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Hangover Solutions and Alternatives

It’s happened since the beginning of time, probably, that people consume too much drink and feel the effects of it the next day, as the body works overtime to process out the excess alcohol from the night before. So, people have needed hangover solutions.


It happens, and thankfully, there are reactionary solutions for every problem.


Hangovers result when the body can’t process the alcohol in a seemingly timely manner, thus headaches, grogginess, a mental fog, nausea, body sweats, and other symptoms come about to aid the process to progress.


Advancements in technology, research, health care, and supplements, blended with the sharing-is-caring attitude that the Internet provides to us as a society, have led to a whole host of hangover solutions that work the best.


Above all, if you enjoy experimenting with alternative hangover remedies, or prefer tried and tested methods, there is almost always something new to try – for instance, for some people using a product that is packed with fiber and protein such as Gold Bee honey might be the perfect hangover cure.


Suffering alone is a thing of the past, at least figuratively. Let’s take a look at a few of the preventions and reactionary solutions available.


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3 Key Hangover Solutions


1 – Keep hydrated and eat a good meal before drinking.

If you can plan ahead and eat a proper meal before going out drinking, you can provide your body the ability to accept and process the alcohol in a smoother and more balanced way. Keeping hydrated is important anytime, but it is especially important before and during drinking.


One of the effective ways to be hydrated and cure a hangover is IV fluids, which can help to replenish the fluids and electrolytes that are lost during a night of drinking. IV fluids can also help to reduce the symptoms of a hangover, such as a headache and nausea. For those who are struggling with alcoholism, you can try special fluids called banana bags for alcohol withdrawal which will help you to hydrate your body and reduce the symptoms of a hangover.


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2 – Keep drinking water throughout the night.


Many people choose to drink an alcoholic beverage, then a glass of water, then their second drink, and another glass of water. Alternating alcohol and water provide the body enough hydration to keep everything flowing, without overwhelming the digestive tract and bloodstream. Keeping yourself hydrated is a good rule of thumb for everyday life, not just an evening or outing of adult beverages.


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3 – If you wake up hungover anyway, take a hangover supplement.


Dihydromyricetin. Dihydro-what? Don’t worry much about the pronunciation, let’s focus on what it does for you. DHM, as it’s more commonly known as, can provide a load of benefits when it comes to recovering from a hangover. DHM is extracted from the Japanese Raisin Tree and has been used for hundreds of years to aid in hangovers in Asian culture. It’s been researched and proven to lower your blood alcohol level and protect your liver from damage and disease. DHM has also been used to treat headaches over the years, so it carries many helpful benefits when used properly. It’s also been proven to have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties, making it a multi-use option for a variety of symptoms, conditions, and diseases. DHM as a hangover cure might be just what you need to recover quickly, so you can proceed through life with much less discomfort and sluggishness brought on by alcohol consumption.


As always, prevention is an easier path through life, though not near as fun and full of adventure as a night out on the town with your best pals.


Knowing your strategy and plan to recover in a healthy and efficient manner is the next best thing, whether you have to get to an early meeting the next morning, or simply don’t want to spend a Sunday feeling sluggish and sick in discomfort while your body recovers.


Getting plenty of water and a good meal before drinking, as well as alternating water and alcoholic beverages, are a good approach, though can be a challenge in the heat of an outing.


Taking a supplement to help the recovery process like DHM can make the process all the easier the next day. 


So, before you have that next night out drinking, keep in mind these preventions and solutions for hangovers. 

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