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7 Must Know Low Light Photography Tips for an Excellent Halloween

Low Light Photography Tips

Capturing photographs during Halloween is quite a task. You have to do a lot to capture the best shot with the decorations, lights, and candles.
But don’t worry, there are some low light photography tips to help you easily capture excellent photos.


The makeup and costumes are typically darker colors, and no source of natural light is available, you need to find a suitable place for artificial light effects so you can capture minute details of the object or person.


You can learn more about low light Photography tips on the popular website Shotkit to click excellent photographs during Halloween. It also gives you insights into each element related to photography.

night sky low light photography tips

Must-Know Low Light Photography Tips for Halloween:

Increasing ISO

ISO is the International Organization of Standardization. ISO ranges between 100 to 6400. ISO as a setting controls the light sensitivity of the camera and noise level. In a darker environment, you should increase the ISO to capture a bright photo in low light.

Shutter Speed setting

Shutter speed determines how much time the camera lens will take to open and close to take a photo. It is simply the time taken to click the photograph.


You need to adjust it according to the object. For example, if you want to take a photo of moving things like dancing or trick or treating kids, make sure your shutter speed time is short. It will result in a clear photograph.


Similarly, when you take a photo of a stationary object like the jack-o-lantern, you need to keep your shutter speed long.

low light photography theater

Aperture Adjustment

Aperture (f/stop value)in the camera is the opening of the lens from where the light travels inside. It is also called the focal length (f) of an optical system. The aperture of a camera lens is similar to the pupil of an eye.


The aperture decides the amount of light reaching the camera sensor. So, while you’re capturing Halloween photographs, you will need a larger aperture, which means the value of the f-stop number should be lower. Increase the aperture as much as you can. Photos of candles come out great when you increase the aperture.


ISO, Shutter speed, and Aperture work hand in hand. You need to adjust these three at the same time to capture the best shot. If you are unable to do so, then set your camera on Auto/Intelligent settings.

hand low light photography

Right light source

As it is nighttime, you need to find a suitable source of light for photography. Try clicking pictures near lighting or candles.


If you click a photo of a costume-wearing person, make sure the light is towards the person and not coming from behind. For example, keep a torch in front of the person to capture a better, spooky photograph.


Keep a candle inside the jack-o-lantern to capture its bright orange carved face.


Try to gather as many light sources as you can, place your objects near the available light source. You can also use flashlights and spotlights.

Halloween Favorites, jack skellington pumpkin
Sean and I nailed it with the Jack Skellington pumpkin.

Shoot in RAW


RAW is a file format like JPEG used to save the image. But RAW file format is far better than JPEG. When you capture an image in RAW, you get an image void of compression and noise reduction.


It will give you scope for editing the photo according to the requirement afterward. In simple words, you get a raw photograph.Halloween Horror Nights 27

Flash Usage

Try experimenting with the flash of your camera, like reducing the intensity of the pop-up flash. If this function is not available, then cover it with a tissue napkin.


If you directly use flash in low light, there is a possibility that you might not be able to capture the minute details near the main object. Not being able to use flash properly will give you washed-out photos.

Halloween Horror Nights 27

Use of Stabilizer Stand

You can make use of a monopod or a tripod to capture a perfectly still image. A monopod or a tripod will give stability while capturing.


It will help you keep the camera steady, giving you great photos of a Halloween party.


Adjusting White Balance

White Balance is the color setting of the camera. It balances the color temperature according to the type of image you are capturing.


Kelvin is the measuring unit of White Balance.


Adjusting the white balance according to the requirement will result in a more natural photograph. So, while capturing photos on Halloween, keep the white balance setting to Auto or Daylight.

Halloween Favorites, Halloween Party Decor
My neighbors went all out

Try Burst Mode

Burst mode enables you to capture a slew of photographs without pressing the shutter release button again and again. This mode gives many photos to select the best shot among them.


Burst mode is best for clicking photographs of kids hopping here and there on Halloween. Burst mode gives you the best candid photos.


Try all the above tips to capture the perfect photos in a low lighting environment. Click the best spooktacular photographs by using the low light photography tips on Halloween and enjoy the results.

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