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If you’re wondering if you should hire a car in Oslo, Norway, the answer is yes. Spending your time in Norway’s capital without a vehicle is something I wouldn’t recommend, especially if you’re planning to explore the city.


Worrying about public transportation methods and schedules can be a nightmare, and cabs can cost a fortune. That is why having a car to drive yourself is the best option and the perfect solution for everyone visiting Oslo.


hire a car in oslo


How to Hire a Car in Oslo


Whether you have a car of your own and you’re traveling from another European country, or you’re flying in from overseas, you should hire a car in Oslo. Of course if not for the sake of adding wear and tear to your own vehicle, but for getting around in general.


So what are the best tips to hire a car in Oslo? Read on.


Find a Few Companies


You want to start by researching a few different car hire companies, or as we like to call it in the U.S., car rental companies. There is no doubt that you will find at least a few great ones, just as long as you take your time to dig deep enough.


Search online or talk to the locals if you know any of them and let them give you their recommendations. If you are searching online for these companies, though, don’t forget to check out their websites before going any further.


In addition to that, when it comes to car hire in Oslo, leiebil Oslo is one of the sites and a huge help during the process of finding car rental companies. I urge you to start comparing this way first.


Decide On the Type of Vehicle


Before making any actual plans and possibly signing any agreements on renting these vehicles, you should think carefully about the type of vehicle you want. Usually, people go for a small car instead of a van or SUV, but you still need to think about the type.


Some cars are more suitable for people with families, while others are much better for one or two people. Additionally, some vehicles are better for shorter distances and some are great for long travels.


So, the type of vehicle you will choose depends not only on your personal preferences but also on the nature of your travel and on the people accompanying you.


Check The Prices


After having decided on the type of vehicle you want and after having a few great companies in mind, you should start checking out the prices that those companies have set for their vehicles. These will usually be different from one place to another, which is why doing comparisons is absolutely necessary.


You certainly don’t want to end up overpaying for a car when you can find the same one at a different place and at a much more affordable rate. So, do your comparisons before you even start thinking about sitting behind the wheel and driving off.


hire a car in oslo, Oslo Norway


Search For Discounts


Fortunately for you, most of the car rental companies in Oslo offer discounts you can use. If it weren’t for that option it would be quite expensive to hire a car in Oslo, to be perfectly honest.


So, since you are now aware of these discounts, the next thing you should do is try and search for those that are offered by specific companies.


If you remember me mentioning those leiebil websites and guides above, then let me tell you another thing about them. Those guides and websites can help you find the firms that offer these discounts rather quickly and easily, so I suggest you use them to the fullest extent.


Talk The Terms Over

Once you contact the company you feel would be able to give you the best offer and the perfect vehicle, it will be time for you to start talking about the terms of the rental agreement.


This way, you will learn about any hidden surcharges that might occur, as well as about all the policies and rules that you will need to follow during the actual period of driving a rented car in Oslo.


In addition to learning about the rental rules, you might want to let the company representative tell you about a few rules and laws that you need to follow on the road, so as not to get in trouble while driving. This is especially important for people who are visiting Norway for the very first time and who aren’t quite certain they know all the rules.


city break in oslo
Just walking around the city having fun.

In Closing


Whether you live in Europe or in the United States it is important to plan to hire a car in Oslo. There’s much to see and do in Norway’s capital city and the country as a whole is easy to navigate. So, enjoy your trip and your travel freedom by exploring Norway with a vehicle of your own.

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