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The Most Heavenly Romantic Cities in France

Romantic Cities in France

Are you looking for cities in France for a romantic trip? If so, you are in luck, as the country is full of idyllic landscapes ranging from the Alps to the Eiffel Tower.


Apart from Paris, which is its most famous and romantic city, France has many cities where you can enjoy incredible cuisine, medieval castles, and a stunning art scene.


The combination of all these makes France an excellent choice for couples and those looking for fairytale cities away from the crowds and crowds, especially under the conditions in which we live.


The desire to travel is now more present than ever. When considering a trip, France is always a safe bet, as it provides a multitude of tourist destinations full of charms.


And if we want to plan a trip, it may be a good idea to visit the most romantic cities in France. A trip as a couple that stops at all those places will make us feel closer than ever to whoever accompanies us.


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Photo by Adrien Tutin on Unsplash

Romantic Cities in France


Glass windows in various colors, unique medieval art, and beautiful walks by the river are just some elements that make Annecy an ideal choice for couples.


Spend a sunny afternoon cruising on the river or wandering the picturesque streets of the old town. It is a puppet town in the southeast of France, while a perfect choice for accommodation that lovers will enjoy and more!


A good selection of accommodation is Les Jardins du Château.

Lyon guided Tour, Fourviere basilica


Lyon is world-famous for its beautiful wines, gastronomic masterpieces, and, of course, its history. Located on the southeast side of France, its country’s capital is in turmoil, so it is difficult to be disappointed with the city’s restaurants.


Be sure to visit La Basilique Notre Dame and book a room at Villa Florentine.

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It is impossible to have a list of the best cities in France without mentioning the City of Light – and love. Every year millions of tourists visit Paris to experience the romantic atmosphere overlooking the Eiffel Tower, visit the hot cafes, and take dreamy walks along the Seine.


Do not miss the complete guide for a romantic trip for 2 in the “City of L” right”! French “cities are full of romantic plans, but we must focus on the capital, Paris, one of the destinations chosen for those who want to start a romantic tour of France.


It’s no wonder that Paris tops almost every list of romantic cities in Europe. After all, it is considered the city of love.


Paris has earned its nickname with its loads of romantic things to do. Getting carried away by its wide avenues, a walk on the banks of the Seine, or a beautiful souvenir photo in the viewpoint of the Eiffel Tower, are some of the rituals that we must fulfill on our visit to the French capital.


Likewise, this city has exciting romantic plans, such as a visit to the Montmartre neighborhood and its bohemian air. Do you know the Mur des je t’aime, ort’aimeof I Love You? It is quite a declaration of intentions.

Chateau Villandry, France
Chateau Villandry, France Photo by Natasha von Geldern


Bordeaux is located in southwestern France and is identified with good wine. What could be more romantic than a bottle of wine and fresh oysters?


Enchant your palate with some of the best seafood in France and “suck” all the city’s elegance. A perfect choice of accommodation in the town is Villa Victor Louis.


Hotel de la Cite, France


Carcassonne is a magnificent fortified city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit its beautiful landscapes, stroll along the tranquil Canal du Midi before heading to the enchanting Chateau Comtal.


A great hotel in the city is the Hotel de la Cité Carcassonne. Located in the south of France and is a beautiful city ideal for couples looking for a quiet getaway.

Places from fairy tales
Colmar, France by Maiery Peruch


Colmar, the stunning town of Alsace in northeastern France, is full of history and romance, ideal for couples in love. Take a stroll along the river and enjoy a top-notch dinner at one of the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants.


Of course, the city is also famous for its fine wine with its wide variety. Enjoy a great stay at Hôtel Le Colombier.

fairytale travel ideas, Eguisheim, France
Eguisheim, France


Its location just below the top of the alpine Mont Blanc has earned it the ultimate Central European ski destination.


Chamonix, however, is excellent all year round, thanks to its beautiful architecture and the spectacular views it enjoys on the ridges and the alpine landscape around it.


France is an extraordinary destination for the ultimate romantic trip with your other half, enjoying the beauty of the snowy landscape, combined with the exciting sport of skiing.


Experience the romantic vacation of your dreams by trusting the company Nuco Travel for complete accommodation packages in the winter resort of Chamonix, combined with additional leisure services personalized to your needs.

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