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Have you ever wondered about the hotel mattresses you can buy? Hotel beds are comfy… unbelievably so. You know it and they know it. 


Some have cottoned on to this fact and, perhaps to the joy of consumers, have started to sell the beds and bedding they order custom-made from manufacturers.


This article is a look at some of the hotels that are giving guests the opportunity to enjoy a piece of that comfort in their own homes. 


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Hotel Mattresses You Can Buy



Travelodge has been going strong since its launch in 1985 and you’ll find Travelodge hotels in some of the UK’s main cities. The brand aims to be the number one chain for value and its beds work hard towards that aim!


What you may not have known is that Travelodge sells its Travelodge Dreamer™ mattresses, which have more than 950 pocketed springs and are hypoallergenic.


The chain works with Sleepeezee brand, which has a Royal Warrant, which means they’ve provided their products for members of the Royal Family. Book in at Travelodge and you’d be sleeping literally on a mattress fit for a king or queen! 


hotel mattresses you can buy




Marriott doesn’t mess around when it comes to their guests’ comfort. A Marriott mattress lends the guest plenty of support, thanks to the individual pocket springs.


The chain’s Signature Bedding set features a comforter, mattress topper, 300-thread cotton flat sheet (which helps the guest stay cooler at night), pillows, pillowcases and a duvet cover. Guests can buy the mattress and the bedding set separately or together.


hotel mattresses you can buy




When you hear the name Ritz-Carlton, you know you’re in for a comfortable stay. The name is pretty much synonymous with luxury and a lousy bed simply wouldn’t do!


On that note, the brand has had its beds designed especially for its guests, who can now order a Ritz-Carlton bed online.


The mattress is pocket coiled spring — with less friction between the springs because of the barrel-shaped design — with a box spring, and is featherbed for further comfort.


The bedding goes for the comforter option with goose feathers, for that extra plushness, as well as four Ritz-Carlton pillows and two sheets. It’s available in classic white.


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The Peabody Hotel Memphis


Premier Inn


The lovable Premier Inn hotels may be low on price, but they’re big on comfort and pride themselves on being able to offer their guests a good night’s sleep.


It’s a huge part of their marketing and guests who slip into one of the Hypnos beds will see the Premier Inn make good on their word. 


Hypnos has handcrafted their mattresses especially for the chain and they feature over 1,000 pocket springs. They’re covered in hypoallergenic fabric and the manufacturer finishes off the mattresses with a wool-packed topper.


You can buy them on their own or with one of the sturdy divan bases the hotels use for their beds. Prices start at £360, but if even that feels a little bit steep, you can just buy one of their hypoallergenic pillows and enjoy some comfort from them.


hotel mattresses you can buy


Hilton Hotels & Resorts 


Filling the Earth with ‘the light and warmth of hospitality’ is the Hilton vision and their comfortable beds are a way to serve it. The chain has had the Hilton bed custom made for it and it’s been a hit with guests.


The mattress has more than 1,000 coils for solid support and the special design prevents the edges of the mattress from sagging. 


If you’re looking for linen, you can buy it from Hilton Hotels & Resorts with a variety of thread counts. Note that the cotton is Egyptian cotton, one of the best there is because of its breathable quality.


Pillows and those oh-so-cozy comforters are also available, not to mention shams and covers. It will be like having a Hilton hotel in your home.


hotel mattresses you can buy


Westin Hotels & Resorts


Anyone who works in the bed industry might not find it a surprise to see Westin Hotels & Resorts in the list. The brand has built a reputation for itself as a pioneer in research to produce comfy beds.


The result of this research has been the Heavenly bed. The padded mattress is pillow-topped and features individual pocket springs. Like the Hilton bed, the mattress edges have a special design to help them stay intact for longer.


The mattress has been around since 1999 and has been an outstanding success for the chain. The brand also sells pillows which are a combination of feather and down so that the customer can nestle their head easily into the pillow.


The W Hotel Buckhead, hotel mattresses you can buy
The W Hotel Buckhead, photo Christa Thompson 2016


W Hotels


W Hotels have also gone down the pocketed spring route and, like Westin Hotels & Resorts, gone for pillow-top padding.


The result has been highly restful sleep for their guests, who can buy the mattress alone, the mattress together with the base or the mattress and the bedding together.


When it comes to pillows, it’s possible to buy a feather- and down-hybrid, which is fluffy and plush, or a fiber pillow, which offers a similar level of comfort but is a little cheaper.


Hotels understand that a night of good sleep is paramount to their guests and will invest a substantial amount of money into furnishing their rooms with good bedding. Some guests love it so much that they’ll invest happily in some of that magic and buy their bedding from the hotels.


A good night’s sleep is valuable, so if you can afford to pay that little bit extra for it, why not treat yourself? Next time you stay at one of these hotels remember that they have hotel mattresses you can buy and that might be a game changer for you!

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