it. You had the mindset for finding a solution.


There are times when your mindset is your source of motivation to get things done. If you are determined to have a great day at work, you may work more efficiently than someone who arrives at work with no ambition to produce anything that day.


Part of your morning routine may be looking at your day and making goals for the things that you would like to accomplish. When you do this, you are motivating yourself to achieve those goals so that by the time you go to sleep, you can look back on the day as a success. 


A Clear Vision


One contributing factor to having the mindset to meet your goals is having a clear vision on how to get there. Using the example above, you had a clear vision of researching how to be more productive. And thus, you’re finding answers now.


If you are holding yourself to a specific timeline or you have put checkpoints that you must reach, there is a clearer path toward the goal.


Someone with no plan will have a more difficult time getting in the proper mindset to attack their goals if they aren’t sure where they are going or how they will get there.


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Control the Chaos


Is your workplace a chaotic environment? Do you have trouble getting your team or coworkers to stay on task? Instead of having the mindset that it will always be this way, you can reprogram your thoughts to control the chaos.


Taking one small area at a time and helping them refocus in a productive manner can help with this. People will notice that your mindset is to move forward with the best interest of the business in mind and will follow suit when they see that their chaotic behavior is not conducive to productivity. 


Adopt a Growth Mindset


Referring to the statistic above, adopting a growth mindset can change your life. If you’re wanting to learn how to be more productive, this is where the magic begins (and ends if you drop the metaphoric ball).


Manifesting your desire to grow in your personal, professional, financial, and physical areas of life can change your entire outcome. If you commit to getting in great shape to run a marathon and do it, you will have the mindset that you can attack other physically demanding goals.


Keeping your focus on growth and getting rid of thoughts or people that don’t align with this mindset can keep you on the right path moving forward.


Being Pessimistic Is Fine (At Times)


Are you a pessimistic person? Do you know or work with pessimistic people? While this mindset gets a bad review most of the time, it can also be helpful at times.


No one is likely positive for every hour of every day and not every situation will have a clear silver lining to take. If you are someone who views situations this way, learn the positive and negative effects of that.


It is important to be able to work well with people that have the same view, but you don’t want to bring others down for having viewpoints that are different than yours. 


Get Uncomfortable


Of all the answers to the given question of how to be more productive, getting uncomfortable is probably the most surprising. So, how can being uncomfortable help you be more productive? What does this even mean?


Being uncomfortable is not typically a state that people chose to stay in for very long. It requires a different level of thinking to intentionally put yourself in situations or environments that you know you may not thrive in.


An example of this would be public speaking. If you are someone who feels very uncomfortable with the idea of public speaking, you may have a negative mindset around your ability to do so. 


One way to change this would be to research how to get better at public speaking or join a class in which you will be required to speak in front of others. Something as simple as presenting at your next staff meeting or networking event can be an opportunity to do this, as well.


The important thing is that you are taking something you see as negative and working to turn it into a positive experience. The feedback you get can help you see the situation differently in the future and thus potentially change your mindset as a whole. 


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Mindset Matters


As you have read, mindset matters when it comes to productivity in all areas of your life. If you wake up and tell yourself you are not going to get a single thing done today, then that is exactly what will happen.


There is a personal responsibility and accountability that comes with keeping your mindset in check. By staying alert to any shifts in it, you can ultimately do all the things that you are trying to accomplish in your life.


You’re already on the right path to productivity by researching how to be more productive. Now you just need to follow the advice!

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