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The Dirtiest Airports In The World You’ve Probably Been To

One who is a frequent flyer knows it all, the best as well as the worst of travel: from the magnificence and enigma of yet to be conquered destinations along with overwhelming perks of aviation systems, at the top of it all is the struggle of beating crowds of loud tourists to your gate and the famed ignominy of paying almost £16 at a news-booth for the world’s worst sandwich ever! We have a one hundred percent love-hate relationship with our airports, and we have no reservation playing favorites. Here are the dirtiest airports in the world.


World’s dirtiest airports


The biggest problem airports are currently facing is congestion, and it continues. Airports are swarming with people all over the world and the rapid increase in global tourism is the root of it. The Worldwide Tourism Organization has made an estimation that worldwide international tourist arrivals increased by 6%, to 1.4 billion in 2018. Considering this rise some airports are expanding quickly, but the issue still stands especially during peak hours.


Kuwait Airport


Attaining “No. 1” in the ranking of world’s worst airports? Yes, Kuwait Airport. Some of the drawbacks observed by travelers flying through this airport are that it’s disorganized and not clean enough, and the staff isn’t the friendliest either. Where customers are already anxious and worried about making it to their flight on time, having friendly personnel at the airport is almost crucial, especially if one has a long time in transit. 


Boryspil International airport


If you’re traveling to Kyiv, Ukraine, it occurs that you will be flying into the No. 7 world’s worst airport or Boryspil International Airport. People who have gone through this airport complain that the toilets seem to be exceedingly smelly and dirty. In addition to that one of the most essential services, Wi-Fi is supposedly quite shoddy too. Communicating with your friends and family while traveling is a hassle as is, if disconnected at all, worsens the experience even more.


Bordeaux-Merignac Airport:


Fun fact? Water and Wi-Fi are the basic necessities for human survival these days. Travelers who have been to this airport, the majority of them reviewed that this airport lacks good airport’s Wi-Fi connection and drinking fountains to refill water bottles. Another general complaint was of sub-standard restrooms which have been reported as “smelly” with unsanitary toilets.

The location of Bordeaux-Merignac Airport is seven miles outside the center of Bordeaux in France, Southwest. Although it attained decent merit for on-time performance in Air Help’s analysis, the airport failed to serve passenger sentiment and quality service.

Other targeted complaints concerning this airport frequently are restrooms lacking hygiene, long security lines, discourteous staff members, which marks an unpleasant experience. Reviewers have pointed it as “shed” that is to say “the cheapest of the cheap,” with a “primeval” security process and “bog-standard food.”


Newark Liberty International Airport


This airport was built 90 years ago, yes! In 1928 as New York’s metropolitan area’s first major airport and is currently systematized by New York and New Jersey’s Port Authority. It also holds the generalized complaints of a lousy airport like disorganization, non-hygienic, long queues, and rude staff.

It has been renovated over the years, but the upgrades haven’t impressed a whole lot of 43 million people traveling through this airport annually. “If I could rate my today’s experience any lower, I would, but sadly 1 star is as low as it goes,” one traveler composed.


airplane, A magnificent of the Washington Dulles Airport


Charles de Gaulle Airport


Although it’s the largest international airport of France, located in Paris, it has the reputation of some low rated Airport. The most obvious drawback is that the staff doesn’t appear to be very compliant or approachable.

We found one passenger on the internet who wrote to express his frustration: “This airport, in a nutshell, is dreadful, inefficient, and dirty and overall provides a bad service for international travelers. Well worth the visit so that you would start appreciating the good ones.” It’s that awful that one doesn’t realize how nice he or she has it at other airports until one flies through Charles de Gaulle. Paris has a reputation for being a gorgeous city, although sometimes not too clean, so it makes sense it would have one of the dirtiest airports.


John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice


It is located 10 miles outside the city center of Krakow and serves an area with roughly 7.9 million occupants. It’s been there for 50 years now, but there is something about this airport that travelers always complain about everything from dirty facilities to rude employees. A passenger’s advice? Avoid this airport no matter what. He mentioned disgusting toilets, arrogant security, the staff comprised of rude people who want to humiliate you as much as possible.


Lester B. Pearson Airport, Toronto


Being famous for the most used airport in all of Canada does not do anyone favors if the service people get is not up to par. With an estimated 44 million people using this airport annually, people have complained about their luggage being lost, arriving on the belt an hour late and many other problems. Despite Canada being favored and appreciated by most for being friendly, travelers have complained about dealing with disgruntled and annoyed operatives at the airport.


London Stansted Airport


From the city center, Stansted Airport is situated almost 40 miles northeast. The thing that customers and travelers complain about the most is the never-ending lines for check-ins and security. Not only for departures but on arrivals, the lines for baggage claim are exceedingly long too. People also complain about the staff is extremely rude and non-cooperative and the flights being delayed as well. 


While these are only some of the dirtiest airports in the world, to keep yourself healthy and safe while traveling all necessary measures should be taken. To safeguard yourself against infections and a plethora of other diseases that can be caught using dirty bathrooms, take the appropriate and required a medicine from Click Pharmacy to avoid cutting your trip short. Make use of hand sanitizer after going to the washroom and if possible, keep a pack of germ-killing wipes with you handy to wipe the toilet before using. Prevention is better than cure, and there is nothing worse than falling sick on a trip you have been looking forward to.

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