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10 Things to do in the United States

The United States of America or as they fondly called it, ‘Uncle Sam’, is one of the largest countries of the world regarding the area, size of economy, and population. Spread across nine official time zones and scattered about the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the States of America display a vibrant mix of wildlife, culture, and geography. Historical buildings or landmarks, festivals or sporting events, amusement parks, the country has an abundance of tourist attractions. Note below some of the things you must do when in the USA.


Things to do in the US


Hike into the Grand Canyon, Arizona


Fly on a helicopter for a bird’s eye view, drive on its edges or hike into it, the Grand Canyon is nature’s exclusive creation. The North Rim attracts the maximum tourists as the South Rim is 1000 feet higher. Hiking into the North Kaibab Trail gives the best experience of this site.




Visit the Hawaiian Volcanoes


The volcanoes in Hawaii National Park are one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Fly over it, hike around its crater or move around on a bicycle, you can view volcanoes here quite closely. Molten lava spilling down mountainside accompanied by hiss and steam, black sand beaches, and tropical rainforests define this tourist destination.





Visit Burning Man in Nevada

A wonderland built right in the middle of the Black Rock desert with art installations, theme-based camps, and a huge burning man, this festival is one of the biggest and popular annual events of America.



Drive through the Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 


Wolves, bison, and moose. Water shooting geyser and hot springs. Grand Teton and Glacier National Park, the first ever national park in the world is a treat for adventure seekers.



Watch a Broadway Show in New York City


With some 41 theatres concentrated near Times Square, the term Broadway is almost synonymous with theatre itself. Millions of tourists visit the city every year to see Broadway shows. Some of the most popular shows are The Lion King, Hamilton, Frozen and so on.


things to do in new york, best places to shop in New York City


Drive through the Pacific Coast Highway


Referred as one of the best road trips, California Highway from Los Angeles to all the way to San Francisco is one of the most scenic coastlines. Spot the migratory whales; eat in the restaurants around and spend one night in one of the hotels.


Along the Pacific Coast Highway


Snowboarding in Colorado


It offers one of the most thrilling and adventurous ski run and snowboarding spots in the Rockies mountain range. The Burton US Open in Vail, Colorado attracts the best snowboarders across the world annually.





Catch a show at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville


 It is a country music stage show held every week in Nashville, Tennessee. If music fascinates you, then this is the place to be.


Experience the foliage in New England


 Trek through the roads of New England in autumn to witness nature’s one of the most beautiful shows. Right from Boston, through New Hampshire up to Maine, buck of for this breath-taking trip through farmlands, green mountains, and forests.


Watch horse racing 


Be it Kentucky Derby in Louisville, The Preakness Stakes in Baltimore or Belmont Stakes in Elmont, if you are in the USA, watching horse racing with each other on TVG is worth your time.


All of these are great options for when the kids are out of school too! So, mom is you are looking for travel tips make sure you check out our other mom-centric travel tips and tricks.


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