5 Ways to Plan a Much Needed Weekend Trip with Your Partner

There’s nothing quite like exploring a new city with your partner, exchanging the buzz of the office for days of relaxation and fun. As much as everyone would love to spend all of their time jetting off, it’s not very likely without straying from your budget and, well, every responsibility in your life. But there’s a very good solution to put a stop to the holiday blues: a romantic weekend getaway. Not sure how to get a plan in place? Follow our five tips on planning a weekend trip with your partner.


Planning a Weekend Trip with Your Partner


Search Around for Accommodation


Let’s face it: hotels are expensive, especially if you want to stay in a prime location. Don’t fall into believing a chain hotel is your only option; opting for another type of accommodation is often a lot cheaper. According to Forbes, using an alternative service like Airbnb can save you a significant amount of money no matter where you are in the world. You’ll find everything from luxury lodges with hot tubs to stylish apartments located in vibrant city centers. Not only will you find the most romantic places in town, but you’ll also have some money left over to spend on an indulgent dinner date.


Think Carefully About Money


Speaking about money can be a touchy issue at the best of times. Have a chat with your partner to discuss who will pay for what and how much the overall budget will be. Doing so will cut out any awkward conversations about money later on down the line. Budgeting for small things like tips can really help stay on top of things, leading to no questions of who pays for the unaccounted for extras. Of course, if an emergency does arise and you’re short of cash it pays to have a backup plan in place, to ensure you can still go away and don’t lose any deposits. A short term loan or a 0% interest credit card could help you cover any unexpected costs after you’ve committed money to your holiday. You’ll be able to pay back the money at a more convenient time without having to hold off on your trip.


Consider a Staycation


Once you’ve sorted out the money side of things, focus on where you want to go and if it fits into your budget. A weekend is a short amount of time to squeeze relaxation, bonding and sightseeing into without factoring in getting there. Limit travel time by staying in the country and visiting one of the ten most romantic places in the UK, as listed by The Mirror. You’d be surprised at just how beautiful England can be; explore the rolling hills of the Lake District or soak in one of the many spas in Bath. Getting a train or driving is usually cheaper than getting on a plane, saving time and money for you to spend in your chosen location.


Plan Well in Advance


There might be fun in spontaneity, but planning in advance means making the most of your weekend. If you want to eat anywhere or do anything specific, make sure you book it as soon as possible to ensure you aren’t disappointed. There’s nothing worse than showing up to do something you’ve been looking forward to, only to be told it’s fully booked. Your itinerary can be as relaxed or jam-packed as you like, just make sure you give yourself time to explore the general area as well as planning specific activities and sights into the day with an estimated time. This will help make sure you pack as much fun as you can into the weekend without stressing out about where to go next.


Look for Hidden Gems


Going to the most popular spots is always fun, but digging a bit deeper on tourist sites will uncover some hidden gems. Use social media and websites like TripAdvisor to discover unspoiled or lesser known attractions at your location, as well as the best offers for food and drink. Read blogs, check for YouTube guides and generally research the area so you don’t miss out on the best places to visit.


Everyone needs to get away with their other half once and awhile. When you’re planning a weekend trip, be sure to plan ahead, find hidden gems, and consider your budget. You can easily have a romantic trip without going overboard and focusing on the most important part, spending time together. For more travel tips or to learn about budget travel, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post. 

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