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JFK Airport at night, best time to get to JFK

The Best Time to Arrive at JFK Airport for Your Departing Flight

Are you flying out of JFK? And you want to know the best time to get to JFK before your flight? Remember, if you get there too late, you could end up missing your flight. And in case you get there too early, you will be wasting time and getting bored.


So, at what time should you get to JFK exactly? Well, so many factors will explain these, including the weather as well as your flight time and JFK parking space. It would help if you considered all these factors whenever you’re planning for your arrival.


This one, you will be in line with the airline’s instructions so that you can know if there is a delay or cancellation altogether.


travelers, airport, best time to get to JFK


The Best Time to Get to JFK for Your Departure

Arrival Time for Domestic Flights at JFK


If you’re moving to another city within the US, then it is recommended that you get there in about two hours in advance. What you are trying to do here is get enough time for the check-in and processing of your bags.


You realize that most people waste their time at the security queues. Checking means that you have to go through systems and procedures to be allowed into the flight.


You certainly don’t want to waste time, which is why you need to get there two hours in advance. You may want to understand how long you can arrive there by installing the My TSA app on your smartphone.


best time to get to JFK


Arriving at JFK for International Flights


In case you want to fly to another country from JFK, then it is recommended that you get to the airport for at least 3 hours before your flight. The application will help you know what time to wait there as well.


You realize that you do not want to miss a trip, especially one that’s going to take you on a trip to the UK or any other country.


You should be there early enough to avoid any inconveniences that might be brought up by public transportation or heavy traffic along the way.


And, because you can’t tell what will happen along the way, you need to plan and have enough time that covers these unprepared situations. You certainly don’t want to miss a flight for a small mistake!


waste time, airport


At What Time Should You Check Your Bags?


Do you want to have your bags checked at the John F Kennedy airport? In that case, it’s essential to talk with your airline. You realize that it is the work of the airline to pack bags and not the airport.


Make sure to find out from the airline how long it will take to process your packets. In most cases, international airlines will allow you to check in about 3 to 4 hours before time.


They understand your situation, and that’s why they are ready to process you in advance because you don’t want to miss out on your flight. 


Domestic flight checking can take place 45 minutes to 3 hours before a trip. But, of course, always check with your airline about the specifics so that you can plan a seamless itinerary.


travelers, airport, best time to get to JFK


When Does Security Open for Terminals


One of the most rigorous exercises that happened at the airport is the security check. Most people find it strenuous because they have to go through the screening.


And, the intensity of the security search is sometimes frustrating to a lot of individuals. Not all the official JFK terminals are open for security checks.


Terminal 4 is the only one that is open 24/7 for individuals who want to have their luggage checked, or security exercise is done.


The best thing you can do is find out from your airline whether their security terminal is open. The airlines’ guidelines will help you know how to work with them. Of course, this will reduce your inconveniences and help you have a seamless journey.


JFK Airport at night, best time to get to JFK
JFK Airport at night


Determining Travel Time at JFK Terminals


Sometimes you may want to use the apps to know how exactly your flights will take place. The good thing is that there are other platforms to get such information and intelligence.


And, when it comes to finding out what time to be at the security checkpoint, then you will undoubtedly need some time.


The checkpoints at the departure gate will require extra miles, mainly because you have to keep walking around the JFK airport to get. But, the good thing is that you can use the following information to help you understand how you can save time at the JFK terminals.


Terminal 1: Typically, it takes about 4 minutes for you to get to the first terminal.


Terminal 2: it may take you one or two minutes for you to arrive at the gate in Terminal 2.


And if you want Terminal 4, you will need about 3to 20 minutes to get there.


Gates b55 and B43 will need you to work for at least 15 minutes to get to the terminal gate.


Terminal 5: you will require a minute or two to get to the fifth terminal.           


Terminal 7: if you want to arrive at the seventh terminal, then you have to put one or two minutes in advance.


Terminal 8: Expect to spend about 2 or 11 minutes for you to get to the 8th terminal.


JFK Airport at night, best time to get to JFK


Consider JFK Airport Parking


The John F Kennedy airport has lots of names, including the Kennedy airport, New York JFK, as well as the New York Kennedy airport. But the majority of people call it JFK.


Located in Queens, NYC, the airport is a tribute to President Kennedy after his assassination.


It’s the busiest international airport in North America; this tells you that it’s busy, and finding a space to park your car can be quiet troublesome.


Most of the biggest airlines around the world want to have a piece of the JFK airport, including Delta Airlines, JetBlue, and American Airlines, as well as other international airlines.


In total, more than 90 Airlines operate within the JFK. So, they are non-stop flights to and from the airport. Already, navigating through the metropolitan New York City is hectic enough because you will find it difficult to get a place to park your car.


Airport parking rates usually are expensive. That’s where Parkos comes to your rescue. Parkos provides you with a technological platform where you can get packing solutions that not only affordable but also convenient for you.


Parkos JFK is a platform that links drivers to parking garages around JFK airport. You can use the platform to review different parking spaces providers around JFK. Plus, you might have a few JFK discount parking benefits with a lucrative daily rate.


Again, you get to choose the quality of the parking lot as well as its location.

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