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Cambridge University, the best places to study abroad

These Are the Best Countries to Study Abroad

Many students consider traveling to study abroad. But where are the best countries to study abroad? Writers from insist that there are many countries with advanced educational systems that keep improving.


If you are willing to study overseas and don’t know where you would like to go, in this article you can find the top 10 most educated countries as well as tips on how to apply for an exchange program there. 


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These Are the Top 10 Most Educated and Overall Best Countries to Study Abroad


In the modern world, education is one of the most important things in the lives of many people. Now, educational systems are changing, as many nations attempt to improve the level of education and its quality.


In this list, you can read more about the most educated countries and their success. Hopefully, this will lead you to the best countries to study abroad.


things to do in Canada, most educated countries
Niagara Falls in Canada


Canada is one of the Most Educated Countries


Canada is not only a diverse destination with incredible beauty but has very impressive results when it comes to education: around 89% of the population obtain a secondary education. The Canadian education system is ranked as one of the best systems in the world, and many foreign students come here to get an education.


Japan Is a Great Place to Get Educated Overseas


The education system of this country is very different from the rest of the world. Around 40% of Japanese citizens obtain higher education, and this percentage keeps growing. Japanese education system remains one of the most unique systems in the world. 


Geeky Things to do in Tokyo
Geeky things in Tokyo


And if you’re geeky like me, there is much in the way of geeky things to do in Tokyo!


The USA Has A Lot of Diversity and Beautiful Places to Explore


Around 43% of Americans obtain higher education, and the United States remains in the top 5 OECD’s list of the most educated countries. It is also a country where many foreign students come to study since there are many exchange programs sponsored by the government. American universities are believed to be the best educational institutions in the world.  


best places to travel with kids, best countries to study abroad
Driving in Utah


Also, when you study in the USA, you open a world of adventure as there are countless places to explore in the Americas!


Australia Can Be Expensive


The percentage of people who obtain tertiary education is similar to the results of the USA: around 41% of Australian citizens have graduated from universities. One of the reasons why this number is not bigger is because education in Australia is very expensive and many could not afford it. 


Road Trip in Australia, the best places to study abroad
The Great Ocean Road


If you have your plans set for this destination, here are some of the best things to do in Australia to enhance your time there.


Korea is Another Highly Educated Country


In Korea, approximately 98% of the population obtain secondary diplomas, while 68% of Korean citizens went to universities and received their degrees. The educational system in Korea is unique, and the percentage of people going to universities is higher than in many other countries. 


gyeongbok-palace, the most educated countries
Gyeonbok Palace, Korea


There are also many beautiful places to explore in Korea.


Finland is an Astoundingly Beautiful Place to Get an Education


This country is often listed as one of the most educated countries. 40% of the adult population obtains a higher education degree. Every year, the quality of Finnish education becomes better and better, and many nations are trying to repeat the success of Finland.


Best places to travel in December, lapland
Snow Hotel grounds in Finland


And, if you’re a fan of Christmas, Finland is quite possibly the most magical destination for winter.


Israel Has a Very Developed Economic System


This is a country where the economic system is one of the most developed in the world, so no wonder why the educational system is advanced too. Around 43% of adults have at least one higher education degree. 


visiting the dead sea, best countries to study abroad
The Dead Sea


Plus, if you’re looking to explore some of the most ancient histories in the world, then this is the place for you.


The United Kingdom is Rich with History


This country has a rich history and one of the oldest educational systems as well as one of the most prestigious universities. 46% of the population obtains higher education. 


things to do in cambridge, best uk destinations
Punting on the River Cam is a popular thing to do in Cambridge and perfect for a sunny day.


You will also find that the UK is rich in history, fairytales and folklore. There are loads of magical places to explore in the UK!


Luxembourg Where You Can Find Some Lovely Castles


Even though this country is one of the smallest nations in the world, it’s educational system remains one of the best. It is a very wealthy country, and around half of its population obtains higher education. 


Vianden Castle, Luxembourg
Vianden Castle, Luxembourg


And if you love a good fairytale destination, you’ll be happy to know that some of the most magical castles are in Luxembourg!


Norway is a Great Place for the Outdoor Adventurer


Even though universities in this country are not very big, still they offer high-quality education. Almost 50% of Norwegians have finished their tertiary education, and universities in Norway remain of the best in the world.


Lovatnet/Lovannet Sogn and Fjordane, Norway
Lovatnet/Lovannet Sogn and Fjordane, photo Frithjof Fure –


Norway is loaded with Viking legends and adventure! If you like the outdoors, folklore and winter wonderlands, then Norway is a great place for you!


Tips On How to Apply For an Exchange Program and Study Abroad


Many students dream of going abroad to study subjects they like. But the application process can be pretty hard, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. If you want to go abroad and study there, use these tips to achieve your goal: 


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Search for Exchange Programs


There is a variety of different programs that you can apply for, so if you decide to study abroad, you should pick the one you like the most. There are many websites that share information about exchange programs, so just go to them and find the program you like the most.


map, passport, best countries to study abroad


Choose a Country Where You Would Like to Live for Some Time


Different countries offer all kinds of programs for foreign students. Think about which country you would like to visit, and start looking for some programs there. 


Be Active


The committee that selects students who will go abroad is looking for students who are socially active. Try to work on different aspects of your personalities and take part in the life of your community and school. 


The American Red Cross
Photo by Daniel Cima for The American Red Cross


Volunteer to stand Out (And Help Others While Doing it)


Students who volunteer a lot stand out among others. Try to participate in events organized by your community, volunteer at shelters or nonprofit organizations. You can also come up with your own ideas and events and organize them to help your community. 


Use Writing Services to Help You With Your Application to Foreign Countries


If you are not sure how to create an effective portfolio and fill in your application, use pro essay writing service to make sure your application is on top. 


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Check out programs offered by universities directly. There are many websites where you can find information about exchange programs, but you can also check the site of a university where you would like to study. Most colleges and universities have many opportunities to offer foreign students, so there will definitely be something great for you. 


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Apply For the Program of Your Dreams


We’ve given you a good list of the best countries to study abroad. If you truly want to study overseas, you should start preparing for the application process now. It is a common disbelief that only kids with the highest GPAs and excellent marks go there. The truth is that anyone can do it, it’s just important to try hard.


There are a variety of different programs that you can try to apply for, so start looking for them now while you are still in high school. 


And if you are not sure how to write your application, you can always rely on professional services to assist you with this matter. Just find the right company, and you will be able to master the best application that will stand out. 


It’s a good idea that you’re starting your research now on the best countries to study abroad and even better that you’re looking into the most educated countries. You’re already on the right path! 


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