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15 Jaw-Dropping Halloween Costume Ideas

15 Jaw-Dropping Halloween Costume Ideas

When looking for the most stunning Halloween costume ideas for 2021, you shall first get ready for the trends. Because – yes – it’s been a crazy year, and Halloween night is about to get even crazier.


Dark sci-fi, psychedelic biomechanics, zombies, fairytales are gone bad, and wild creatures roaring to run free – does it sound familiar?


Because Halloween fashion is totally rolling with the zeitgeist, offering some of the darkest and most dreamy trends you’ve witnessed so far.


So, are you ready to get spookier, sexier, and obscurer than ever before with one of the best female Halloween costumes?

green mummy costume halloween

Sci-Fi & Futuristic Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

Is the future coming, or is it already here? What is it bringing, or what has it brought?


Once again, reality brings more puzzles than solutions. And the best way to make the most out of the uncertainty is leading the sci-fi parade!


So, what are the most savage and futuristic Halloween costume ideas this year? Let’s take a look at the trends.

gold cyborg

Golden Cyborg Women Costume

The golden cyborg is definitely a deal-maker, as it comes with a perfect balance between hard savageness and silken sex appeal.


Its all-over 3D print is designed in flashing gold and mechanical gray, set on a body-tight and shape-molding elastic material.


Except for owning the Halloween night, you can safely reuse it for various future events – EDM festivals, cosplay events, or taking over the Universe, for example.


Dominator Costume

How dark can you get? In this one, you can positively dominate the darkness of all hallows.


As epic as it is, it draws futuristic mechanical motifs to the classic femme fatale theme from the steampunk culture.


Or else said: you can’t go wrong if you shoot for the deepest, darkest, and most alluring version of the future!

Steel Babe

Steel Babe Women Costume

Yet another alternative for being sensually gentle and mind-blowingly badass all at once!


The steel babe one-piece outfit is streamlined as hell – finished with a high mock neck and a hidden zipper on the back. It looks exactly like a second skin made of steel armor.


Robo chicks from all possible worlds, grab your steel Halloween costumes for 2021, and unite in the night!

White Droid 

White Droid

Clones might not be attacking, but you indeed are!


With a mild Star Wars vibe and a hard sci-fi magnetism, the white droid is a hyper-realistic and hyper-legendary way to welcome Halloween.


All you need is a phantasmic 3D makeup to make it a night to remember.

Circuit Board

Circuit Board Costume

Hacking their systems is as easy as cake, as long as you have the talent and the tools. We know you have the talent. So – here is the tool.


Perfectly mechanical and digitally supreme, a circuit board catsuit is a dazzling way to show them who makes the rules. And who breaks them.


With such Halloween costumes for 2021, we foresee data leakages in massive amounts.

golden skeleton

Anatomical & Skeleton Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

Are you more about flesh and bones than bolts and nuts?


Below, you will find that little bony Halloween gear that satisfies your taste the best.


Gold Skeleton Costume

Your heart might not be made of gold, so let’s hope that at least your bones are! In this golden skeleton costume, you can show off the polished pieces of your private self.


In a classic combination of raven black and glistening gold, it’s a cheeky way to bring a sexy plot twist to the good old creaking bones of Halloween.


Are you gonna be the fracture or the fractured?

Crystal Skeleton Costume

Crystal Skeleton Costume

Skeletons can be creepy, right? But who might have guessed that they can also be brilliantly serene?


The crystal skeleton costume right here brings together nebulae of heavenly magnificence—translucent, shiny, intergalactic, and brutishly dark within its lightness.


The proper makeup and hair concept can actually make you look like the most desirable dark angel of Halloween 2021!

X-Ray Skeleton Costume

X-Ray Skeleton Costume

You can’t kill what’s already dead. So, why not change the strategy and give it butterfly wings instead?


Our next list of Halloween costume ideas for 2021 is indeed perfect in its controversy. Living and dying, spookiness and beauty, tricks and treats.


The combination of a realistic anatomical skeleton and added elements from the natural world is a piece of Halloween art. And so will be you, right?

Muscle Costume

Muscle Costume

Now back to the harsh reality. Because there’s nothing more striking and more terrifying than what actually hides beneath the skin of a living human being.


The muscle costume is a long-appreciated Halloween classic. Only this one looks more realistic, more stunning, and more cruelly human than anything we’ve seen so far.


Someone once said that man is the cruelest monster. And we still can’t help but slowly nod in silence.

Mechanical Skeleton Costume

Mechanical Skeleton Costume

Wait, are they already among us? Wait, are we them?


Disclose the device you are on the inside – with the sci-fi mechanical skeleton costume that delivers the best of both worlds. The old-school and the new-age bones, one can say.


This is how we conclude both of the pages above. And move on to the next fantastic realm that’s worth exploring.

Mummy Costume

Horror & Fable Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

Robots from the future, skeletons from the past… Who cares when we have fairy tales!


Except that this time, fairytales can quickly go wicked.


Mummy Costume

Ready to creep out from your hiding place and paint the town red? Halloween is officially the best time to do it. And a mummy costume is officially the most heroic way to do it.


And no – you probably can’t produce the same effect with a handmade bandage experiment, in case you’ve been asking yourself.

Enchantress Costume

Enchantress Costume

Enchanting, aren’t you? With the right outfit, your spell can quickly put you right in the center of the Halloween spotlight. Or is it supposed to be a dark spot?


Ornamentation, details, pastel colors, and an alluring skin-tight fit – what’s more to a sorceress that you won’t possess?


We hope you bring your bag of tricks along and refuse to settle with anyone’s treats.

Zombie Women Costume

Zombie Women Costume

Halloween costume ideas for 2021 are just like people of 2021… Falling apart but still eager to have fun.


The zombie costume will unquestionably help you fit in even better. You will fit in so well that you will actually stand out!


The best thing about it? It’s undeadly gorgeous in its off-beat abomination!

Mermaid Costume

Mermaid Costume

Straight from the depths, the mermaid costume is lucid, bold, daring, and blazing hot.


Covered all over with seashells and ocean weeds, it’s closer to the genuine tale of the Little mermaid than any movie adaptation ever was.


Tonight, you are the screenwriter!

Fairy Costume

Fairy Costume

Fairies are not what they used to be. Yet, they are somehow even better.


Onyx black with electric motifs, the Halloween fairy costume is a must-have for the ladies who relish virtue even in the dimmest of the horror night.


It is sleek, polished, and drop-dead gorgeous.


Are you ready for Halloween?

Because Halloween is coming, and there’s no better way to be ready than being gorgeous – with the best printed Halloween costume ideas!

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