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Vision Direct Tom Ford Sunglasses Review

One thing I can’t travel without is my sunglasses. When I’m travelling, I like to bring sunglasses that are easy to wear with all looks but still stylish.


That’s why I love my new Tom Ford sunglasses. They are classy, sleek and go with any look. This Vision Direct Tom Ford sunglasses review was not paid for.


Vision Direct sent me the sunglasses for me to write an honest review. 


Christa Thompson, Tom Ford sunglasses


Vision Direct Tom Ford Sunglasses Review


The packaging says a lot about a product. My Tom Ford sunglasses came in their own hard box with a nice plush sunglass case and lens cloth.


I really felt the quality before I even saw the sunglasses which made me feel pretty good about them from the start. 


Vision Works Tom Ford sunglasses review pin


The Vision Direct Tom Ford sunglasses are timeless and suited for any look. They have all the quality you would expect from a high-end brand.


Getting them from Vision Direct was hassle-free and quick. And they are gorgeous! I love the gold trim on the arms, the shape, everything.


As soon as I put them on I felt my style points go up!


Vision Direct Sunglasses


They fit true to size. They are designed to have a bigger frame for that glamorous look, but you can really wear these with anything as they are black and the cat-eye frame is classic. 


Vision Works Tom Ford sunglasses


These are definitely one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses, and that says a lot because I have tons of them! You can find the Tom Ford sunglasses selection here.


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They have the perfect shape with just the right amount of flare to make them work for any occasion. I really love them and they are super comfortable too.


They don’t fall off or get stuck in my hair, and they’re are not too big to fit in my SUV’s sunglasses compartment which is a bonus.


A handy tip is if you break or scratch the lenses you can replace them using this website. It will save you buying a new pair plus help the environment.’


front of tom ford sunglasses


About Vision Direct


Vision Direct is an interactive and personalized alternative for buying prescription glasses, sunglasses, lenses, designer eyewear and contact lenses.


They are a global online eyewear e-commerce leader in over 20 countries worldwide. They provide some of the most exclusive eyewear brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci and more.


But what I really love about Vision Direct is that they are helping the planet and people with a commitment to social impact.


To date, they have donated over $1,000,000 worth of eyewear to visually-impaired individuals in some of the less privileged corners of the globe.


They have partnered with organizations such as Sightsavers and Unite for Sight to help them on their mission to make the world a better place.


They are also sponsors of the Buy One Plant One program with the brand OhMyWoodness!, which is in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.


They’ve also recently partnered with WWF-Australia to run a very special campaign called ReefCycle, to remove the deadly gill nets on Queensland’s east coast and upcycle 100% of the gill net into sustainable sunglasses.


[arve url=”″ /]


By upcycling materials that are lethal to marine life into something that is sustainable and useful, ReefCycle is unlocking a circular economy in eyewear.


You can help them reach their target to sell 1,000 sunglasses which will allow them to continue to turn more problematic ocean plastics into sunglasses.


50% of proceeds from ReefCycle will support WWF conservation work like advocacy for a Net-Free North. You can learn more about ReefCycle here


Black and white sunglasses


I hope this Vision Direct Tom Ford sunglasses review helped your buying process. I truly love these sunglasses and I know you will too!


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Christa Thompson

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