France’s Chic Villas: 10 Options for Your Perfect Holiday

Tranquility, Gallic culture, amazing landscapes, and sun filled days are what paints a French holiday; if you are interested in making a trip down the French Riviera, you may as well consider your accommodation options. ChicVillas offers unbeatable accommodation in Normandy, France deals. The properties are handpicked using high-quality criteria.


Staying in a chic villa means you can explore an old holiday home full of character or a newer modern home tailored for holidays. For an inland dash, farmhouse nestlings, resorts, and manors will provide plenty of other accommodation options.


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Travel Accommodations 

The type of accommodation in Normandy France you will get depends on several factors. Whether you are traveling alone or with family, the location of your tourist spots, budget, and taste are some of the factors


Types of Places to Stay:


Farmhouses are one of the holiday rental options in France. If you are visiting inland France, a lush of green with animals will suit your needs just fine.



If your trip is heavy on outdoor activities and you are an adventure enthusiast, camping may be a more ideal option for you.



You can get a taste of the Gallic culture by choosing a castle as your accommodation option. That’s one way you can experience French history and architecture at its best



Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable experience? A boat will give you an epic experience while filling your lungs with fresh sea air. Book a stay on a boat for a lifetime’s worth of experience.


Shared Room

If you are on a tight budget or a traveling as a couple, consider booking a shared room. Not only will it save you money, but it also keeps you close to a loved one.



If you are traveling as a company or school, a hostel will be a great option. Through this, you will be able to keep tabs on each other and have an easier time maintaining control.



You can rent an apartment to get a home-like feel. Look around your destination area for an apartment that suits your needs.



If you are traveling in a large entourage, a house is an optimal option. Find one that can accommodate the number of people you are with. Or, better yet, make it a chic villa! 


Chic villas in France


Chic Villas

The following properties can be found on and are handpicked using high-quality criteria.


These villas boast original French architecture features packed in contemporary and chic styles. The properties enjoy proximity to tourist spots, sea, and landmarks.


To acquire your accommodation, check the ChicVillas website and key in your destination. A plethora of French villas in the area will pop up. Choose from the pool.


If you already know the villa’s name, you can key it in to check its availability. The pricing is straightforward and takes care of small additives like domestic help, electricity, and heating.


Villas for Rent:

Esprit Deauville

Located close to Deauville’s sandy beach, this attractive townhouse is ideal for families and couples with grown kids. Enjoy and recharge your energy on the breathtaking Normandy beach at this beautiful and bright property.


Villa Esprit Bretagne

This five-bedroomed villa will cater to the accommodation needs of you and your family. Located in Brittany, it’s close to the sea, and it comes with maritime-inspired decorations. It can easily accommodate up to ten people.


Panorama Bretagne

Located between Trebeurden and Roscoff on the north Brittany coast, this beautiful holiday cottage offers excellent ocean views. Enjoy your holiday in this property which depicts modern comfort, space, and relaxation.


Pure Luxury Normandy

If you are traveling in a large group of up to 40 people, this is the perfect spot to house you. This noble French castle sits on over 100 acres of prime grounds. With this rental, ChicVillas will fulfill the promise of an epic French experience in a castle.


Villa Charming Brittany

As the name suggests, this charming villa located on the North coast in Finistere offers a wonderful sea view. It can accommodate up to two families, ten people in total. You can enjoy a touch of nature in its large garden.



Castle Marmosets

This eight-roomed sea view chateau can accommodate up to 20 people. It possesses a perfect view of the pink granite coast, which you can enjoy as you relax amidst neo-medieval style and decor.



Located at the seafront, this villa is awash with good ocean views. It’s equipped with a kitchen, large windows in the living room, guestrooms, and a garden.


Ambiances Mer

This three-bedroomed rental villa is located close to Morlaix Bay. It’s fit for six people, and it offers idyllic views of the channel.


Villa Charming Normandy

Located on the lower side of Normandy, this villa intertwines traditional Normandy architecture with an elegant modern style. It has five rooms and can accommodate up to 12 people.



This villa has four rooms with a capacity to house 9 people. Just like many of the other chic villas listed here, this one is also located on the seafront. 


Choosing Your Rental

A holiday gives you the perfect time to unwind and revitalize. Choose your holiday home prudently while factoring in your budget, taste, tourist spots, and the number of travelers in your party.


While you are making your decision, keep in mind that ChicVillas offers a plethora of holiday France rentals to choose from. A cottage or luxury villa will suffice your needs as you explore the extensive coastline of Normandy.


If you want to stay in one of France’s many chic villas, then ChicVillas could be an ideal holiday partner to help you make your dreams come true.

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