Last-Minute Must-Haves When Traveling with a Baby

Traveling with a baby can seem like an intimidating experience at first. After all, you likely already feel like you are packing for a vacation every time you leave the house.


Vacationing together as a family is a wonderful way to open up your baby’s world view and expose them to new experiences that shape their development. Taking your baby on a trip doesn’t have to be stressful when you remember to bring along these last-minute must-haves that will make your life easier.


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These Things Will Make Traveling with a Baby Easier

Keep Their Soothers Handy

Most babies enjoy using a pacifier or teething ring to soothe themselves. You might also consider using a pacifier for the first time to help your baby’s ears depressurize during a flight.


If your baby is teething, then freeze a few teething rings ahead of time that you can keep cold in your carry on bag. Make sure to attach the rings or pacifiers with a clip to their clothing so that it doesn’t get lost.


Plan Some Simple Entertainment

Babies are often quite happy just looking at the world go by through the window, but you may also want a few toys to keep them occupied. Small infant-friendly books, stuffed toys, and textured blankets are all fun ideas to keep your baby from getting bored as you travel to your destination.


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Pack Their Toiletries

Hotels are usually quite accommodating, and many of the most popular chains stock a few toiletries that you can use if you forget your own. However, those tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles are always made for adults and can be too harsh for your baby’s skin.


Don’t forget to pack baby shampoo in your luggage since it is the one thing that most hotels don’t have available.


Grab a Bottle

rIf ye Warmour baby uses a bottle, then you definitely need a way to warm up the milk to your baby’s preferred temperature. Mini bottle warmers can be set up in your hotel room so that you can avoid having to resort to using the microwave. You can also find portable styles that are designed to work while you are on the go.


Include Some Wet Bags

Babies often need several wardrobe changes during a long trip. Whether your baby spits up or has a diaper blow out, you’ll be glad that you don’t have to toss their adorable outfit.


Instead, just pop it in the wet bag and launder it as soon as you can. This is also the most sanitary way to handle accidents until you have access to a proper laundry facility.


Bring a Portable White Noise Machine

Sleeping in a new environment can be hard for babies, and you will want to avoid having to tiptoe through your shared hotel room. A portable sound machine can help drown out the noises from the hallway and nearby rooms.


 If your baby prefers music to help them get to sleep, then consider bringing a small music player instead. Either way, your baby will feel more relaxed and hopefully sleep through the night so that you all wake up well-rested.


Consider Bringing an Inflatable Footrest

Depending upon your mode of transportation, you may need to spend a large amount of time holding your baby in your lap. This is especially true if you need to nurse your baby or give them a bottle during the drive or flight.


An inflatable footrest is simply a small cube that packs down to a small enough size to fit in your bag. With an air pump, you can inflate it to help give your feet a boost so that you don’t have to strain to hold your baby in your lap.


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Remember First Aid and Medicine Supplies

Few things are worse than waking up to a sick baby in the middle of the night and realizing that you don’t have a fever reducer. Traveling exposes your baby to new potential germs, and you need to be prepared for the possibility that they could get sick.


Pack a thermometer, some over the counter medicines and anything else that you think your baby might need in an emergency. You might not need it, but you’ll be glad to have it if you do.


Your packing list should include everything that your baby needs to stay healthy and comfortable no matter where you are. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to pack and consider doing a pre-vacation shopping trip to make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies ready to go.


You might also want to consider some of these other inspirational ideas to keep your baby safe and comfortable on your travels. A safe, secure baby swing is a real boon for not only soothing but keeping your baby entertained. For a child that is especially fractious or not sleeping well, you could also consider a selection of calming, soothing essential oils to aid their rest and also to help keep Mum and Dad calm too!


Being stocked up and prepared for anything makes traveling with a baby a breeze.


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