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Fun Road Trip with Dogs 12 Essential Tips to Know

We are always excited to take our precious pup along with us everywhere we go, and it’s no exception when it comes to planning a long getaway. 


Leaving your pet back home may not sound like a good idea. Who will take care of them or what if they miss you while you’re gone? 


It is during the vacations when relationships get sweeter, and the bonds get stronger. A road trip with dogs will only bring you closer to your loving little happiness, creating more memories than ever!


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Twelve Points To Keep In Mind Before You Leave on a Road Trip with Dogs


We are here to guide you through the pre-departure process and make sure you get to experience a pet-friendly tour.


Try the Demo Trip Drive


This is an essential step in planning your vacation with your pet. Not doing a test drive before a road trip with dogs could result in unwanted circumstances that could disrupt your plan. 


Every dog reacts differently so even if you think other pets of yours are fine with these long trips, however, it’s better not to assume anything. 


Take your pet for a short test drive and try trickier roads and turns to see how he reacts to such situations.


Pet Friendly Places in Canton Georgia, relocate to the UK with a pet
Noreen at 7 Tequilas Mexican Restaurant


Medications and Food Are Must-haves


In order to prevent certain complications related to health, you need to take proper care of nutrition.


For that very reason, you can prepare some healthy and tasty snacks like finely chopped fruits and vegetables, or berries for you and your pet.


Prepare a separate bag for your pet’s belongings and his essentials. It could be his food and favorite biscuits. But don’t forget the necessary medicines that you might need while traveling.


You never know when he might fall sick.


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Extra, Handy Accessories


What happens if you have planned for a hiking trip up the mountains with your pup? It’s certain that they won’t be able to catch up with you always. 


Your best bet? Consider investing in a dog backpack carrier. This backpack is an essential product for every traveling parent who is considering going on a road trip with dogs. 


Apart from that, collect things like an extra tent, pet first aid, puppy jacket, puppy booties, brush, or an extra collar.


Lucky Dog


Take Your Pet for a Check-up


It’s always a good idea to pay a visit to your vet before leaving for a long holiday with your pet. 


Check with the doctor if your pet can make it through the long journey, and if so, what steps to take to make it a pleasant experience for him. 


Let the vet know what circumstances he is likely to face and what food and medicines you’ll be taking along with you.


Three Wishes Faerie Festival in Cornwall Photo by Natasha von Geldern


Research about Pet-Friendly Accommodations


Even if it’s stated already, take time to know more about what kind of conditions your pet will be exposed to. Will space be big enough for your dog?


Are there convenient parks and restaurants around that accommodation? Make sure to research about all of that and know where your pet-friendly places are.


Choosing the best dog collars


Take Aid from the Apps on Your Devices


In a technology-oriented era like ours, it’s impossible to expect anything without the assistance of applications.


Confused about where and what to expect when taking a road trip with dogs?


Download apps like Dog Vacay, Bring Fido, and Dog Park Finder Plus that will help every proud dog owner to look up and navigate facilities.


Grandfather Mountain, Kia Niro, road trip with dogs
I love that Noreen is an adventure dog!


Pick the Right Destinations and Activities


Choosing the right location for traveling with your best friend is essential. Don’t expect them to be all happy and content with wherever you take them. 


They might not like the snorkeling trip or could feel anxious in a big city. Try not to expose them to environments that greatly contrast to the ones they are accustomed to.


hiking with your pet


Bring Their Favorite Things with You


The aim of this advice is to make them feel familiar about their new surroundings, as much as possible. Carry along the toys they always tend to play with.


It could be their favorite squishy ball or a play bone. Dogs are animals of habit. They will wish to feel at home even on a trip. Keep that in mind.


professional dog-friendly cottages, dog treats


Don’t Forget To Put a Collar with Tags on them


Collars with tags on them are not only for luggage. Your pet needs to be wearing them all the time. 


There are microchips available, which are the size of a rice grain. These microchips could be inserted into the body of your pet with the help of professionals. 


Once that happens, it will be nearly impossible for you to lose your little bundle of joy.


hiking with your pet, pet harness


Plan out Resting Spots


Plan out time-offs and stops during your trip. A continuous journey in an enclosed space could make your Fido feel anxious. 


Let him breathe, walk around a little, or just lie down on the grass. Even if it’s just a bathroom break, it’s important.


hiking with your pet


Puppy Pads Are Essential


Along with crates, carry Puppy pads. This simple product could become your savior for you and your pet. 


Every traveling dog owner needs to pack their bags with extra pads for unforeseen circumstances on their road trip with dogs. It will save you time and let you skip through the unpleasant part of a trip.


hiking with your pet, Choosing the best dog collars


You and Your Fluffy Friend Need To Settle In


Once you have reached your destination, it’s time to relax for both of you. Keep their favorite toys, blankets, and food close to them so that they don’t get overwhelmed. 


Let them move around the place on their own or just rest. They will soon settle in and be as happy as you are.


Traveling is a part of life. We all refresh ourselves once in a while and while doing so, we prefer to be close to our loved ones. 


Don’t get apprehensive thinking about how your pet will react to a new environment. Just make sure with the vet if it’s alright. 


You might need to plan and prepare everything ahead of time, but it’ll be all worth it in the long run. 


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Author Bio:
Shawn is a content writer at Feedfond. He’s as doting a parent to his two dogs as he is to his own two children. 


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