The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Makeup DIY

If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re as big of a fan of the Tim Burton Classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas as I am. Since 1993 when Halloween and Christmas joined forces us fans have never been the same. I think it’s safe to say the film is officially a cult classic. Between merchandise, the Danny Elfman soundtrack, and even the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland dedicated to the film during the Halloween season, the characters from the film are increasing in popularity.


This means finding a Jack Skellington costume is a hot commodity. So why not DIY your Jack Skellington makeup this year to complement his signature pinstripe outfit from Wholesale Halloween Costumes? They teamed up with Caitlyn Kreklewich who put her own spin this iconic character for this makeup tutorial. If you’re digging this video go subscribe to her channel!


jack skellington makeup


Here is What You Will Need for Your Jack Skellington Makeup


  • White contacts if you have them. Totally optional.
  • A skin safe glue stick to block out your eyebrows and allow the glue to dry. Disappearing Purple Elmer’s Glue Sticks works great for this and it washes off easily.
  • White facepaint to cover your face but leave your eye sockets bare because they will get filled in later.
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Black makeup


Face Makeup


Make sure you have full coverage especially around the eyes. Add two dashes for the inner points of the eyes so your look is symmetrical. Just under your brow, you want to draw a line diagonally toward your natural arch with black makeup. Then, curve up and around the brow bone then down and around the eye using the natural eye socket as a guide. Trace the line back up to the inner point, then fill in the eye completely.


jack skellington makeup


jack skellington makeup

jack skellington makeup


Draw the arched brows with a thin black line. Pull a thin black line outward from each corner of your mouth. Using small flicks of the brush add Jack’s signature mouth lines. Fill in the lips with black and blend out the edges into the lines around the mouth. Using a fluffy shadow brush add a shadow of bags under his eyes.


jack skellington makeup

jack skellington makeup


To add a little more structure and depth to the brow, add one more furrow to the brow above the initial line you drew. Use a softer hand to keep it blended and grey. Go over the first brow line one more time with a stronger line and blend the lower edge to look like a shadow making the highlight pop. Finally, Using black eyeliner fill in your lash lines.


Neck and Chest Makeup


jack skellington makeup

jack skellington makeup


Lay down his long skinny neck and then fill in your chest until the costume covers the edge. Fill in both side of the neck with black. The last step is to pop on a wig cap and a long silver wig.


Now get into your Jack Skellington costume and be the best Pumpkin King ever! If you’ want to collaborate with friends, check out these other Nightmares Before Christmas Costumes.



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