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plan the best bachelorette trip

How To Plan The Best Bachelorette Trip: A Guide For The Maid Of Honor

Being asked to be the maid of honor for someone special in your life is a huge privilege and a massive pleasure, but it comes with some serious responsibilities. One of the most important of these responsibilities is to plan the best bachelorette trip.


These days, this usually means a weekend away in some exotic location, with a whole load of exciting activities thrown in for good measure. Heading off for an adventure with your best friends can be amazing, but organizing a trip for a crowd of people can also be a headache.


When you throw in the bride-to-be, who will almost certainly have some pretty strong ideas about what her bachelorette trip should look like, planning the perfect celebration can be a big task. Thankfully there are a few easy things that you can do to make planning a bachelorette trip a breeze.


There’s also some simple advice to keep in mind that will help you avoid the classic pitfalls. So whether you are planning to take a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, or heading off to Atlantic City for the weekend, take a look at our guide for the maid of honor below.


plan the best bachelorette trip


Plan The Best Bachelorette Party

Talk to the Bride


Always, always discuss your plans with the bride-to-be. Although the temptation might be to plan the whole thing as a surprise, the bachelorette party is ultimately an extension of her big day, and she should be able to contribute her thoughts and wishes.


A good bachelorette trip is a celebration of the bride and her friendships, and asking her what she wants and would like to do will help make it a success.


There are certain things that the bride will have to decide, such as the guest list, but it is also a great idea to involve her in where to go and the style of the trip. Some brides might just want something small and elegant, while others will be keen on an extravagant blow-out!


plant the best bachelorette trip, stretch your money


Set a Budget


Budgeting a bachelorette trip can be a tricky business. When making plans for a group of people there are obviously going to be some discrepancies in what people can afford, and what they are willing to pay.


Outlining a budget in advance, and taking into account everyone’s individual circumstances allows everyone to ensure that they aren’t going to be overspent.


Of course, it may not be possible to keep costs low enough to make everyone happy, but making a clear budget upfront (and sticking to it) at least gives everyone the chance to make their own decisions.


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Plan in advance


Getting the whole operation sorted as far in advance as possible makes everything easier, and prevents (as much as possible) things from going wrong.


At the very least, having everything booked up with plenty of time to spare gives you wiggle room in case of disaster!


It is advisable to get the bride’s thoughts on everything about four months in advance. Plan the guest list, choose the destination, book accommodations, and start setting a budget with three months still to go.


Organize transportation and decide on the activities about two months out. Then, make the necessary reservations and confirmations a month before you are due to travel.


Planning A Trip


Consult the Group on Activities


In order to plan the best bachelorette trip, it’s important to keep the group in the loop with what you are going to be doing.


Group activities need to be agreed on in advance before you start buying tickets, and (within reason) it is worth getting the ‘ok’ from everyone before deciding on the itinerary.


Where possible, particularly if activities are on the pricey side, there should be an ‘out’ option for anyone who isn’t keen or doesn’t feel like they can afford it.


team planning, delegate


Delegate Tasks


Don’t feel like you have to take everything solely on your own shoulders! Delegation is the key to a successful bachelorette trip, and most if not all of the group will be delighted to help and to get more involved.


In a group of friends you are all likely to have different people with specific skills, so take full advantage. For example, experienced travelers can help you with booking travel and organizing transportation and accommodation.


Your more entrepreneurial friends might well be experts at negotiating discounts at restaurants, bars, and with tour groups. The more creative minds will be best at planning fun activities, themes, and costumes.


Spreading the load will help you out, and help make the trip even more successful!


plan the best bachelorette trip




Finally, communication is key. Make sure you have the contact information of everyone who is attending and keep the communication flowing.


Let everyone know what to expect, and keep them in the loop as the plans develop and get confirmed. Everyone will appreciate the updates, you won’t have to worry about being pestered for information, and it will build the excitement for the big day itself!


Throwing a party to celebrate the bride-to-be can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. With the advice above you can plan the best bachelorette trip, and have fun doing it!

Carissa Shuman

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