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Best Outdoor Presents For Kids

Do you want to encourage your kids to get outside and away from the screen, yet still have a load of fun? Offer them some of the best outdoor presents for kids.


We have looked at some of the highest performing outdoor toys and play equipment designed especially for children. Here are six ideas for outdoor presents you can give to your kids whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or another special event.


The best part is that many of these presents provide an opportunity for you to spend time outdoors with them.


Scooters and Bikes


Outdoor Presents For Kids – How To Keep Them Entertained

Scooters and Bikes


A favorite for generations, the kid’s scooter, or kid’s bicycle makes the perfect outdoor option to get your children out and about.


Not only are both versatile play equipment, but they also double as fantastic transportation options for getting to school, the local shops, and around the neighborhood.


If you have your own bike, letting your children accompanying you while cycling is a great opportunity to spend time with them.


It also helps them associate exercise with a feeling of enjoyment, which is sure to assist in developing good exercise habits later in life.


Bikes and scooters come in a variety of styles that allow you to find the one best suited for your child. For bikes, this includes BMX and mountain, while scooters are also available as three-wheeled or electric.


Just make sure you follow proper safety standards which include always making sure a helmet is worn. Knee and elbow pads may also be beneficial for little ones to avoid tears with scrapes and bruises.



water gun, outdoors, kids


Water Guns & Toys


Is it a warm, sunny day? Why not excite the kids to get out and enjoy the weather with water guns and toys. It’s one of the best ways for them to cool down, plus it allows for some friendly competition.


A water fight can involve more than just water guns though. Water balloons are a fan favorite and don’t forget hoses and sprinklers can play their part too.


Why not get two teams together and see who can keep the driest after the first hour? By the end of the day, children will be totally exhausted after running and splashing each other.


Bonus points if you add a wading pool into the mix for those who are drenched to relax in after a long water battle.


outdoor presents for kids


Backyard Play Equipment


Backyard play equipment has come a long way in both innovation and safety. With a range of different choices from swing sets, monkey bars, climbing frames, or a mixture of all three as a playset, this type of equipment keeps kids fit and active.


Something important to consider is making sure you have enough yard space to safely install your play equipment. Flat ground is also important and should be either grass or another soft surface such as wood chips.


You should also make sure you invest in play equipment that is durable and rust-proof. The last thing you want to worry about it the construction of the playset and it being a potential safety hazard.


While you can always visit a park and let your kids run wild on the local playground, having your own play equipment is not only more convenient but ensures no germs will be shared.


outdoor presents for kids




If you have any good tree candidates, a treehouse could be the ideal solution to make your kids want to go outdoors and stay active.


While you can buy certain ready-made treehouses, it’s usually better to build one that fits your needs. It can also be a fun activity you can share with your children, as they help build their dream backyard getaway.


Treehouse supplies can be found online along with a wide range of information to assist you with construction ideas. The final product gives your kids a place where they can go to clear their minds and be away from distractions like televisions and computers.


outdoor presents for kids


Basketball Stands


Basketball has a long tradition of being a fast-paced, physical activity that also helps with hand-eye coordination. A portable basketball stand lets you bring the fun of basketball straight to your backyard.


Bouncing a basketball and playing games can be fun for the entire family. Kids can challenge each other to see who can shoot a hoop from the furthest distance or learn how to do bouncing tricks.


If you have a concrete area like a driveway, most stands are fairly easy to move out of the way once playtime is over.


outdoor presents for kids




Do you remember your backyard trampoline? I’m sure it provided you with endless hours of bouncing fun but may have been considered a bit of a safety risk.


Thankfully these days trampolines have evolved in many ways that keep that fun and excitement while being safe enough to be a fantastic gift that your kids will fall in love with.


Gone are the rectangular designs of the past. Instead, most trampolines have a circular design that allows for high safety netting to be wrapped around the frame and poles.


This allows your children to still have a whole lot of fun bouncing, but with the peace of mind that they won’t fall out and injure themselves.

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