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flush doors, Different types of interior doors

Different Types of Interior Doors and Choosing the Right One

Are you aware of all the different types of interior doors? Before installing your brand-new doors for your home, it’s good to know what all your glazed door options are.


Below is an overview of the different types of interior doors so you can choose one that fits the space you want to install it. Plus, it will also help you pick the best function for your needs.



Different types of interior doors


The Different Types of Interior Doors


You may not think there are many options beyond the standard interior door, but there are actually different types of interior doors that suit different spatial and functional needs. Read through the list below to find out which interior door best suits yours.


Different types of interior doors, french doors


French Doors


Although French doors are mostly used for the exterior, they look great when used inside too. These are usually two doors that mostly open from the outside.


You can open both doors at the same time, or only one to pass through. They are excellent for kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms.


Plus, they offer a dramatic touch while still ensuring maximum privacy.

flush doors, Different types of interior doors

Flush Doors


Flush doors are usually plat and have no panels. Most of them have a double layer of thin wood and are cheap which are some of the main reasons why they are popular.


These doors usually have different finishes but you can buy a pre-finished one and give it the finishing you want.


Their durability is also perfect hence making them perfect for anyone looking for simple but strong doors for their rooms.


pocket doors, Different types of interior doors


Pocket Doors


To most people, the pocket door is a rather obvious invention. It simply slides into the wall, and you pull the door open and push it shut.


These doors are pretty unique, as you can even pick those that slide to both sides of the wall. Most of them also have installed rollers to ensure smooth rolling and to prevent any scratching sounds.


So, if you are looking for doors that can help you easily partition small spaces, then pocket doors might be an excellent pick.


barn doors


Barn Doors


Barn doors are the simplest kinds of doors due to their sliding nature. Sliding doors work well in barns because they handle well and are easy to repair.


However, these doors work well in houses, too, even though they aren’t practical everywhere.


Barn doors slides are usually easy to close and don’t make unnecessary noise when closing or opening them. If you are looking for doors that can add some character to your house, especially if it is traditional then this type might be what you need.


Different types of interior doors


Bifold Doors


Bifold doors work on the same principle as a sliding glass door — except instead of opening out, they open in.


The mechanism has two parts, a movable panel, and a hinge. The panel is hinged to the frame, and when the door is closed, the panel is parallel to the floor. A lever pushes the panel up, and the panel’s weight keeps it from closing.




Glass Doors


Glass doors are another unique way of making your house look more unique and stylish. You can use them anywhere but they are commonly fitted in bathrooms and kitchens.


There are many types of glass doors that you can pick from depending on your exact specifications. Plus, you can buy one that is 100% glass or get the combined type that contains other materials such as wood and metal.


Most people prefer glass doors that are combined with wood or metal as they seem safer and less delicate to handle.


However, you don’t have to worry about that because high-quality glass doors are usually toughened to ensure they aren’t easily damaged.


Most glass doors are usually around ½ to ¾ inches thick. So, if you feel like wooden doors are too heavy, then you could replace them with lighter glass doors.


Plus, glass doors are available in different unique styles, hence guaranteeing you’ll get one that fits your preferences.


Different types of interior doors


Accordion Doors


Like bi-fold doors, this type is also perfect for saving space in both big and small houses. They are excellent for making partitions between spaces in your home, but not so good for entryways.


Instead of swinging, accordion doors usually open by folding back in several sections. However, unlike pocket doors, they don’t enter the wall, but just fold to a side of the door.


This also means that they don’t need space to open or close like most doors.


Accordion doors are also hard to slam, which makes them less prone to damage. Most accordion doors are made from plastic, glass, vinyl and wood and they can be easily modified into varying sizes.


In Conclusion


There are many different types of interior doors on the market today that you can choose from. To make the process much easier, we have discussed some of the most common and unique internal doors out there.


Have a look at the ones listed above and then pick one that fits your budget, style, and personal preference.  


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