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Convenient Bags and Accessories for Traveling with an Infant

There is nothing so rewarding or challenging as traveling with an infant. You’ll have memories to last a lifetime and having the best tools ensures those memories are good.


While there are tons of travel toys and disposable wipes out there to keep baby happy and clean, it’s the bigger accessories that will make or break your trip.


Look for tools to help you move freely, keep the baby secure, keep your kid well-rested, and keep your gear clean.


baby bag backpack


Ways to Make Traveling With an Infant Simpler

Baby Backpack


Diaper bags have evolved in several directions in the past few years. You can buy a bag so sleek and stylish no one will know it’s for baby. If you’re traveling, though, you want a bag that rides on your back.


A durable diaper bag backpack makes a huge difference whenever you need a free hand.


No need to juggle the baby and the handle, and it makes a world of difference during a long day of hiking, touring museums, etc. You’re also far less likely to set it down and walk off without it.


traveling with an infant, sleeper


Portable Sleeper


Babies sleep best in a familiar environment. A portable sleeper or collapsible playpen lets you take that environment on the road.


They reduce the stress on baby and parents when you stay in hotels, sleep in an RV, or camp in a tent.


Some portable bassinets fold up small enough to fit in a large diaper backpack, and reviews can help you determine which sleeper is best for your travel conditions and your child’s age.


traveling with an infant, front carrier


Sling or Front Carrier


No matter how much you love your child, you will get tired of trucking them around in your arms.


If you have a tiny infant or a squirmy one-year-old, you should look into a good sling or a more advanced baby carrier. A sling keeps little babies feeling safe and secure.


Older wee ones may benefit from a carrier that allows both forward and backward seating. This makes it easy for your child to sleep but gives you the chance to aim their kicks away from your belly while they enjoy a broader view.


Slings and front carriers pair exceptionally well with diaper bag backpacks, too.


Packing Cubes


Suitcases turn into magical, bottomless portals as soon as you need new socks, bibs, pacifiers, or a clean onesie. Think of these zippered packs as mini suitcases within your case. They make organization a breeze.


If you plan a long day out, and you want to keep a spare outfit on hand in case of leaks, packing cubes move easily from suitcase to diaper bag and back again.


When it’s time to move on, they simplify clean-up. If your partner or travel buddies are not very baby-savvy, and you need them to find something from the suitcase, labeled packing cubes can save your relationship.


traveling with an infant, sleep


Sleep Sack


Even if you stay in a five-star hotel, you can’t trust the thermostat. Hotel rooms are notoriously chilly, and that’s even truer of cheap motels.


A good sleep sack keeps your baby warm and happy without overheating or disappearing in a mound of blankets.


If you travel by car or RV, a sleep sack with buckle holes may be invaluable. Lots of drivers crank up the A/C to keep awake, and it’s easier to warm up the smallest member of the family than leave all the adults sweating.


Campers, of course, need a sleep sack the most. While planes, trains, and automobiles get chilly, no air conditioning system is as testy and unpredictable as Mother Nature.


Wet-Dry Bags


The world isn’t baby-proof. It doesn’t cater to stinky diapers and messy bibs, either. If you take your baby hiking, spend an afternoon strolling around the city, or just want to pop out for lunch, wet-dry bags are lifesavers.


Their waterproof lining keeps stink, slimy, and wet things contained, but they fit neatly in your diaper bag, so you aren’t stuck with a dirty diaper in hand until you find a trash can.


Make sure to take at least two with you. One holds poopy diapers. The other contains wet, dirty, or stinky clothes you don’t want to mix with the poo.


Everyone wins. Your fellow diners and tourists don’t have to see and smell a dirty diaper, and you don’t have to play Russian roulette with fragile, plastic grocery bags.


No one wants to spend half their trip with a filthy, smelly diaper bag that regifts dirty diaper fillings.


Every family trip looks different, but the right bags and accessories make a world of difference, no matter how or where you travel.


Keep your baby warm in a tent or a chilly ice cream parlor, never let dirty diapers end your fun, and carry everything without giving up your hands. The best part of traveling with an infant is when you and your baby are free to explore! 

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