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George Peabody Library, Baltimore, Maryland

9 Nostalgic Destinations for College Students

The holidays are when people can get a break from whatever activities they normally engage in, it could be leisurely exercises instead. If you’re a university enthusiast who appreciates the history, architecture, and character of universities, then you’ll love traveling to these destinations for college students.


Despite the whole idea of holidays being the time to take a much-needed vacation and visit new places or make new experiences, reports have shown that people would much rather prefer to revisit places they have been to in their past, all in a bid to relive nostalgic feelings and emotions.


Past experiences shape and inspire us into who we are today, and sometimes these nostalgic feelings become too strong to ignore. You can read these life experiences examples written by students online for inspiring your own writing.


These essay samples show the past shaped a course in the life of these students and how powerful reliving those moments can be making these destinations for college students top choices.


George Peabody Library, Baltimore, Maryland


Destinations for College Students


These destinations for college students are famously known for their history, grand architecture, and their incredible character.


George Peabody Library, Baltimore, Maryland


Located on the Peabody campus at West Mount Vernon in Baltimore, Maryland, this library contains about 300,000 volumes. These volumes are available to the general public or to whoever else might be interested in seeing them. The collections are rich in religion, British art, topography and history, American history, Romance, literature, and geography.


Due to its stunning, monumental structure, it also makes the list of some of the most beautiful libraries in the world. It hosts yearly events, and the event fees support the library’s collections and programs.


Bodleian Library in Oxford, UK


Bodleian Library in Oxford, UK


Known as one of the oldest libraries in Europe, Bodleian is also one of the six legal deposit libraries for works published in the UK. Since 2015, some of the library’s archives have been digitized and put online for easy access.


As a cultural destination, this is a must-visit for those looking to relive the level of diversity present in every institution today. While certain parts of the library are only open to students and others with a legit library card, some are open to the general public and give opportunities for visitors to roam around.


Universita Di Bologna
CCL Doug Davey


Universita Di Bologna


Located in Bologna, Italy, this prestigious institution is known as the oldest university in the western world. It was created in 1088, soon after free teaching became widespread following its independence from the church.


For years, the institution has paved the way for impressive innovations thanks to its amazing teaching catalog, research lesson, and third mission strategy. They are also actively committed to maintaining a sustainable environment and currently support 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations 2030 agenda.


Oxford University


Oxford University


This university boasts world-class study and research writing facilities, making it one of the best institutions famous for research knowledge, innovations, and excellence. There are so many enjoyable reasons to visit this university for a nostalgic effect, especially as a book-lover.


Oxford is home to Blackwell’s bookshop, which is the largest academic bookseller in the UK. It also accommodates the Norrington Room with a bookshelf space of over three miles.


Scholars and academics rule Oxford, and if you are looking to relive some of your university days, this might be an interesting option to consider.


Destinations for College Students, Harvard


Harvard University


Harvard is one of the most recognized institutes of education globally, and it is also the oldest university in the United States. As an adult looking to relive nostalgic undergraduate feelings, Harvard might be a good choice for so many reasons.


The Harvard Yard is one of the central locations in college where you would always find students either loitering around chatting or reading a book. You can also check out the Harvard Museum of Natural History because there, you’ll find gems like whale skeletons, meteorites, delicate glass models of plant specimens, and so on.


Rhode Island School Of Design


Rhode Island School Of Design


RISD was founded in 1877 as one of the first art and design schools in the United States. If you are an artist, a visit to RISD will do great good to your creative soul. You can check out the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, where the student’s art and design assignments are exhibited, leading it to become one of the largest art museums in the United States.


The museum also houses Ancient Greek sculptures and several Picasso oil paintings and etchings.


Destinations for College Students, Olympia


Olympia, Washington


This is one amazing student town in which you can relive memories and have fun at the same time. Home to the Evergreen State College, this town is built on a strong history, art, and culture.
It is a compact and bustling city with grand buildings, first-class museums, and a lovely waterfront.


Other important destinations to see in Olympia are the Capitol theater, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, and even the Olympic national park. It is impossible to forget the farmer’s bountiful market that has hosted members and visitors for 42 years.


Destinations for College Students


Bloomington, Indiana


Despite being tucked in between the gentle surroundings of South-Central Indiana, and the Hoosier National Forest, Bloomington hums with a bold and exciting cosmopolitan vibe thanks to Indiana University. This grand campus often lures alumni back frequently for friendly basketball competitions and beer drinking at Nick’s English Hut.


However, it doesn’t matter whether you are an alumni of Indiana or not; there are so many amazing spots on and off-campus that you can visit, like WonderLab museum, McCormick’s Creek State Park, Wylie House Museum, and so on.




Ithaca, New York


If you are looking for an upscale vibe blended with local culture, Ithaca is the best nostalgic place to relax. Amazingly, they created their currency named the Ithaca Hour with the sole purpose of helping small businesses thrive excellently.


Despite being home to three institutions: Cornell College, Ithaca College, and a community college, the town still managed to hold on to its unique personality.


In Conclusion


Visiting these amazing destinations would help you relive and bask in what it feels like to be a young student navigating the world again. Whether you choose to visit an actual university or a student town, do not forget it is a vacation and the end goal is to have fun.

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