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Wallet-Friendly Hotel Tips and Price Hacks for Your Next Trip

When trying to get out of town for a much-deserved break, you don’t want avoidable, unnecessary hotel expenses. If you arm yourself with a bit of knowledge about how to save on lodging costs with simple hotel price hacks, you will have more money to spend on creating memories and having fun away from home. 


In today’s world, having the ability to be savvy with money is essential. When you stop to think about it, there are many tricks you already employ, possibly without even making a conscious effort. 


For example, instead of paying full price for clothing, you may shop at outlet stores or at the end-of-season sales. For groceries, you probably use coupons and buy the odd store branded item because it is more wallet-friendly.


With regards to jewelry, instead of paying top dollar for diamonds, you can save on the expense by buying lab-grown diamonds


Since you are already using these tactics in your everyday life, why not expand your horizons to include budget-friendly tips when booking your next hotel?


hotel price hacks


Hotel Price Hacks You Should Try

Shop Around


As with most purchases you make, you probably don’t buy the first thing you find; you shop around and price compare. The same applies to hotels. Take the time to visit various comparison sites online to get a feel for the amenities offered and the associated costs. 


By looking at a few different options, it will be easier to choose a hotel with similar or the same amenities, at a possibly lower cost. Don’t forget to check the actual hotel’s site as well; sometimes they offer better rates than are published by third-party vendors. 


Many hotels also offer promo codes that include either cheaper rates or additional perks at no additional cost. Don’t forget to check online to see if either the hotel itself or the third-party booking site has any promo codes you can take advantage of. 


If you use social media, be sure to follow your favorite brands on their social media accounts. Many times, companies post flash sales, upcoming sales and/or promo codes.


You could also reach out to the hotel directly via email and inquire if they have any special offers they could extend to a loyal patron: you!


hotel price hacks


Be Flexible


If you have the ability to be flexible with your dates of travel, you will find that hotel costs during the week are usually more economical than the rates for the weekend.


Instead of having that girls’ weekend away, why not make it a mid-week break? That way you can use the money you save on the hotel rates to spend on making your time more memorable. 


Use the money you save on splurges you may not have been able to afford if you were paying the higher, weekend rates. You can spend more time shopping, have more meals out, have a few more drinks, or even add an extra day to your getaway.


Of course, there’s always the cost of sightseeing. While some landmarks and monuments are free, many have a price tag attached. With your extra cash, you can add a few more of those tourist attractions or places of interest to your to-do list.


If you are traveling to a major metropolitan area, staying in the heart of the city will certainly cost you more than if you choose a neighboring city or suburb with access to public transportation.


If public transport isn’t an option because you are planning to dance the night away or attend a can’t-miss concert, there are still other options. For instance, you can use a ride-sharing app such as Uber or Lyft.


hotel price hacks


Membership Discounts


Don’t forget to use your own personal memberships or affiliations to your advantage. Many companies offer unadvertised discounts to students, seniors, and veterans; just to name a few.


There are also other discounts available to members of certain travel clubs such as AAA. If the opportunity presents itself to join a loyalty program offered by your hotel chain of choice, be sure to take advantage of it.


Loyalty programs often offer either lower rates or additional benefits to staying with them. You might end up getting that extra day for free, or an upgrade without the increase in rate. It all depends on the hotel chain’s loyalty program rules, earning rates, and point values. Considering most of these loyalty programs are free to join, this is one hotel price hack you should definitely make use of.


Now that you have the knowledge to secure accommodations at a fraction of the cost, what are you waiting for? Go treat yourself to a nice getaway by using some of the hotel price hacks you’ve just learned! 


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