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How to Make Your RV Feel Like Home, 7 Tips To Try

A trip around the country in your RV can be an exciting adventure or the worst struggle of your life – it all depends on how well you plan it and prepare for it. So if you are planning to hit the road, you certainly want to learn more about doing it properly.


By opting for an RV, you will achieve the highest level of comfort, thanks to the ample room and additional amenities. Even though an RV provides more comfort than a motorhome or campervan, you must still convert it into a home.


It’s not something you should leave for the last night – planning must be taken seriously. Here are some tips to try if you aren’t sure how to make your RV feel like home.


7 Tips to Make Your RV Feel More Like Home


Besides obvious things like the route items you will take with you, you need to think about things that will make your trip comfortable and make you feel like home. If you’re taking the whole family along, think about what makes everyone feel at home and pack it all in the RV. After all, that’s what RV experience is all about, right?


rent an RV


1) Get a TV!


Even though the initial purpose of traveling in an RV is to visit attractive places and engage in outside activities, but spending your evenings or simply falling asleep is much more enjoyable, if you have a TV in front of you. You might be wondering how to make this work, but a 12-volt tv is not something unusual nowadays. The typical size of an RV TV is around 22 inches, hence you can easily fit it in a not so large space and enjoy the view.


Most RV TVs are compatible with your computer or even a smartphone, so you can load the content directly from there. The only disadvantage of such a device – audio quality might be not that great. However, this problem can be solved by pairing a BlueTooth speaker. We highly recommend checking this review of the best 12-volt tv – spec comparisons and important insights will help you to make up your mind.


2) Don’t Forget the Pillows


Do you know what goes perfect with a TV in your RV? That’s right, some blankets and pillows in the main living room. Think of the RV the same way you think of your home – decorate it like it’s your living room.


You can also hang some decor on the walls, change the curtains to the ones you like, and play with the lightning to make it cozy. Probably the only thing you need to keep in mind while doing this – items must be compatible enough. You certainly don’t want to turn your RV into some kind of storage space that feels cramped.


3) Plants are Allowed


When we say you should treat your RV like a real home, we mean it – get some plants in there! It goes without saying that you can’t just put any plant in the RV because it will cause a mess everywhere and won’t last long, but a bamboo or ficus is a perfect plant to take on a trip with you. It’s also important to get a proper flower pot. There might be more bumps on the road than you hope for, so make sure to place your plant in a safe space. 


4) Forget the Disposable Tableware


There are two reasons you should not use disposable tableware while traveling in your RV – it is not friendly to the environment, and it’s just not pleasant. Yes, dishwashing is excluded from your activities if you use paper plates, but doing dishes on the road is not that bad. It will take only 15 minutes to clean all of your tableware since you are on the road and there shouldn’t bee too many plates. Whales and other sea animals suffering from excessive use of plastics are saying thank you in advance!


5) Pets Love Traveling Too


Even though it might look like a great amount of trouble, but taking your pet to live with you on the RV can be a fascinating experience. For some cats it might be stressful though, so you should take that into consideration. But if your companion is a dog – everything will be fine. However, there are some rules you should follow while traveling with a dog.


The same way as humans, dogs need to stretch and exercise. That means you will have to stop at some intervals and let him out. The same stops can be used to go to the toilet. Do not feed him too much before the trip or during the trip – you will have to stop more frequently this way. Besides that, take care of safety and restrict the dog from interrupting the driver. Here are some more tips on driving with a dog, so check it out if you really want to try it.


6) Internet Access


An internet connection may seem to be an indulgence, yet it is critical keeping you and your family connected. With an internet connection, you can effortlessly stay in touch and catch up on work emails while traveling.

If you’re wondering how you’ll stay connected online, you can acquire a portable 4G mobile device. Alternatively, Depending on your preferences and budget, you can get a 4G dongle or a 4G router with an external antenna. Likewise, Wi-Fi repeaters and USB antennas can also you stay connected.


7) Get to Know Your RV


It doesn’t matter if you are just renting an RV or you own it – to feel like home in it you need to make use of all features it can provide. And it’s not just about the inside of the vehicle. You also need to figure out where you will park it, how much the insurance will cost, and all things like that. Unexpected problems can ruin the whole trip, so try to avoid it.


If you are not an RV expert, look at this list of things that you should look for when renting an RV. You will get a better picture of what to expect from your mobile home during the road trip.

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